Kelsey Poe and new man

The infamous Kelsey Poe from Chris Soules season of The Bachelor has a new man, according to RadarOnline.  She met Mickael  in Paris, but get this… she met him LAST SUMMER.  That’s right, BEFORE she was on The Bachelor.  She claims she wasn’t ready to date then (when she first met him)…. so logically, she thought going on The Bachelor she was ready for though.  This girl!!!  She’s trouble.  They stayed in touched and started dating after her stint with Chris Soules.

She’s still playing the victim, as usual.  She told Radar that Mickael has “always been supportive and encouraging. He knows who I really am and that I was not portrayed accurately or respectfully on TV. He’s been like a knight in shining armor when it comes to how badly I’ve been hurt by what people have said about me.”

I’ve blogged about her late husband’s obituary and how it centered around her and her accomplishments.  The way she spoke of him during her season on The Bachelor led people to conclude she must have killed him.  I have two words for Mickael “watch out!”

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  1. James says:

    Very cold and very calculating at first I was happy for her but after watching all the stuff that happened to TV I it brings back bad memories I think she has psychological problems

  2. James says:

    Doesn’t surprise me she was that way when I dated her when we were younger she left me like I never even mattered and I was the one who took her virginity

  3. Hjon says:

    Amanda, I had reservations about Kelsey from the show but should have not listened to her sister Taylor say get to know the real Kelsey. I see the same Kelsey off camera as on Camera. I did not air dirty laundry with her just to be a hater and another voice of reason based opinions based on a bad edit. I tried to tell her my story and she rebuffed but now I know why. The lie is the one the hurts the most, that’s why I’m here commenting on it. She hurt me. I’m a numbers kind of person, statistical so I can relate to the big words comment she made on the show. I thought she wanted a smart guy. I thought I was her type. I was wrong. Musicians are her type. I also thought she goes for high achievers. I volunteered at the 1996 and 2002 Olympic Games and 1996 Paralympic Games. I have an Olympic blog. We both are writers, that’s what attracted me to her. Can you see why I was attracted to her? Can you see the similarities? I saw them. All that time she was talking to him.

    • Musicians definitely seem her type and maybe she likes high achievers in that field. I can see why you thought you would be her type. Sometimes even those who look good “on paper” are still not the ones we are most attracted to. If you’re watching the current season of The Bachelorette, it’s like Kaitlyn getting rid of Chris or Jared. Both great looking guys, mature, yet made her laugh, got along great but there was still something missing. Sometimes there’s no explanation for what the heart wants. Sorry you got hurt.

  4. anothervoiceofreason says:

    Ummm…Hjon – I would never defend Kelsey or any of her actions, but your posts led me to believe you knew her personally and perhaps had even dated her. So, just out of curiosity I clicked on your link. Your “relationship” consists of a couple of social media communications between two strangers – that is it! You, sir, are a freaking cyber-stalker! Just because you both went to the same event and lived in the same state does not indicate anything “in common” with one another, nor does it mean that your fantasy of a life with Kelsey could ever materialize just because she made the mistake of replying to you online. This relationship you think you have with her has no foothold in reality.

    After reading your Kelsey-bashing blog and “story”, you project as a delusional guy who is obsessed with someone you saw on TV who you desperately want attention from, and after not receiving what you want you lashed out and are now trying to get sympathy from other strangers by posting (probably on every blog site she’s ever been mentioned on) about how she broke your heart. At this juncture, I’d have to say that Kelsey comes across as far more rational and level-headed than you, and that is really saying something!

    You need to log off, delete your social media accounts, and step outside into the real world to interact with real flesh-and-blood people. BTW, no stranger is “owed” a reply or a “like” from the target of their stalking. 5-year-olds throw tantrums over ridiculous things like that! The fact that she took the time to even email you that gentle message is more than most people would do. Is it because she has a kind heart? NO! It’s because she’s afraid your obsession with her might escalate to stalking her in the real world. If you aren’t a deranged and dangerous psycho, but instead just a sad and lonely introverted guy, PLEASE get professional psychiatric help…for your own good.

    • Hjon says:

      Anothervoiceofreason- if you read my blog you would have read I was only interested in her talking to me online, that’s it. I’ve never asked her out or expected a date. Once she stopped talking to me i became hurt. I had up to 10 interactions with her, not a few. Screen shots came from a public page and my page. She was following me on Instagram. At the time she was following 48, now it’s 28. There must have been a reason and it wasn’t what you suggested. She doesn’t follow someone out of fear.

  5. anothervoiceofreason says:

    Hysterical! If she met him *in Paris* and wasn’t ready to date him before the show, then how can he have “always been supportive and encouraging” and know who she “really is”? A guy she met on another continent, never dated, perhaps stayed in touch with over email/text, has now become so infatuated with her after watching her train wreck of a meltdown on TV and wants to date her (albeit extremely long distance) and be her Knight in Shining Armor? Hmmm…the only way that works is if he’s a huge loser who can’t get a date with any “normal” women, another weirdo looking for D-level 15-minutes of pseudo-fame, or needs a beard (in which case a “girlfriend” thousands of miles away might help deflect the questions about his male best friend that he hangs out with a little too much).

    Has anyone seen the new TV show on Lifetime called UnREAL? This scripted show is a behind-the-scenes look at what the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is really like, and it’s awesome! The most interesting twist is that the scripted TV show is actually more REAL than the reality show, which is so manipulated and phony. I’ve seen about five episodes and have already been able to identify a number of specific past characters and their staged scenarios and back-stories plucked directly from past seasons of the Bachelor. One character in particular, who I think is a blend of Emily (tragic past, single mother of a young daughter) and Kelsey (likely bipolar, who when off her daily medication and regularly drinking acts erratically and downright scary). In UnREAL, one of the producers – who is aware of her mental illness (because all of these contestants are thoroughly researched so they can be *produced* for good TV) actually goes into her room and empties her medication capsules and replaces the contents with baking soda or something, so she still thinks she’s taking her meds) and within days she starts exhibiting classic bipolar behavior – mania, anger, depression. Watching this show, I immediately thought of Kelsey and wondered if something along those lines could have occurred and been the inspiration for the character. Or, it could just be that Kelsey has this mental illness but has never been properly medicated (more likely in my opinion).

    In any case, I can’t believe she still thinks she’s relevant enough to think that posting a picture of her new fake boyfriend matters to anyone. Oh…wait…she’s right! She is downright loony enough to still capture our attention, make write an article/entry about it, and prompt me to reply. Kelsey IS still relevant – but in a horribly bad way that she can’t get through her jumbled brain. It would be sad if she wasn’t such a fake bitch. Not all bipolar sufferers are horrible people, and those who are kind but have a chemical imbalance are the ones that deserve sympathy. Evil narcissistic bitches? Not so much.

    • I need to check out that Unreal show!! It sounds hilarious! I don’t think Kelsey is bipolar, I think she is Narcissistic… Like to a mental illness level. She doesn’t have true feelings, she’s very calculating and doesn’t care who she hurts. And yes, what she’s doing is working because I still can’t get enough of this psychopath!! Haha! She’s just so crazy that it’s interesting!

    • Hjon says:

      I’ve had real life interactions with Kelsey on social media. She has hurt me more in the past 10 weeks then at anytime In my whole life. At least I got closure from this.
      Read and repost my Kelsey Blog

    • Hjon says:

      Another voice of reason. How dare you label me something I’m not. I had 8 conversations plus she sent me an email. You on the other hand are a joke. You assign her a mental illness she doesn’t have, Amanda even agrees. You think the boyfriend is fake, he is not and to my surprise but not to yours reaction has been positive, not negative. I have no ill will toward her boyfriend which you do leaving you more of a hater than me. He’s a real person, beard and all. I’m asking Amanda to remove your libelous post. You make assumptions about kelsey from a bad edit. I actually had 9 or 10 interactions with her. She was following me on Instagram. Was she following you? Did you talk to her, no? She sent me an email through a friend of hers, that’s way more interaction than you ever had with her. Your assumptions were based on an edit, mine was in real life. I have 10 times the right to criticize her than you ever do. We also have blogs. I’m not talking about the one you read either. If she wasn’t interested she shouldn’t have talked to me at all or wrote me and said I’m not interested. She left the door open, what am I supposed to think?

      • Hjon, I have read your site and read the comments made by AnotherVoice. I am not going to delete her comment as I feel she (he?) is entitled to her opinion. You opened the opportunity for your site to be viewed and therefore I think should be open to the criticism that could follow. I do not delete comments on my own blog that disagree with what I have to say or even the ones that attack my character. It’s part of what comes from being out on a public forum.

        My feeling is that while it seems your interactions with Kelsey were meaningful to you, it may not have been as meaningful to her. The email she sent you is spoken in a very clinical tone and from my standpoint she was trying to let you down easy. Did she maybe lie a bit and say she was still heartbroken? Sure. But I do think it was just to try to let you know she wasn’t interested…without coming out and saying that. Is it okay for you to be hurt by this? Absolutely. You can’t help what you feel and you obviously felt something for her that just simply wasn’t reciprocated. However, I would say you dodged a bullet. She can’t be trusted, she’s very calculating, and it’s a shame that you could see through that and see the good in her and she didn’t give you much attention in return. I can see why that would break your heart.

  6. Hjon says:

    Lied to me too in May, said she couldn’t talk to me anymore because she was broken, from an email she sent to me through a friend of hers. Now I can piece it together. She moves fast, congrats to her on finding love though.

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