In last week’s episode, Kaitlyn and Nick had sex, Jared got the group date rose, and Shawn was going out of his mind with doubt, insecurity, and jealousy.  Shawn decided to go to Kaitlyn’s room to talk to her and that’s where this episode starts off.  Shawn asks Kaitlyn “are you in love with me?” Kaitlyn says she can’t answer it.  He says “yes or no?” She responds, “I’m ‘falling’ in love with you.” He explains his insecurities and how he doesn’t like to see her go out on other dates.  She tries to kiss him to comfort him and he says “I’m just having a really hard time with this.  I don’t know if I can do this.” Kaitlyn says in her interview that she is worried that Shawn has found out about her being “intimate” with Nick and she’s feeling guilty.  The guilt comes from where her relationship is with other people.  She doesn’t want to hurt Shawn and she feels awful.  Kaitlyn is just sobbing.

Next morning, Kaitlyn, JJ, and Joe get ready for their two-on-one dates.  Kaitlyn says she’s really torn between the two of them.  JJ doesn’t feel like Joe is a threat, but feels like he himself is his own worse enemy.  Joe doesn’t plan to hold anything back and to really show her who he is and how he feels.  The board a boat and get to go to an island.  As soon as they sit down at the picnic, JJ tells Kaitlyn that he’s really falling for her.  Even right in front of Joe.  Joe then pulls Kaitlyn aside to talk to her alone.  Joe tells her he has a lot to say today.  He tells her that the last group date was a turning point for him when they kissed. He’s never felt this much for someone so fast and she is one in a million and worth putting it all out there for.  Then they kissed.  She tells him that was perfect.

JJ sits down and says that he needs to tell Kaitlyn the truth.  He bluntly tells Kaitlyn that three years ago he cheated on his wife.  He says he lost his wife, his daughter half the time, he felt like he lost everything.  He says he wants to build the relationship on the truth.  She confesses that it’s probably her biggest fear in a relationship.  I don’t like JJ, I don’t think Kaitlyn would like him either if she saw how he was around the guys.  I just hope she keeps Joe and not him.  Once a cheater always a cheater… but maybe that would be hypocritical of her.

She said she’s looking for a husband and she hasn’t had enough time with Joe.  But then she says to JJ that he has a daughter at home and she just doesn’t see husband material in him and so she lets him go.  She then tells Joe that she’s still unsure about him because they haven’t had enough time together so she’s not going to give him the rose, but she wants him to stick around awhile longer to see where it goes.  That night they had more time to talk and Kaitlyn ended up giving him the rose.

Meanwhile, Shawn is back at the hotel just stewing and says that Kaitlyn told him off camera that she think he’s “the one”.  So it feels worse when he sees her kissing other guys and going on dates with other guys.  Then Joe comes home just glowing and with the rose and it bothers Shawn even more.  So he decides to go back to Kaitlyn’s room again to talk to him.  Seriously dude, man up.  There are other guys in the picture still, just be patient and keep cool.  But apparently he can’t do that.  He’s kind of turning into a weenie.  What a let down!

While Kaitlyn is in her interview, the producers get word that Shawn is on his way over right now.  She’s just so drained and feels awful and keeps getting worried that Shawn knows something.  Her guilt is taking over her emotions.  “I don’t need anything else today” she says as she cries.  “I don’t want to go through this.”  She finally opens the door and tells him that she’s had the most emotional day ever.  He says he just wanted to come to talk more about why he went to her room last night.  He says when she says stuff like “I think you’re the one” it’s tough.  She’s relieved that he’s not there to talk about Nick.  But she’s concerned that he needs all this reassurance and he doesn’t even know everything yet.

Cocktail party time… Kaitlyn is shaky and says it’s been a tough week, she’s made mistakes, but she’s still hopeful.  Her speech leaves the guys feeling very insecure and worried.  Ben Z takes her aside first, while the guys speculate what she meant by “mistakes.”  Even Nick who has a rose is feeling nervous.  Shawn is certain the mistake has to do with him.  Carly Simon’s “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you” comes to mind.  Both Ben Z and Ben H have great times with Kaitlyn, but then Ben H says “I do need to talk to you.”  He questions her about the time she got with Shawn off camera.  When she first snuck down to their room it was Ben H and Shawn in there.  Ben H left to take a shower and he says when he got back in the room the vibe was different and Shawn was happy.  Like he received some sort of validation while Ben H was gone.  Ben H tells Kaitlyn that he just wants to make sure he’s not just in this spinning his wheels.  Kaitlyn begins to cry again and says it’s not.  She says that it’s really disappointing how that whole night ended up turning out and she put them in a really awkward position.  She apologizes for it and he says that he’s still there.  He smiles at her and makes her feel comforted.  And then, of course, they kiss.  Ben H is a MAN.  He handled that so well.  Just before the commercial break she says in her interview that she needs to make things right with all the guys.  Oooooh more drama coming up!!

Back from the commercial break, Nick sits with Kaitlyn and says he’s really rattled by her entrance to the cocktail party and that he’s really nervous.  Kaitlyn tells Nick she’s concerned about him talking about the date with the guys.  Nick starts to get emotional too, tears in his eyes, and says he feels really confident but last time he was the over confident guy that got blindsided too.  He was really genuine and Kaitlyn seemed the happiest she has seemed all week.

Shawn tells Kaitlyn that he regrets putting her in the position that he did and Kaitlyn said she regrets sneaking down to the room and for putting their relationship through that.  She says again that she shouldn’t have done that and it messed everything up and caused unnecessary tension.  Shawn says he really thinks it’s a bump in the road.  She looks a bit unsure.

Rose ceremony time… I’m hoping Ben Z and Tanner are the ones who go home but I’m nervous that it’s going to be Chris.  Roses go to… Ben H, Chris (yay!!), and Shawn.  My predictions were correct… Ben Z and Tanner are going home.  I feel bad for them, especially Ben Z.  Ben Z is really blindsided and hurt.

Now the “next week” has started and it’s the “last week” before Hometown dates.  They go on a road trip and Kaitlyn chose Jared to ride with her while the other guys go on a bus.  They are cute together, but there’s something about Jared that I just don’t see what Kaitlyn sees in him.  He’s just okay to me.  They arrive to Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney Stone upside down.  Then they get to the castle that she’s staying at and end their date in her room.  But they didn’t take it to an inappropriate level.

Jared leaves, and shortly later Chris Harrison knocks on her door. Chris informs her that they’re going to change it up this season for her.  That she will be saying goodbye to half the men this week.  She’s going to then have the “fantasy suite” date week first and then only meet the final two family’s.  That makes so much sense!!  I always thought it was a shame that the Bachelor meets FOUR families and sometimes asks each of their permissions to marry their son/daughter.  Chris Harrison drops the bomb to the guys and leaves the date card.

Date card “Chris, let’s take our love to the edge.”  Uhoh…. she’s going to send him home, I just know it.  Chris arrives at Kaitlyn’s castle and then a helicopter comes and takes them away to their date. They get up to the Cliffs of Moyer and have a picnic together.  Kaitlyn asks him what their lives would look like if they were to be together… would he stay in Nashville?  He says he chose Nashville because it’s a great place to raise children.  He asks her where her head is at.  She says she’s stressed and she keeps looking down.  She’s not looking at him much which isn’t a good sign.  He asks her again how she’s doing and she starts to cry.  She said he fits the mental checklist that she has but yet she just doesn’t see it and she doesn’t know why.  There’s just something missing.  Ugh!  I feel for her.  I have been in that situation before… someone who fits the checklist but there’s just some sort of chemistry missing.  Chris just breaks down crying on the cliff… I really feel horrible for him.  I liked Chris a lot, but I can understand why they weren’t going to work out.  Chris needs more of an edge to him for it to work with Kaitlyn.  He’s a bit squeaky clean, but something about him I just liked.

Next week looks like a doozy where it at least LOOKS like she tells the guys that she and Nick had sex.

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  1. […] Last week on The Bachelorette, Chris Harrison announced the twist that the fantasy date week will come before the Hometown date week.  Basically, it gives Kaitlyn an opportunity to even the playing field for the remaining three men before going into hometown dates… meaning, she’s had sex with Nick, so this gives the other guys time to play catch up and also sleep with her.  Okay, maybe I’m taking it a bit too far, but that kind of seems like the reasoning behind it.  However, I like that she will only be meeting two of the guys’ families instead of the typical four. […]

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