One of my favorite episodes each Bachelor/Bachelorette season is the Women/Men Tell All!  It rarely disappoints, and given this season’s number of crazies, this should be good!  So I’m all settled in and eager to watch it all unfold!  Can’t wait to see what Kelsey has to say and what the women will say to her!  And Britt and if she’ll have regrets for how she acted and how will her confrontation go with Carly.  Is Kaitlyn still heartbroken??!

So let’s get to it… Chris Harrison greets the live audience and even admits there’s a lot to talk about tonight!  The show clips of Kelsey, Britt, Ashley I, and Jade getting ready and primping in front of the mirror as Chris talks.  Then Chris rolls a tape of he and Chris Soules crashing Bachelor viewing parties.  The first party they crashed, the girls were all wearing cowboy hats.  You KNOW that had to have known they were coming!  All of these corn dishes…. yeah, they knew they were coming.  Then this mom just planted a huge kiss on Chris Soules!!  Party after party, these women scream uncontrollably for Chris.  Some even cry.  Some offer copious amounts of alcohol.  But was fun to watch!

A look now at some of the drama that happened this season…. Jillian and her hairy, naked censored butt.  Ashley S with her bizarre behavior.  Ashley I drama.  Kelsey saying her story is amazing!  Britt being fake about loving Arlington and Carly telling Chris she’s lying.  And now Britt is in tears already from watching Carly being a bit mean.  Britt turns to Carly and says “why did you pretend to be my friend the whole time?” Carly tries explaining herself and says it’s been a confusing situation.  The other girls start jumping in and Carly can’t really get an explanation out.

Britt WTA 2Chris invites Britt to the hot seat.  Chris Harrison asks Jade if Britt was fake in the house.  Jade agrees that there were definitely situations where she was being fake.  Carly says she was just trying to be civil.  Jillian calls Carly out about being mean to her in front of Chris and trying to make her look stupid in front of Chris in the limo on the way to the mud run.  Samantha jumps in and agrees.  Jillian just keeps attacking Carly and Chris Harrison has to jump in to get her to pipe down.  Back to Britt, she says that the way the editing worked, they showed the women talking about how Britt doesn’t want to have children and then it cuts to Britt being on the hot air balloon ride with Chris talking about how she wants to have children.  She said that she really thinks the ladies, namely Ashley I, misinterpreted something she said because she’s always wanted children.  Then she lists off a myriad on things she’s been involved in that relate to children.  Ashley I says she didn’t misinterpret anything. Chris cuts to a commercial and says we’ll talk about that in a minute.  Oh and the audience is cheering Britt on, which I can’t stand.  I’m not a Britt fan.

Coming back from break, Ashley I says she likes Britt but the conversation Britt had to her was that she wasn’t ready for marriage, she wasn’t ready to have kids just yet.  Not that she didn’t EVER want to have kids. Carly then retells the story about Arlington and how Britt said “my biggest fear is that someone would just leave me here.”  Britt tries defending herself saying that she realized she wouldn’t be living in the town she would be living in a home with Chris.  I don’t know… I’m not buying it.  She says it reminds her of where she grew up.  She grew up in Detroit!!  Arlington is nothing like Detroit.  Chris H asks her if she believes she would still be on the show if it weren’t for Carly.  She says yes and begins to cry.  Oh please!!  The she attacks Carly and says that she believes the mean things she said about her comes from a place of pain/hurt.  She doesn’t want to use the word jealousy, but she basically means Carly was jealous of Britt’s gorgeous looks.  I really feel like Carly’s getting the bad end of the stick here.  True, she said some mean things, but a lot of it was warranted or just meant to be funny.  Britt feels she was THIS close to finding true love and is crying as she says the words.   She’s an actress.  I just don’t believe the sincerity.

Britt 3They come back from commercial and Chris H is having a heart to heart with Britt.  She’s just sobbing to him about how she feels Chris S could have been the one.  She’s still sobbing when someone comes up and asks her to sit back with the ladies because taping is about to begin.  I swear they better not be setting her up to be the next Bachelorette and them trying to win the audience’s sympathy.  I do not want Britt to be the next Bachelorette!!  Grrr.

Kelsey WTAOkay, the juicy part, on to Kelsey!  She takes her place in the hot seat with Chris H.  They show the clips of Kelsey retelling her “amazing story” and her whole dramatic journey on the show.  After watching the clips, Kelsey manages to squeeze out a few tears and says “I feel like I am grieving all over again.” She asks for a tissue, Chris H gives her his pocket square, and she says, “are you sure?  It’s silk” and giggles.  He asks her if she has any idea why the women don’t like her.  She throws out a couple reasons including “I don’t know… I use big words.” She defends her actions.  Chris doesn’t let any of the other women get any comments in.  Kelsey basically just says blah blah blah… I just want to be accepted and not sure why I wasn’t.

Back from the break, Juelia, also a widow, says that Kelsey is the most calculating person she has ever met.  Juelia says she would never use her tragic story as a way of getting further on the show or getting anything from anyone.  Megan says that she watched the show with her mom… Megan’s dad had dropped dead while running (same as Kelsey’s husband Sanderson Poe) and she just couldn’t fathom someone using that type of story to get the rose.  Trina calls her out for saying she has “an amazing story.”  Samantha feels that Kelsey getting the sympathy rose resulted in her going home.  Kelsey says she just asks for all of their forgiveness and is sorry if she offended anyone.  Chris asks Ashley I if she was accepts Kelsey’s apology, and she said it’s hard after some of the mean things she said.  Chris points out that she also said mean things about Kelsey.  Ashley doesn’t disagree.  Kelsey says the one thing that Ashley said that was so despicable was that Sanderson Poe may not have even been real.  That she made the whole story up.  (See Sanderson Poe’s obituary here… he was indeed a real person, but the obit is very bizarre)  Ashley says that every time Kelsey brought up her story of Sanderson, she showed no emotion at all.  The other ladies agree.  Britt and Jillian defend Kelsey saying that Sanderson was real and she doesn’t deserve the heat she’s getting.  Kelsey says that she regrets saying she has an “amazing story” and that it hurt a number of people.  Then she goes on about how amazing she really is for finding love, losing love, and overcoming the grief she felt after he passed.  The whole time Kelsey sniffles, but she doesn’t actually cry.  She still seems so cold and emotionless.

Ashley S WTANow the spotlight is on Ashley S and her bizarre behavior.  After clips of her behavior, she joins Chris H down front and center.  She gives Chris H an onion and tells him that the show inspired her to start growing onions.  Her bizarre behavior continues and she’s just silly.  Chris then asks her to be on Bachelor in Paradise.  The audience starts chanting “Do it! Do it! Do it!”  Her response: “It’s so weird… Just that we’re on TV.”  And she just smiles and never gives an answer.  Does that mean yes?  Or no? So strange!!

CHRIS HARRISON, JADEJade’s turn in the hot seat now.  We watch her journey with Chris and it is heartbreaking to watch.  Everything seemed just so perfect up until the nude modeling part of it.  Jade tears up and says it’s hard to watch it back.  She said she felt like things were good, she didn’t expect to go home.  She said that it was Chris’s blog that crushed her.  He stated that he liked the shyer side of her and that was the person he knew and that when her family said she’s the complete opposite and that was disturbing to him.  She just wishes that he had been more honest about that and why he sent her home.  She’s hoping to find out exactly why she was sent home.

Kaitlyn WTAKaitlyn’s turn!  Kaitlyn says it’s not easy watching your heart break on TV. She says she still thinks about this every day…. “why couldn’t he just have given one little sign that I wasn’t ‘the one'”.  She’s happy she could express all those feelings to him she was feeling but she’s still just confused.

Chris Soules is finally coming out on stage!  Britt is sobbing as soon as he walks out, Kelsey still has the stone cold look on her face.  Chris H calls Britt to come up.  Britt gives Chris S a hug… it’s a long hug…. long, awkward hug.  Carly shakes her head.  Britt takes Chris’s hand and says that she doesn’t blame him for believing Carly.  Chris says that the decision wasn’t based on whether he believed Carly or not.  There were other factors.  Chris said he wouldn’t let what anyone else says about their relationship affect the relationship.  Kaitlyn confronts him…. Chris looks very uncomfortable.  She asks for an un-sugarcoated reason for why she was sent home.  Chris says there just isn’t a reason… he was falling in love with all three women.  She asks why didn’t he give her the common courtesy of not making her go through the rose ceremony.  He apologizes and says he could have handled it a lot better.  In that moment he just handled it the best he could.

Jade comes up on stage to confront Chris as well and brings up his blog.  Chris says he was more caught off guard by her brother’s calling her a “wild mustang.”  He says again that it had nothing to do with her past.  She calls him out for calling the situation of looking at the photos as “awkward” and that he should have been more honest about his feelings about it.  It WAS awkward!!!  But I still feel bad for Jade.  😦

Bloopers!!  And then Chris Harrison reveals he has written a romance novel called The Perfect Level.  Really?!!  That might just be the most bizarre thing that happened in tonight’s episode!

Can we talk about how beautiful Carly was tonight and how she did not deserve to get beat up the way she did?  Completely unfair.  All the girls have said horrible things about each other and I just feel Carly did not deserve as much heat as she got tonight.

Carly WTA

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  1. Driftwood says:

    Raise your hand if you pre-ordered Chris Harrison’s book!!!! Am I the only one raising my hand here? It’s a gift for someone, yeah that’s it.

  2. delyla says:

    I have to politely disagree. Carly did deserve some of the treatment. She should not have acted like friends with the girls and then dissed them on the camera. She definitely played both sides of the fence, and when you do that, you’re going to get called out. Made for interesting TV drama.
    She says it was to avoid conflict in the house. You can do that without laying in the bed and having girl bonding time. Just be nice but avoid one on one time. The end!

    • I can respect that…. I just think all the girls did it and she was the main one raked over the coals for it. I can understand wanting to be nice to someone while you’re face to face with them. I just think a lot of what she said made it on TV because it was funny. But you know the other girls were doing it too. Also, I just can’t stand Britt. Doesn’t mean she deserves to be bashed, but she’s just very fake to me.

      • delyla says:

        Yes you are correct! They all do it and Carly was hilarious when she did it! The first hour of the show was great. I wish they would have given the girls each some time to air their thoughts. And Britt is a drama queen. That girl was auditioning for any role she can get. Hopefully, it is not the bachelorette.

      • it’s funny how calm and composed Britt was in the beginning, but as soon as she started to feel rejected she became crazy and emotional and then it just never stopped. She was a mess on yesterday’s episode. If anyone should have been a mess it should have been Kaitlyn, but I was proud of her for keeping her composure. Since Carly does not seem to be in the running for the next Bachelorette, I hope it’s Kaitlyn.

      • delyla says:

        I like Kaitlyn but she strikes me as the girl who is friends with all the guys she knows. I just wonder how she would be as the bachelorette? She is funny though! I wish they would go with someone we don’t know, or maybe the poor Samantha chick that got zero air time. She seemed level headed in the 3 – 15 second times she was allowed to speak. lol

      • Chris Harrison said that once they started using Bachelors that the public already knew, the ratings went way up. It still would be nice to have some sort of fresh start. Although maybe it doesn’t really matter. I wasn’t a huge fan of Chris’s, but it’s been a fun season to watch regardless. I agree about Kaitlyn…. she’s definitely a guy’s girl. But it would be fun to have a foul mouthed bachelorette. ha!!

      • delyla says:

        Okay – well that makes sense. I had never heard that. Ratings are what its all about.
        I wasn’t a fan of Chris either, still am not, but have to admit, this has been one of the best seasons ever. I tune in for the drama and if a love story reveals itself, all the better. I am on the fence about who he picks. Whitney’s voice makes me crazy, I can’t imagine listening to that for the rest of my life. Plus the fact that she is career oriented, despite what she says, she is going to get bored in Iowa. However, with a nursing degree, there are many options for her. She could work in a hospital twice a month (or however much she wants) and commute.
        Becca seems like a very sweet girl, but I don’t feel like we know enough about her. I wouldn’t mind her as the bachelorette is she isn’t “the one”. lol
        Wouldn’t want Whitany for the voice alone. lol
        I accidentally read a spoiler comment on yahoo, thanks to some loser, so I know who reality Steve says he picks. He is usually correct.

      • I’ve been trying not to read spoilers but I have a pretty good idea which one it is. Whitney’s voice really irritated me in the beginning, but it started to seem more normal as time went on. I really like her and think she’s a genuinely good person. There’s something about Becca that annoys me and bores me at the same time. She just seems to have zero personality… even worse than Chris. So I hope she’s not the next Bachelorette.

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