Last week on The Bachelorette, Chris Harrison announced the twist that the fantasy date week will come before the Hometown date week.  Basically, it gives Kaitlyn an opportunity to even the playing field for the remaining three men before going into hometown dates… meaning, she’s had sex with Nick, so this gives the other guys time to play catch up and also sleep with her.  Okay, maybe I’m taking it a bit too far, but that kind of seems like the reasoning behind it.  However, I like that she will only be meeting two of the guys’ families instead of the typical four.

This week, they continue the dates in Ireland and there are still 5 guys remaining, with a rose ceremony coming up after the next date.  Date card arrives at the guys’ hotel. “Ben, lets make today unforgettable.”  Ben is very excited to be selected for the one-on-one date.  Shawn tells him he better pack he bags too (since she just let Chris go on his one-on-one date).

Ben H and KaitlynBen meets Kaitlyn for their date and she says in her interview that she’s not going to try hiding that she’s stressing out right now and it’s important the guys see all sides of her.  Ben and Kaitlyn take a rowboat to a private island in Ireland and play around the ruins there.  The two talk about what makes husband material and what makes wife material.  Their relationship seems to come really easy.  There’s nothing forced about it and it seems like a good fit.  For dinner they’re in the city of Killarney and they have a glass of whiskey together.  Ben opens up about his last relationship.  He says his fear is that he’s unlovable… or that he can’t be loved back.  She reassures him that he’s very lovable and that she is falling for him. She asks him how he feels about what Chris Harrison said about the overnight dates coming first.  Ben explains that the stigma behind the overnight dates is that it’s for physical reasons only, but he wants to just stay up and talk and get to know her without cameras around.

Photo Jul 06, 10 39 48 PMHer face completely drops like, “he wants to TALK all night???” obviously she has other plans.  But it got her to thinking that maybe he’s a virgin!  So she just blurts out the question “are you a virgin?” and then it cuts to the guys at the hotel.  Ahh!  We have to wait for his answer, but I’m guessing he is not a virgin since he his previous relationship was pretty long term.  However, I wonder what his thoughts are of Kaitlyn for asking that question and seeming disappointed when he discussed wanting to talk all night.


Date card arrives at the guys’ hotel, it’s a group date “Joe, Shawn, Nick – Let’s let our love run a-muck”.

Back to the date with Ben, he laughs, and says “no” he is not a virgin.  And Kaitlyn is thinking “thank god!!!”

The next day, the three-on-one date begins and the awkwardness and tension is thick.  Shawn steals her away from the group first.  Kaitlyn was about to tell Shawn everything when Nick decides to interrupt and steal her away from Shawn.  During Kaitlyn’s conversation with Nick, he says that he liked her before he showed up.  She’s not the Bachelorette to him.

Photo Jul 06, 10 42 09 PMShe sits down with Joe next and her face is completely different, she looks very serious.  Joe kisses her and pours his heart out to her, telling her he wants to spend the next 60 years with her,  and you can just see she’s not feeling it back.  It’s so uncomfortable to watch!! I feel terrible for him.  She said she needs to be brutally honest with him.  She said they’re just not on the same page and she just doesn’t feel like she’s “there” yet.  He then gets really cold and says “it’s cool. Just have fun. It’s cool.” She asks him for a hug at least and he reluctantly gives her a hug.  Then he says “I don’t know what you expect me to go do. What should I do?” and she says “just give me a hug and tell me goodbye.” and he says “I don’t have shit to say to you.”  Well his true colors and maturity sure showed there.  It’s a tough situation, but that was not a classy way to handle it.

Kaitlyn then drops a bombshell on Nick and Shawn that she’s not passing out the date rose.  She then tells Nick she will see him at the rose ceremony and she would like to spend the rest of the evening with Shawn.  In her interview she says she wants to tell Shawn the truth about what happened with her and Nick.

Photo Jul 06, 10 42 55 PM

Nick arrives back at the hotel and Jared and Ben H are very surprised to see him.  Nick explains what just went down on the date. Ben H says weird things are happening.  The guys are all very surprised that she’s spending more time with Shawn.

Shawn is just on cloud nine that he has this time with Kaitlyn.  He has no idea that it’s really more serious of a reason than what he’s thinking.  He thinks Kaitlyn just wants to spend more time with him.  She tells him she has something on her mind.  She explains that she wants to be honest and she hasn’t talked to anyone else about it.  “You know, I had that one-on-one date with Nick, at night we went back to my place, and I just feel like we let it go to far.  It’s hard for me to admit it, but we… had.. sex.”  Shawn definitely looks deflated and he’s thinking…. he asks “do you regret it?” She says “I felt guilt, I didn’t expect that to happen…. can’t stop thinking about what that might do to our relationship.”  He says, “I’m thinking about why you decided to tell me this right now?”  She again says she thought she needed to be honest.  He says he needs a minute to regroup in the bathroom for a minute.

Photo Jul 06, 10 43 24 PM

He comes back and says he’s going to man up, bite through it, and push on to tomorrow.  He says that he wants her and that’s the reason he’s there.  He’s really trying to stay cool and calm.  I almost think she would have preferred him to get upset. But this makes him look better to America and the producers (to be the next Bachelor) if he just stays calm and bites his tongue.

Shawn arrives back at the guys’ hotel and sits down with Nick and Jared. Throughout this whole episode he’s referred to Nick as “the other guy” and it’s cracked me up each time. Shawn tells them he feels very confident that he will get a rose tomorrow night. Nick says he weirdly feels okay about tomorrow as well.

The next day, Nick reiterates that he received less time with Kaitlyn than anyone else.  He’s obviously a bit uncomfortable.  Shawn says the more he thinks about it the more questions he has that he needs answers to before he accepts a rose from Kaitlyn.  Chris Harrison enters the room and tells the guys Kaitlyn’s mind is made up and she wants to go directly to the rose ceremony.

Rose ceremony begins and there are only four guys and she has three roses to pass out.  She’s getting teary as she gives her final speech before the roses.  First rose:  Shawn, “will you accept this rose?” and he says “I need to talk to you” and pulls her away from everyone.  Ugh!  He’s always making things harder for her!

So he says “I don’t understand why…. him.  I just don’t know why you would do something like that to jeopardize us.”  She tells him that telling him he was The One was a mistake and she should have waited til the end when she was 150% sure.  She said she doesn’t feel good about it and that she admitted it went too far.  “You have to trust me…. and I just don’t think you do”.  Then the cameras show them re-entering the rose ceremony and she presents him with the rose again and she asks again, “Shawn, will accept this rose?” and he says, “Absolutely.”

Photo Jul 06, 10 44 29 PM

I’m guessing more words were spoken before they did this that got them back on track.  However, her whole demeanor has changed and not so sure she’s loving Shawn at this point.  Second rose goes to Ben.  Final rose goes to: Nick.  Jared is sent home.  Not surprised, but again I feel terrible for him. They haven’t had any rockiness to their relationship at all.  He must just be devastated. He tells her “Just make sure you find the man of your dreams because you deserve it.”  He gives her a hug and she begins to cry.  She’s still crying when she goes back to be with the guys.  She recognizes that Jared is a great guy and the relationship just wasn’t progressing as fast as the others were.

Photo Jul 06, 10 45 36 PM

Now it’s on to the fantasy suite dates… Nick’s date is first.  They spend the day in Cork, Ireland.  They wandered into a cathedral and Nick shares his religious Catholic background and talk about how his parents met.  The two of them had great conversation all day, lots of laughs, and lots of affection towards each other.  It’s hard not to love the two of them together!  They are stinking adorable together!

The evening portion of the date hits and Nick confesses that there is one person in the house that he has no respect for.  He says he can’t respect someone who claims to be “Eskimo brothers (two guys that have had sex with the same woman and remain on good terms with each other ) with famous country singers because they f*cked the same girl but they were first.”  Kaitlyn says “Ewww” and then asks who it was.  Then she says “why hasn’t anyone shared anything about Shawn?!  Why has everyone just shared their concerns about you?” Kaitlyn’s annoyed that Nick and Shawn keep badmouthing each other over things that don’t matter.  But Nick says that he likes that they could talk about anything and that she let him vent and support him through this.  She then faked him out and took him into a jail cell at the jail where they had dinner and pretended it was the fantasy suite.  They shared a great laugh about that before heading to the REAL fantasy suite…. where they made it clear, they would NOT be talking all night.

Photo Jul 06, 10 47 54 PM

Bachelor in Paradise promo: Jonathon, Joshua, and JJ from Kaitlyn’s season will all be appearing on the show.  Lots of laughs, kissing, tears, and of course an ambulance!  Looks amazing…. airs Sunday, August 2nd.

Next morning, Kaitlyn and Nick wake up in the fantasy suite and they look like a normal couple having room service breakfast and just basking in the glow of their date from the night before.  Nick goes back to his room and then camera shows Shawn calling to the desk and asking for Nick’s room number.  Shawn lays into Nick and says he doesn’t understand why he’s there and he doesn’t think it’s for Kaitlyn.  Shawn thinks Nick is there to change his reputation from his previous season.  It gets pretty heated, and then TO BE CONTINUED!!!!

2 responses »

  1. Driftwood says:

    Nice recap!! I can’t decide how I feel about Nick and Shawn battling back and forth. Ultimately though, Shawn needs to cut bait and leave. I know this show is far from reality but imagine if the girl you’re dating sleeps with another guy and you’re expected to be ok with it. I’m constantly confused that she’s more regretful about what she told Shawn than what she did with Nick (at least the timing of it). She’s got some sorting out to do on her true priorities, of which marriage is not high on the list.

  2. sharon says:

    You got it backwards with Joe. She put him in a bad spot by not saying outright that she was sending him home. I was confused and obviously so was he. She was a jerk telling him to do whatever he felt like he had to do. AND she wanted a hug and for him to say nice things to her. I would have told her to f off.

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