Shawn vs Nick

This could prove to the most anticlimactic season finale of The Bachelorette yet, but who knows, maybe there are some surprises in store for us!  Since week four when Nick joined the bachelors, he has been a clear frontrunner…. will he get the final rose tonight?  We will soon find out!

Packing up in Utah from Kaitlyn meeting both Nick and Shawn’s parents, the guys are both feeling confident in what they’re feeling for her.

Now in Malibu, CA, the guys are going to meet Kaitlyn’s family.  Kaitlyn first tells her family about Nick from Andi’s season showing up and how Shawn and Nick hate each other.  Kaitlyn’s mom is completely shocked that Nick is in the final two.  She was not a fan of his on Andi’s season.

Nick arrives and Kaitlyn warns him that not only did she tell the family that he showed up four weeks into it but that they also had sex in Dublin.  So Nick is pretty nervous about meeting them.  Right off the bat, Kaitlyn’s mom asks “why are you here?”  He explained that he didn’t want to see her possibly engaged to someone else without having a chance to go for it.  He’s here not for the experience, but for the purpose of pursuing Kaitlyn specifically.

Kaitlyn’s mom then sits down alone with Nick and tells him that he was possessive, jealous on Andi’s season.  She questions him about what Kaitlyn sees in him.  Nick says that if she will have him, he would gladly have him for the rest of his life.  And he gets choked up and teary when he says he wants to be with her.  It was very sincere and nice to see his emotions.  Then Nick sits down with Kaitlyn’s dad and asks for his blessing to ask for Kaitlyn’s hand in marriage.  Kaitlyn’s father says he has his blessing if that is what they both truly want.

Now the family gets to meet Shawn.  Shawn gave them each a gift and definitely won over the sister early on.  He then made a toast over lunch that was really great and showed he can take charge and express his feelings.  Kaitlyn’s mom pulls Shawn aside and expresses that she is concerned about jealousy and how is he going to handle it.  He says it’s been tough because of his strong feelings towards her but he understands they were not in an exclusive relationship and that it made them stronger.  Her mom is really impressed with his answers and I have to admit I am too!  Kaitlyn’s sister admits to her that she’s on team Shawn.  Shawn then gathers both her mom and dad to get their blessings for him to propose.  Her mom says 1000% you have my support and the dad agrees and gives his blessing.

Last date with Nick and they’re on a boat discussing how things went with her family.  Nick says he feels good about everything.  Kaitlyn almost looks like she’s holding back a little bit, but I can’t tell if I’m just reading into that or not.  She seems a little less gushy over him, but then again they’re still pretty physical with each other.

Night time portion of the date… Kaitlyn revisits the moment that Nick showed up in New York.  She tells him she’s happy he took that chance to explore it beyond the text messages that they had exchanged beforehand.  Nick tells her that he has something for her in his bedroom.  He takes her there and presents her with a picture of them on their first one-on-one date along with a poem beside it.  The gift made her cry which he takes as a good sign.

Shawn’s date…. they go for a little picnic and Kaitlyn seems very distant, it’s obvious everything is weighing heavily on her mind.  Shawn said it’s hard because it feels different than before and he can’t help but think about the fact that there’s still another guy left.  He’s having his doubts about how she’s feeling and he says if he doesn’t get some answers he’s not getting down on one knee tomorrow.  What bothers me most about how he’s acting is that if he loves her, he should propose to her regardless.  If that’s what he wants, then he should go for it and not worry about hurting his pride and looking like a fool.  Love is supposed to make a fool out of you.  That’s the only way you know it’s true love.  When you’re willing to risk it all.

Night time portion and Shawn is nervous and feeling insecure.  They talk some more and the conversation seems to flow a bit more.  Shawn gives her a present too… It’s a memory jar from all the dates that they went on.  They laugh as they look through all the pictures and mementos from their dates.  Kaitlyn seems a lot more at ease and confident in their relationship.

Neil, the jeweler dude, shows up at both of the guys’ rooms.  Nick jokes that last time he was expecting Neil at his door it was actually Andi showing up to say that he wasn’t the one.  So he was nervous Kaitlyn would show up at this point instead of Neil.  But alas, it was Neil and Nick got to pick out the ring, as well as Shawn previously.

Kaitlyn arrives back at the mansion where everything started.  The first out of the limo is usually the one to go home… so who will it be?  NICK is the first out of the limo!!  Is he really going home?!!  My heart is already breaking for him having gone through this twice.  Please don’t let him go, Kaitlyn!  Nick begins his speech to her and I am just in disbelief.  She’s just letting him go on and on but she has a worried look on her face and Nick is getting very emotional.  ugh…. make it stop!!!  He’s about to get down on one knee and she stops him.  He says, “oh.  no?  oh.  ok.”  She says, “oh my god…. I’m sorry….”  She tells him that she needed every single second that they had together to figure things out.   He says there’s nothing that she could say that would make him any less confused.  This is so heartbreaking!!!  “What I felt for you was greater than a moment.  It’s not fair for you to say that you feel what I feel because you don’t or we would be having a different ending right now.”  How can this not make Nick jaded for the rest of his life?  Twice now he’s been good enough to make it to the end but not good enough to be “the one.”  Man I feel for him.  I am in such shock right now….. I can’t imagine the kind of shock he must be in.

Shawn now gets out of the limo and Kaitlyn looks shaken. She welcomes him with a big smile and a hug and a kiss.  Shawn is now beaming and launches into his speech.  Kaitlyn tells him she never wants him to question her feelings and that she will always be faithful to him and yada yada yada.  Shawn gets down on one knee and proposes, she says yes, and they are both crazy happy.  But I can’t help but feel disappointed!!  Besides being Ryan Gosling’s twin…. I just don’t get it….. I don’t even like him!  ugh.

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