BB 17 Group shot

We are now a week and a half into season 17 of Big Brother and as impossible as it is to predict what’s going to happen when you have to “expect the unexpected,” I have a few thoughts on who is going to go home when.  Jace went home last week because he was a physical threat, but more importantly, annoying.  Jace gone It seems that that will be an overall factor this year in determining who will go home, at least in the beginning.  Later in the season, keeping someone annoying around longer might be beneficial in getting the final votes.  So based on annoyance factor, these will be the next to be voted out / evicted (my predictions):

Da'vonneWeek 2: Da’vonne aka “Mama Day” – she’s just a loose cannon and has been getting mad at everybody for the smallest things.




AudreyWeek 3: Audrey – I really wanted to like her.  I think she’s beautiful and smart and I was hoping she would be a positive role model for the transgender community.  That being said, she’s a bit crazy.  She’s over analyzing, over playing, and lying waaaay too much too early in the game.  She would have been better off just laying low and not trying to take so much power into her own hands.



SteveWeek 4: Steve – He seems to creep everyone out.  He’s a nerd without the adorable factor.  Plus the house guests are paranoid he’s another Ian and could win the whole thing.




MegWeek 5: Meg – Once the other annoying house guests are evicted, the house will realize just how annoying she is.  James may say she looks like Taylor Swift, but Tay also tends to rub people the wrong way.  It’s just a matter of time before Meg’s overly bubbly personality comes back to bite her.



JasonWeek 6: Jason – He’s not afraid to voice his opinion and be loud and outspoken.  He will only get a pass for so long before people stop finding him funny and will then be annoyed by it.




BeckyWeek 7: Becky – I like the girl, but she doesn’t seem to gel with anyone in the house.  She’s a bit too squeaky clean and this house is a lot more edgy than that.  I give her props for getting her face ripped off by a train and still looking as hot as she does though!



JeffWeek 8: Jeff – The guy just doesn’t seem very bright and doesn’t appear to have much patience.  He will explode at some point and that will get him in trouble.




The wild cards right now are Austin, Jackie, Clay, James, Liz, John, Shelli, and Vanessa.  Austin could go home pretty early because he doesn’t have much of an alliance, but I think people generally like him and as long as he doesn’t overuse his physicality, he won’t be seen as a physical threat until later on.

Austin  JackieClayLizJohnShelliVanessa





I’m really looking forward to this season and the “BB Takeover” twist has definitely been an interesting one!  Also, I’m liking the twin twist, but I can’t wait until it’s over either.  I think if they make it far enough into the game where it’s revealed and they play individually, it’s going to make them immediate targets.

What are your predictions?  Who should go home next?

What are your thoughts?

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