KelseyKelsey on this season’s episode of The Bachelor has a story that’s “amazing” or so she claims.  The manner in which Kelsey speaks of her late husband Sanderson Poe is so very strange and cold.  The fact that she even uses his full name “Sanderson Poe” is a bit creepy.  But nothing is as eerie as his obituary which clearly had to have been written by her… because it’s nearly all about her and his love for her.  Here is his full obituary as originally printed in the Tulsa World on 5/23/13:

Sanderson Patrick Poe, age 42, had great passion for the loves of his life. His wife, Kelsey Lyn Poe and his music. Together Sanderson and Kelsey set their course as one and as one they were.

Kelsey’s goal and Sanderson’s supportive commitment were achieved May 18, 2013 with Kelsey’s graduation with her Master’s Degree from the University of Texas in Austin. Sanderson was a student in Tulsa and Norman, Oklahoma before moving to London, England, where he graduated from the American Community School.

Sanderson completed studies in Jazz Music at the New School for Social Research in New York City and the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, Belgium. Sanderson played the Upright Double Bass and had a very successful music career in Europe before returning to the United States where he met and married Kelsey in 2009.

Sanderson lived his life as a loving partner to Kelsey and to be true to his own free spirit. Sanderson’s music is still being performed in Europe today. A few of Sanderson’s unusual accomplishments include working on a fishing boat in Iceland, exercising horses in Hyde Park London, and being an outstanding Rugby Player in England.

Sanderson was preceded in death by his step-mother, Sharon Lee Poe and his birth mother, Stephanie Parris Thompson. He is survived by: his wife, Kelsey; his grandmother, Pearl Sullens; his father, Patrick Poe; brothers, William Poe, Preston Poe, and Mark Baldwin; sister, Debbie Meador; uncles, Robert Poe and George Purdum.

Service will be at 10 a.m., Friday, May 24 at the Resurrection Memorial Cemetery Chapel , 7500 Britton Road, Oklahoma City.


So the worst part of it is the noting of HER accomplishment less than a week before he passed away.  “Kelsey’s goal and Sanderson’s supportive commitment were achieved May 18, 2013 with Kelsey’s graduation with her Master’s Degree from the University of Texas in Austin. ”   Just such an odd statement to have put in HIS obituary.  She’s a narcissist to the extreme level.   Thoughts?


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  1. Darcie says:

    I completely disagree with you. I read the obituary, and it was very much like many obituaries. Kelsey WAS the most important person in his life. It was basically 1-2 sentences about their relationship. The rest of the obituary was all about him. Kelsey got a bad rap on this show, and I think the Bachelor took advantage of her . She had only been a widow for two years, and that is not a very long time at all. I am a widow as well, and that is a loss you never completely get over. You can still lead a happy and fulfilling life, but you never ever forget that loss. If anything, I think Kelsey tried to find love a little bit too soon. I just don’t think she was ready. I sincerely hope she is happy and has found love and contentment wherever she may be.

  2. Lia says:

    She killed him, she’s loco

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  5. moi says:

    I agree with what most of you had written and was stunned by how self-serving her late husband’s obituary was. She is a fully blown narcissist who thinks she is better than other people since she is “more articulate” despite her tendency to butcher words and misuse the proper vocabulary. She speaks in a very stilted, awkward style. She will definitely do anything to get attention — and for awoman who is all about brains and ambition, I was stunned to see that Sanderson went to a “Community college.” Kelsey no doubt thought she deserved a man from Harvard.

    I don’t know what to make of her..I have known people like her..who are dangerous….and I also share the belief that she killed her husband once he helped her achieve her objective of graduating from Graduate School.

    Three more points…

    1, Did anyone else see that she is planning to SUE The Bachelor for emotiuonal distress over how she was edited?

    2. Did anyone else see how she was trying to promote herself in the media once the series started and before she became aware of how she had been edited? Reality Steve ( reported on it — there Kelsey was all over the media sporting deep cleavage and making the media rounds as if she were some kind of sex siren. THe same cleavage surounding the body parts she classily (sarcasm intended) calls “my puppies.” Again, more the behavior of a narcissist than grieving widow.

    3. Did anyone else notice that after Chris confronted her about her behavior in the house and then sent Ashley home and then returned to tell her Ashley’s fate that she immediately arched her back at him, jutted out her breasts, and pointed them at him as if offering them to be fondled? (Bear in mind, she is doing this on national TV). Nothing demure or innocent about her. Clearly she tries to use sex to her advantage and probably used sex appeal to snag her middle aged gravy train before she offed him. She had no concern that Chris has expressed disgust with her…she immedately thought she had won another battle through trickery and sexed it up… having no clue she was about to be sent home…..

    This care makes me very uncomfortable….and still appears to be trying to make a name for herself….with her own web page featuring a huge picture of Kelsey alongside a pronouncement of “Kelsey Poe, her story.” Who is this lunatic woman and why should any of us care?

    If she had any class or self awareness, she’d crawl under the nearest rock and let the scandal pass….Instead she is coming out insulting the other girls, despite apologizing for her behavior, threatening to sue everyone, and then blaming Chris for being too inarticulate for her after she threw her body at him several times and connived to remain in the competition….She refused to take or assume any responsibility….

    There are no words for this kind of behavior….She is truly sick.

    • Yes yes yes! I agree 100% with all of your assessments. I’m going to have to look into your #1 and 2 points. I did notice #3… The arching of her back. I almost thought of it as her puffing out her chest in a dominance way like a man would.

    • delyla says:

      She is truly a piece of work!!! I can’t believe she won’t let this go. I’d be so embarrassed if I saw myself on TV acting like her. I’m sure it is easy to get caught up in the drama of the show, but don’t prolong the agony!!!!

  6. g-ma3 says:

    I agree. Sanderson is probably looking down on her and saying ‘ i really dodged a bullet with that one”

  7. Disappointed says:

    She was one of my favourites when the show first started. So disappointing that she would use a terrible tragedy to gain notoriety. It’s never appropriate to refer to the loss of a loved one, as an ‘amazing story’, said with a sarcastic smile. regardless of how different people deal with death. In “The Women Tell All”, Kelsey’s time in the hot seat was very revealing, it didn’t yield a single tear. No real emotion. I saw the act of a self-professed, intelligent person. It was a performance. Unbelievably self-serving. If Sanderson Poe was real, I find it very cold that she never mentioned his family, on the show, or since. Even when she was accused of Sanderson not existing, she didn’t mention at all, how the comments from the women would hurt his family. She didn’t defend his families feelings. She didn’t take any responsibility for the possibility that his family would be hurt by her appearance on the show. No apologies for the way she presented the tragedy to others. All in all, sadly hard to believe any of it. The reality of reality tv, is that it exposes truths we’d rather believe aren’t common. I don’t think personally, or professionally, Kelsey did herself any favours, by revealing her ‘amazing story’ this way. The ability to say what she said with a straight face, and really believe it, mirrors jodi Arias.

  8. […] was that Sanderson Poe may not have even been real.  That she made the whole story up.  (See Sanderson Poe’s obituary here… he was indeed a real person, but the obit is very bizarre)  Ashley says that every time […]

  9. Get a warrant says:

    She killed him,,,

    • Elizabeth Britton says:

      You are on it!

    • eb says:

      has anyone contacted the authorities?

    • vivivvivi says:

      I’m so agree with you. I think she is a typical sociopath. She used him to get what she wanted when she was young, then immediately killed him when he has no use for her anymore. She doesn’t even remember the medical term of the cause of his death on the show. I wish Sanderson’s sister will look deeper into his brother’s death.

  10. lcue says:

    Plain and simple, Kelsee is nuts and should not be allowed to “counsel” anyone.

  11. Levanda says:

    Kelsey Poe. It was painful to watch her on the show. Each time she opened her mouth it was like, Oh NO NO NO, this drazzzzyyyyyy chick has got to go. The thought of her counseling someone is frightening. Like so many social workers, she’s nuts.

  12. Sigmund says:

    What you have seen with Kelsey is a true sociopath. She is Jodi Arias. It’s no joke or simple bipolar disorder. Kelsey is Borderline Personality disorder with Narcissistic behavior. These people live a life of 100% self indulgence. Other people mean absolutely nothing but pawns to manipulate for their own pleasure, gain and self empowerment. They are often found having positions that appear to be of a “giving” nature such as guidance counselors because it enables them to feel they are being “listened” to for advice. They couldn’t care less about the welfare of their subjects, patients or friends, they just thrive on the concept that THEY are important. Kelsey repeatedly refers to the death of her husband as “my loss” “my story” “I’m inspirational”. There are just too many examples of how Kelsey fits into this diagnosis to mention. Sad thing is there’s no resolution. These people have firm beliefs they are the utmost important person in any situation and they cannot be changed. Just like Jodi Arias replied when told “You’re being charged with the murder of Travis…”
    ” Can I put on makeup before you take me to the courthouse?”….Kelsey would have a very similar response. Remember when Kelsey said “I came here to accomplish something…I came here to win!”
    Then, when she is dismissed by Chris she of course couldn’t care less…she says, ” I accomplished everything I wanted story is amazing.” Which is the only reason she went on the show in the first place: to PRESENT HERSELF. Quite fascinating really. I haven’t seen a borderline/narcissist like this since Jodi Arias.

    • That is a very good analysis and I would have to agree. I have a bachelor’s in psychology and remember learning about Borderline Personality though I missed on diagnosing her as such.
      It really is fascinating because you are completely right that there’s no changing her. When the ladies confronted her about her rudeness it didn’t seem to bother her much. Her defense was that they just don’t understand her because she’s smarter than them. So what do you do with someone like that? How could/would anyone be in a relationship with someone like that? And I still say she may have killed her husband. 🙂

      • smbras says:

        I think he probably faked his own death to get out of his marriage to her! 😉 bahaha

      • @Sigmund An excellent analysis and summary! It all makes so much sense. And @amandatalkstv, I agree! I’m thinking good ole Sanderson met a premature and strategically-planned death, directly after HE achieved HER goal. Psh. She is scary. And lethal. Another Jodi Arias? For sure.

      • Annie says:

        I noticed that both his mother and mother-in-law have died and it makes me a bit nervous to wonder what has happened to this family.

    • anothervoiceofreason says:

      Hey there Sigmund…thanks for spelling it out like a true psychiatric professional. I’ve been dancing around this in all of my comments, but since that’s not my field (even though I took every psych class in college possible for a business major) this has been my assumption all along. I unfortunately was the only child of a mother who was unequivocally diagnosed as a severely bipolar and borderline with “delusions of grandeur”, which sounds the same as narcissistic, and was abused and used as a pawn throughout my childhood until the police FINALLY removed me from her home at age 15 for my own safety. This was back in the 70s and 80s before CPS, when teachers saw bruised kids and were told by the principals not to interfere. The woman who gave birth to me didn’t want to be a mother any more than Kelsey wanted to be a wife, but the role was an important means to an end (money from her parents since she couldn’t work as a single mother, welfare scams, and I served as a great prop to trot out to her many wealthy boyfriends when she wanted to “show” them what a great mom she was, and how disappointed she was that she couldn’t handle the private school tuitions, ballet/ice skating/gymnastics/etc lessons by herself. Shoving me into those things wasn’t done for me at all, it was to get each thing paid for by 2, 3, or 4 different people (resulting in quite a tidy profit), all under the guise of her being a selfless wonderful mother. All hugs and love in public when there was an audience, then getting hit with a yard stick or spatula, shoved into a scalding tub, hair pulled out in handfuls, and locked in closets whenever her bipolar mania meanness was peaking.

      That’s why I think she set her sights on a guy who was a bit older than her, and not that good looking (so he could worship her, as she herself knows she deserves). With no mom or step-mom in the picture, and him traveling and working throughout Europe for so long, I’ll bet anything he was already slightly estranged from his dad and siblings…and Kelsey would have pounced on that and ensured that the ties were completely severed so she could manipulate him on her own without anyone else’s interference. Probably explains why no one from his family has spoken up publicly (they’re probably afraid of her too), and why that mockery of a obituary (that was really all about HER) ran…no parent who’s involved in their child’s life let’s his wife of 5 years run over them and make all of those decisions, especially writing an obit that talks only of their lives together and then relegates mention of his family to a separate – and only factual – paragraph, with no mention about their grieving. They may have had their own suspicions about their son’s death, as does the rest of America now that she showed her crazy on national TV, and just don’t want to have anything to do with her.

      I do know from personal experience that these scary borderlines can be very charming, and clueless types will succumb to their flirtations, etc. without knowing what they’re getting into. Sanderson was probably one of those types, as was whoever hired her as a freaking school counselor (I’ll bet anything it was an unattractive middle aged man). But she has no friends, nor does she want any, and I do believe she’s dangerous. If things had gone south in her marriage and Sanderson was thinking about leaving, that would have sealed his fate. It’s clear that Kelsey is all about her façade, and she has determined that her role is to be a “wonderful wife” to whoever she can rope in (doesn’t matter who). My mom was exactly like her…oozing charm and sex appeal onto older men with money (knowing how easy they were to wrap around her finger), but if one who she was supposedly soooo in love with dumped her, she just shrugged it off and went back to reprioritize the list of the other boyfriends to try to figure out which one was most likely to marry her. And once she found that shmuck who fell for it, she made his life a living hell for the whole three years he stuck around for the abuse. I was already out of the house by then, but I could absolutely see her trying to poison him if she thought he’d leave her (I watched her pull a knife on another guy and try to stab him when I was 9), and Kelsey reminds me of a less attractive yet just as calculating version of my mom at her age…but not one bit less dangerous!

      • Wow… so sorry you were treated like that by your mother. It’s scary what you describe reminds me of a woman I used to work with. She parading her sons around like they were her greatest accomplishment, but then she would always put her and her men first before her boys. By the time her boys were teenagers, they didn’t want much to do with her, but she still acted like “aren’t they so great? I’m just so proud of them!” But in reality they weren’t even on speaking terms. It’s hard for me to articulate it without going into great detail, but it’s scary how much it reminds me of your experiences with your mother. I am glad you eventually were able to get away from her. Hopefully Kelsey never has children, but that’s probably too much to hope for.

      • Sarah Adderly says:

        So are you trying to say everyone with Borderline is scary??

    • bees says:

      Jodi Arias, i thought the exact same thing!

    • Annie says:

      This poor man’s obituary starts when their relationship starts. Where was he born? Where did he grow up? I have never read such a self-serving story as this that she has written.

    • Kate M says:

      I agree with you that Kelsey has issues, but don’t diagnose her with borderline personality disorder. You clearly do not know anything about this mental illness and how it presents itself! Borderline patients have overwhelming emotion and Kelsey has none.

  13. brndimcc says:

    I think it was bad judgement for Kelsey to go on this show and tell about her husband’s death the way she did. I do feel bad on one level that she is pretty much being cyber-bullied on her FB page but there are a few things about her that don’t sit right with me. I feel she manipulated Chris with her story to try to stay in the running longer. I feel she was manipulative, arrogant, and phony. Her body language did not sit well with me when she was telling Chris about the death of her husband….I watched the the clip a few times as well as seeing the episode when it aired and made an observation. I would like others opinions on her body language(especially an expert’s). I noticed at the point she was saying they fell in love immediately she was shaking her head as to say no non-verbally. She did the same when she was saying that he died unexpectedly and the weather was really nice that day. Yet she does a nod of the head when she is saying the month and year he died and again when she stated her husband was walking to work the day he passed. Granted I don’t have a baseline for her head movements and I am not an expert. What could her body language be saying concerning her husband’s death (if anything)?

    I also believe she would not have been so disliked by the other women by mere jealousy. I believe she must have behaved as poorly as she was portrayed. Sometimes true character comes to light in competitive situations.

    • Thank you for your observations. I actually think she behaved worse than what they actually showed. Carly and Whitney confronting her is why I feel this way. For one thing, those two women are not the confrontational type. Secondly, what they referenced in their confrontation was not only the way she’s fake around Chris, but mean things she has said to them. Yet, the cameras/editing didn’t focus too much on Kelsey’s interaction with the women. It must have gotten to a point they just couldn’t take anymore for those two women to say anything to her.

      Your body language observations are interesting. I noticed during the rose ceremonies she kept doing a nod thing to Chris like, “it’s okay, come on, pick me, you can do it” almost the way you would encourage a toddler to take his first steps towards you or a child learning to jump in a pool. They were like nods of encouragement… if that makes any sense. She also nodded during that awkward moment with she and Ashley sitting on the bed in the Badlands when Ashley wouldn’t look at her and Kelsey was preparing to stare her down. Not sure if that has anything to do with the head nods you referred to though. As another commenter said… who talks about the weather/gorgeous day it was when someone died. I have never in my whole life heard someone talk about what the weather was like when someone died unless it was important to the store… such as snowing and they got in a car accident.
      We’ll have to look for some more clues during her interview with Chris Harrison next week!

  14. Alex says:

    I’m from her hometown and I was very excited when I heard our town mentioned on air. I thought I for sure knew who I would be rooting for in the season. I’m a week behind because my college does not offer the channel so I’m watching online – I don’t know what happened this past week – just the whole “no rose ceremony/ to be continued” part.

    I must say at first I didn’t know her and then an episode featured her and I liked her. At the beginning. It’s been getting more and more difficult to support her in the season. Especially after some of the stuff she said in last week’s episode.

    • I, too, am from West Michigan and was rooting for her before the show aired (thanks to mlive). The very first episode I liked her and was proud that for once a person from Michigan on TV was intelligent and not crazy. Or so I thought….
      She really is a nutcase and you’ll see exactly how much of one when you watch this week’s episode!

  15. Gooch says:

    As we say on the south ” that girl jest ain’t right!”

    • anothervoiceofreason says:

      My personal favorite was Kelsey telling Chris that he’s lucky enough to have the chance to get to know more about HER. Her subtle “guiding” in actually TELLING him what is important for him to look at in his decision process was priceless. Then the cake topper “I’m ready to be a wife, and I’ll be a better wife than the others because I’ve already been a wife”. HAHAHA!!! That’s like going to an interview and convincing the employer that you’re the best candidate for the job simply because you’ve had a similar job in the past. Oh, and by the way Kelsey, 50% of Americans get divorced…does that mean all of those women (and men) are also excellent marriage candidates simply because they’ve already been married? Just because someone has done something before doesn’t automatically mean they didn’t suck at it.

      For someone who claims to be Mensa-level brilliant, Kelsey’s intellect is about on par with the Kardashian who broke down and bawled as if her entire family had just been murdered in front of her eyes. “You think Britt will fit in with your lifestyle better than me? But I love you and I want you to love me back….pleeeeaaasse love me just because of that!!!!!!!”

      How many of these chicks have blamed their dismissals on “not having the chance to spend enough time with Chris so he could get to know me better”? Because obviously if he just got to know them everyone else in the world would cease to exist. Jeez…can’t they comprehend that maybe the guy doesn’t feel any chemistry, doesn’t have anything in common with you, doesn’t find you interesting, doesn’t like your personality, etc? Until they figure out that they can’t convince a man to feel a certain way just because they want him to, they’ll continue to be emotionally stunted little girls in women’s bodies with a sad future of trolling singles bars for that special someone on into their 30’s, 40’s and beyond. Forget Hard Rock and Planet Hollywood, the next restaurant/bar chain for investors should be “Bachelor & Bachelorette’s”. Excellent national franchise opportunity, and a great place for all past losers (and winners for that matter) to hang out and pick up on each other, since they all know that they are “there for the right reasons”.

      Now, on to the theme of this season: “IT’S NOT FAIR!!!”:

      * “I DESERVED to go to that concert because I LIKE THAT MUSIC/BAND MORE”
      * “KELSEY got more time with him by being fake, BUT I’M HERE FOR THE RIGHT REASON, so he should fall in love with ME”
      * “I’ve had more heartache and misery, SO I DESERVE LOVE MORE”

      They’re all a bunch of crybabies who desperately need to get a clue. Falling in love with a person does not usually involve a team of editors, contracts with network TV shows, and non-disclosure agreements. Nor does it typically happen when the object of your undying devotion is sloppily sucking face with all of your best friends and roommates just weeks before you decide to spend the rest of your lives together. Finally, expecting to be “picked” because they’re such tragic people with pathetic histories and in such NEED of someone/ANYONE to fall in love with them so they can finally be happy…well, it’s not an attractive picture, ladies (I mean girls). When you’re telling a guy that all of your previous boyfriends have dumped you, hurt you, cheated on you, or not loved you as much as you loved them, when are you going to realize that does NOT make you in any way more attractive to the next guy you’re telling it to. I’m not a man, but I have to imagine that any chick who has repeatedly been used and tossed aside by a slew of other dudes is PROBABLY NOT THAT GREAT OF A CATCH!

      Finally (and no surprise here), Chris himself has the maturity level of a 12-year-old boy going through puberty. Blatantly making out with Britt just feet away from the others while they are watching, escaping with her for an hour while the rest of his “dates” are sitting around with their thumbs up their asses, and then looking PERPLEXED that they found it to be incredibly rude? All the while telling them about how amazing the day was because a bunch of lonely women professed their love to him in song? Of course that was the best day of his life, and I hope he realizes that the rest of his days will likely go downhill from there. You’ve peaked, buddy. Then on his double date, instead of being a man and simply telling Kelsey that HE senses she doesn’t play well with others and isn’t a good fit for him, he tattles out the other 10-year-old drama queen in diapers because he’s too much of a pussy to man up and just say he’s not feeling it…and then is ASTONISHED that Kelsey said anything to Baby Kardashian afterwards? Has this guy EVER EVEN HAD A GIRLFRIEND? Does he know nothing about how to behave in an adult dating situation? I think he’s been so sheltered among the crops all his life that his emotional maturity peeked in 8th grade after spin the bottle. Even if Britt is his #1 and only choice, he’s not even savvy enough to ask her not to make a big deal about the concert to the others, and to NOT WALK INTO THE ROOM HOLDING HER HAND before nervously skulking away with his tail between his legs because he couldn’t handle the cold stares! Is there any female on earth (never mind mature and emotionally stable ones who don’t constantly whine “It’s not FAIR!”) who would not find that degrading, dismissive, and downright rude?

      Proposed TV Guide description of this season:

      “The Bachelor: Tragedy and Tears of Adolescently Immature Daters Packaged in Adult Bodies”

      Synopsis: Good looking farmer who’s never had a girlfriend past high school (but did get past second base…once…with his distant cousin) meets bevy of “worldly” beauties with tragic histories of neglect and dismissal at the hands of men, but who are certain that – given enough time to share their self-pity and undying love for any man who wants them – can convince this inexperienced farm boy to fall for and sweep them away to life on a farm in the middle of nowhere. It’s all about the rose, because these girl-women deserve it….and life has just NOT BEEN FAIR!

      That was fun. Now I have to get back to work.

      • Wow!!! That was such a perfectly stated dissection of last night’s episode. You delved much further into that than I did but you are so right.
        They say the twenty-somethings are the “entitled generation” and you hit that spot on with the “It’s not fair” theme. The women all feel entitled to his love for one reason or another.
        What I don’t get is as a viewer, I don’t feel I know Chris at all. I mean he’s so vanilla. How do these girls even see anything in him that would make HIM marriage material. It was stupid, corny, egotistical for Kelsey to say basically that out loud. That she’s seeing if he’s a right fit. But it’s so true. He’s good looking and must be a great kisser, but where’s the substance? Where’s the depth? Where’s any personality at all? Vanilla.

      • And thank you so much for commenting your well thought out analysis 🙂

  16. Lizzie says:

    Spot on Lauralou! Let’s just hope her supervisor/board of Education has been watching this season of The Bachelor and can fire her before she provides any “guidance” to any students!

  17. […] week Kelsey told Chris her “amazing story” about her first husband dying.  (See Sanderson Poe’s creepy obituary here).  Then at the rose ceremony Chris seemed to be struggling with his decision (hopefully to send a […]

  18. Lauralou says:

    Kelsey is not a narcissist, she is quite the opposite. Kelsey is a Borderline Personality Disorder. She is so insecure that she will attempt anything to garner love. It is apparant that she might “go home,” so she simply feigned a fainting session. Kelsey faked her enjoyment on the camping date so as to not upset Chris. This is a manipulation. She is attempting to win the trophy at any cost. My advise to Kelsey is to own who you are. Never change personalities to win one over, and lastly, as a self-possessed, pro-active thinker, you must learn to love yourself. Yes, I understand that you believe that you have love for yourself; however, if you truly did you would have owned your disdain on that camping trip. Chris said that he never would have taken you on that trip had he known; however, he didn’t know. You hid it. Kelsey, you have much more personal psychoanalysis to do prior to working in an environment to where children’s futures are at stake.

  19. Debbie O says:

    Tom Hanks did it on TV and Chris you can too. “Run Forrest Run ” and from that day on , Chris was running as fast as he can. Too bad they can’t give out black roses for liars. I’m from Arizona and this all reminds me of “Jodi Arias ”
    Chris should exchange the next rose for a death certificate and marriage license.

    Major proof is needed here so Kelsey is your story ” AMAZING ” enough to get proof???

  20. US-American says:

    Typical woman.

  21. Upsetting says:

    I was tearing up when she was talking about her husband and his untimely death because my sister went through a similar situation of losing the love of her life… Never ever would you hear “amazing” in regards to the story of her husbands’ passing. I cannot believe there is a human being out there like this and I truly hope that it was editing by abc and not her true color. I’m disgusted and upset that a woman would be given the opportunity to speak in this manner on national television about someone they supposedly “loved”. RIP Sanderson Poe.

  22. Latressa Robinson says:


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