Last week’s episode left off with Shawn confronting Nick and trying to tell Nick he doesn’t think he’s there for the right reasons.  The episode ended as the confrontation was beginning to escalate and I just don’t really see what Shawn was hoping to gain from that conversation.  So this episodes out continuing that conversation.  Shawn is smiling and laughing through this whole thing and Nick calls him out again for bragging about being an “Eskimo Brother” with a country singer.  Shawn tells him that that was a dick move to say and shows his character and the type of guy he is.

Now it’s Ben’s date with Kaitlyn and they go horseback riding.  Ben gives his horse a pep talk and tells him to let him look cool because it is a big day for him.  Kaitlyn has never ridden a horse before so she’s a bit nervous.  They stop to feed some donkeys and then end up getting chased by the donkeys as they try to walk away.  Then they stop for a picnic in front of a beautiful castle and Ben takes the opportunity to pour his heart out to Kaitlyn.  In Kaitlyn’s interview she says that everything was just such a perfect day and she can see spending forever with Ben.

Evening portion of the date and they get to have dinner and spending the night in the castle.  Ben reveals that he turned 26 while the show was taping.  Kaitlyn is going to be 30 two months from the taping of this.  He says he can deal with being with an older woman if she can handle it.  The two of them laugh together and it just seems so easy!  I love the two of them together.

The card from Chris Harrison comes inviting them to forgo their individual rooms and staying in the fantasy suite.  Ben says that the whole thing is weird and different that there are other guys involved, but he doesn’t bring that up because he’s confident in what they have.  He doesn’t want to stop talking with her, taking his eyes off of her, etc.  So of course he decides to spend the night with her.  He says “best sleepover ever!”  haha!  Ben is adorable.

The next morning Kaitlyn says she had so much fun with Ben and now she’s having a hard time and more confused than other.

Now it’s time for her overnight date with Shawn.  She presents him with a present and it’s a dorky golf outfit. Bright pink polo shirt, bright blue pants, white shoes.  And now they’re off to go golfing… apparently Kaitlyn and Shawn have a shared interest in golf.  They had a lot of fun together.  Kaitlyn suggests since she won, she gets to pick what they do and she chooses to play truth or dare.  Shawn picks dare and Kaitlyn dares him to strip down naked and to put his last hole naked.  She then takes his clothes and takes off running!  Shawn then has to chase after her.  During this, he said he’s always wanted his own “black box” (the censor) on TV.

Dinner portion of the date now.  Kaitlyn tells him how hot he was golfing and how much fun she had golfing with him.  But then she brings up the tension he has with Nick.  Shawn says that he doesn’t think he’s there for the right reason.  Shawn tells her that he went to Nick’s place to confront him and that Nick just proved he’s exactly how he thought he was about him.  She then tells Shawn about how Nick told her about the “Eskimo Brothers” conversation.  Shawn is heated and keeps biting his tongue and not being completely truthful about things.  Kaitlyn then presents him with the fantasy suite card and they agree they need time off camera to talk about things openly and figure things out.  The camera then cuts to Shawn leaving in the morning, saying “See you soon” and then walking down the hallway.  Kaitlyn does not look happy and neither does Shawn.

Shawn leaves, walks through the parking lot, and there’s Nick standing there like he has been waiting for Shawn.  Nick says “got a minute?” and Shawn says, “not really.  I don’t want to talk to you… at all.”  Nick says that he was caught off guard by his confrontation the other day and didn’t get a chance to defend himself.   So now he would like the opportunity to talk man to man to air what he has to say back.

Shawn immediately gets combative and doesn’t let Nick get a word in edgewise. Shawn just keeps saying, “I don’t want to talk to you, you’re the last person I want to see.  I just spent the whole day and night with Kaitlyn and you’re the last person I want to talk to.”  Nick thinks it’s classless that Shawn told him that he spent the night with Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn sits down with Chris Harrison and says the week couldn’t have gone better.  She says she just has to trust what’s in her heart and her gut.

Rose ceremony…. Kaitlyn starts to get choked up.  She knows she’s going to blindside someone.  She says she needs a minute and leaves the room. Chris Harrison consoles her and tells her to tell them she’s sorry and that she needs to follow her heart.  She reenters the room and tells them that all she can do is follow her heart and hope that she is not making a mistake.  First rose goes to…. Nick, last rose goes to Shawn.  Ben is being sent home.  Ugh!!!  Wish Kaitlyn would have chosen Ben!!!  I just don’t get it.  Shawn is nothing but drama.  Ben is such a good guy!!

She walks Ben out he tells her that there just wasn’t anything about the situation that he didn’t see not working out.  He really thought he could spend the rest of his life with her and tells her he’ll miss her.  In the car ride, Ben says he has zero doubt that they could have spent the rest of his life with her.  That tomorrow when he wakes up, he’s going to miss her.

Kaitlyn walks back in, toasts the two remaining guys, and then leaves them alone in the room together.  The tension is thick and awkward as all get out.

Now Kailtyn is with Nick and he says he’s sure about his feelings for her and he doesn’t have any reservations with her and he’s totally in love with her and more than he can even put into words.  Nick’s family is all waiting to meet Kaitlyn and they all seem very apprehensive and none of them want to see him be blindsided again.

Nick and Kaitlyn step in the room to meet Nick’s crazy large family.  They informed his family that it’s down to just two guys and they seem very nervous about it.  His older sister pulls Kaitlyn aside first and Kaitlyn talks about how strong her feelings are for Nick.  Then she sits down with the brothers and it really went well.  Then little sister Bella asked some hard hitting questions like, “What’s it like in Vancouver? Are you in love with Nick?”  When she sat down with Nick’s mom, she reassured her that she wouldn’t have brought Nick this far if she didn’t see a future with him.  Nick then sits with his mom and she asks, “how is this time different than last time with Andi?”  Nick says that he just feels confident.  He’s 99% sure she loves him back.  He gets choked up as he talks with his mom… it’s very sweet.  His mom says that she can see the way Kaitlyn looks at him and she can tell she likes him.  Nick and Kaitlyn go back to her hotel room and both agree the day went well.

Park City, Utah is where Kaitlyn is meeting Shawn’s family.  Shawn says that his oldest sister is going to be the hardest one to win over.  She’s very protective of Shawn, apparently.  Shawn’s mom wasn’t able to make it.  Hmm…. suspect.  They drop the bomb that he is one of two guys left.  They seem very excited.  Kaitlyn sat down with each sister individually and they loved her.  They feel it’s very natural and they can tell she loves him.  Shawn’s dad is worried that it’s just a physical attraction.  He sits down with Shawn and says “what the hell is going on?  This is nuts!”  Then after their conversation his dad seemed to do a complete 180 and was supportive and told him you just have to follow your heart.

So back at his hotel, he says he has something to tell her and he says that he isn’t falling in love with her, he IS in love with her.  Kaitlyn says that hearing those words are just so overwhelming.  Kaitlyn gets back to her room and starts crying.  She says her emotions are so intense with two people.  She’s very conflicted.

Next week The Men Tell All and then the finale in two weeks!!  Can’t wait!!

What are your thoughts?

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