Chris Harrison starts out Kaitlyn’s “The Men Tell All” episode by promoting Bachelor in Paradise and showing a sneak peek.  Basically a lot of tears….. crazy Ashley I and Ashley S along with Clare, Tenley, Jared, Joe, Jade, Tanner, JJ, Jonathon, and some past contestant who I’ve already forgotten the names of.  Starts Sunday Aug 2nd and will be on Sunday and Monday nights!  Woohoo!!

The first clips of Kaitlyn’s season that they show is basically all the guys at their worst, the drunk dude from the first episode, the bromance between JJ and Clint, Ian’s dramatic exit, and more.  Tanner then attacks Ian after the clips saying that it was disrespectful to the men and disrespectful to Kaitlyn and that it was just an exit strategy to make himself look better.  Corey then defended Ian a bit and said that some choices Kaitlyn made were disgraceful and Ian’s assessment of Kaitlyn was spot on.  Ben H then ask Corey how well did he even get to know Kaitlyn, “how many weeks were you around?” he asks.  Corey says he thinks a lot of America will agree that she didn’t take her role as Bachelorette seriously.  Ben H says he’s glad she was his Bachelorette.

Ian says he’d like the opportunity to say some things to Kaitlyn and asks if he can talk to her right now.  Chris Harrison says she’ll be out in a bit.  Then Ian gets up from his seat, takes off his jacket and says “Well I think it’s clear that this was certainly a season that was full of tension and emotions (then he gets down on his knees) and that in the end he said things that he now regrets and that he regrets his actions and he’s sorry.”  He then apologizes to Kaitlyn’s mom, America, the audience, etc and says it wasn’t a good representation of who he is.  JJ’s the first to hug him, followed by other men shaking his hand.  The whole thing was very awkward and in my eyes calculated.  It came across sincere, but I feel like he’s only sincere because he suffered such a huge backlash with America.  His life is forever changed because he was the asshole on The Bachelorette.

Clint is now the focal point.  Corey asks him why he was so pompous and arrogant because on the first day he was really cool.  Clint clears the airs that he’s straight and he was there for Kaitlyn.  Clint says that he just chose to spend time with those he found interesting.  He finds JJ interesting and reminded him of a friend he had back home.  JJ jumps in to defend Clint (shocker) and says that the whole “relationship” was tongue and cheek and that he was just “intellectually curious” about Clint.  They both admit to spending up 4 hours in the hot tub together talking.  He says it just went to a deeper level of friendship and there was a lot of “meat to that”… and of course everyone cracks up.

Kupah then cuts JJ off to bring up with the Nick situation and how he came in four weeks into the show.  Chris, JJ, and even Clint defend Kaitlyn saying she needs to explore every avenue to find her husband.  Clint attacks Joshua for saying he doesn’t think Nick is right for Kaitlyn because that’s putting his opinion above hers.  Like he knows what’s better for Kaitlyn than she does.  For once, I agree with Clint!  Kupah still thinks that she should have left the show to be with Nick off the show.

JJ is in the hot seat first with Chris Harrison.  They show the romance between he and Kaitlyn and then the epic romance and fight between he and Clint.  JJ says he regrets calling Clint out in front of Kaitlyn and the guys.  JJ says he lost momentum with Kaitlyn and Chris Harrison points out that maybe he lost focus on Kaitlyn in turn for Clint.  JJ is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise and judging from his facial expression when Harrison was talking about it, it sounds like his appearance is going to be a doozy.

Ben Z, the big teddy bear, is in the hot seat now with Chris Harrison and the ladies go crazy over him.  We revisit Ben Z’s backstory and romance with Kaitlyn and his mother’s death.  He talks about how he was completely blindsided.  He says when they were in Ireland, during the wake ceremony, is when he started to clam up a bit and it was hard for him to break the wall down again.  He says he’s learned how to be more open in a shorter amount of time.

Jared’s up now… watching the clips it makes me think she had the most fun with him than anyone else aside from maybe Nick.  Jared says it’s hard hearing that she questioned her decision that night.  He says it’s really hard watching the show back.  He says he hears Cranberries’s song “Linger” about twice a day now (they performed that song on their date together).  He’s not over her, but he’s moving on…. he will be on Bachelor in Paradise as well.

Ben H now!!!  Love him!! And so do the women in the audience.  This one is painful to watch back.  It’s obvious to see how hard Ben was falling for Kaitlyn.  Ben H addresses the situation with Kaitlyn sneaking into his and Shawn’s room.  He says they spent six hours together, the three of them, off camera talking and laughing and hanging out.  Ben got up to take a shower because they had an early morning flight the next day and when he came back into the room the whole vibe was different.  And, as we found out later, that’s when Kaitlyn told Shawn he was “the One.”  Something that she later says she regrets doing.

Kaitlyn comes out and Chris Harrison immediately addresses the controversial decisions she made throughout the season and the backlash she’s been experiencing.  She said it’s just been thousands and thousands of hateful comments and even death threats.  Chris Harrison then reads direct tweets and an email that are just spewing hate…. calling her a whore, a slut, and much worse.  Agree or disagree with the decisions that she has made, it does not give a right to be a cyber bully and try to tear that person down.  It’s just so wrong.  I don’t care how many guys she sleeps with, at least she’s nice!  …. unlike those bullies who hide behind computers.

Ben H asks her why she told Shawn that she slept with Nick but she didn’t tell him (Ben H).  She doesn’t really answer that question very well, but basically said that every relationship is different and she felt she owed it to Shawn. Essentially saying she didn’t feel she owed it to Ben.  In her defense though, I don’t think there’s a good way to address that other than she should have told him too… maybe??  She did apologize though.

The topic then shifts to bringing Nick on a few weeks into the show.  Some guys are not happy with it, as we established before, others are more understanding.  Kaitlyn says if they were in her shoes they would see why you have to explore every avenue.  Kaitlyn tells them that she dares them to date multiple people at a time, have it aired on television, and not make a mistake or two along the way.  “It’s hard!” she says with real seriousness.

Ian then gets on his knees again to apologize to Kaitlyn but then gets a cramp in his leg and stands up again.  He says he’s sorry for any backlash she’s received and he understands because he’s received backlash too.  It was a very sincere apology…. even if it is to save face with America.

Then the famous blooper reel!!!  Hilarious!  I love Kaitlyn’s crazy laugh.

Season finale next week!

What are your thoughts?

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