IMG_2379Last week we were left with the major cliffhanger of who wins the Dome elimination?!  It’s between Johnny and Averey or Adam and Brittany.  I’m torn because I like Wes and he is wanting Johnny to go home.  However, I like Averey much more than I like Brittany.  So I don’t even know who I’m rooting for but I’m anxiously awaiting the results!  Johnny and Adam are both on their towers that they have built and they just need to jump off and ring the bell.  First player to do that, wins.  They are neck and neck.  Adam stands up first and jumps to ring his bell, but he falls off and in that second Johnny stands up and rings his bell.  Johnny and Averey live for another day and Adam and Brittany go home.  Now, my guess is, Wes will be in trouble.

The relationship between Sarah and Jordan are falling apart.  Sarah is getting tired of Jordan being cranky and in a foul mood.  Jordan vents to the boys about Sarah thinking she’s smarter than him.  Zach brings out some Bible junk trying to say that God purposely made women inferior to men.  They should honor women, but they are inferior.  Whaaaa?  Zach even calls them “swamp donkeys” and calls them the better species.  OMG… I didn’t think I could dislike Zach any more than I already do, but now I do!  Why are all the nutcases from Michigan?!!  Drives me crazy!  Please give me something to be proud of coming from my state on just ONE reality show!  PLEASE!!!

IMG_2458Challenge time… TRIVIA!!!  “Are you the one?” is the name of it.  Answer questions right and avoid being dropped in the water.  Each team gets 2 strikes (wrong answers) before being dropped in the water.  I love the trivia challenge!!!  Jenna is the first person to answer a question wrong when she is asked to spell adultery.  She spells it A-D-U-L-T-R-Y.  Johnny then gets the question “Whose face is on the dime” wrong.  He answers Eisenhauer, but it is Franklin D Roosevelt.  LeRoy doesn’t know who was the creator of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg).  Wes is then asked to spell libido and he spells it L-I-B-E-A-D-O.  haha! Jonna answers “what is the largest muscle in your body” incorrectly.  At this point no teams have dropped in the water, but it’s just a matter of time. Averey is asked to spell endorphins.  She’s only 3 or 4 letters into it when she gets a letter wrong and without warning TJ pulls the lever and dumps she and Johnny in the water.  They’re going back in the dome!  Leroy answers his question wrong and he and Nia are in the water.  Wes and Teresa are in the water after Teresa can’t spell “eroticism.” Jonna and Zach are in the water after Jonna answers “8” for how many cups are in a gallon (16).  It’s now sudden death between Jay and Jenna against Jordan and Sarah.  Sarah is asked to spell “Diaphragm” and she misses the “g” and in the water they go!!  Jay and Jenna actually win!! Jay and Jenna are gunning for Sarah and Jordan because they wouldn’t make them a deal while they were hanging there.  Jay wanted to make a deal they wouldn’t send each other in and Jordan refused.  Sarah thinks that maybe she can use her people skills and politicking to save them.  However, Jordan is really upset and has a bad attitude.

Jordan and SarahThe “power couple” Jay and Jenna sit down with Jordan and Sarah at dinner.  Sarah tries to smooth things over with them and tell them that Jordan not wanting to make a deal with them didn’t mean that they would vote them in if the won.  Jay seems to buy it and gives them an opportunity now to make a deal with them.  The deal is that the next time Jordan and Sarah are power couple, they won’t vote Jay and Jenna in.  They agree.   So now Jay and Jenna feel that their only good option to vote in is Leroy and Nia. Jay tells Leroy and Nia they’re going to vote them and they fight back hard.  They tell him that Jordan and Sarah will stab them in the back, they’re not to be trusted.  Jay doesn’t know what to do.  So the next morning, TJ greets them and calls Johnny and Averey up and then asks for who Jay and Jenna are going to send in.  Jenna tells TJ they’re sending in…. Leroy and Nia.  Leroy is heated!

IMG_2469Dome elimination challenge “Hooking Up”….  The object is to hook the opponent’s carabiner that’s attached to them up to the pulley first.  The men are first and Johnny is actually holding his own way better than I thought he would wrestling against Leroy.  This fight is not easy.  Johnny took his eyes off of Leroy’s hands for just a second and Leroy got him.  So women are up next and Nia is so much taller than Averey that I don’t think she has much of a shot.  The girls have been at this for 60 minutes now!!  They are TIRED!  90 minutes have now passed!! Averey feels like she’s going to pass out and Nia takes that moment to snag her.  Leroy and Nia are saved and Johnny and Averey are going home!  So happy Johnny is gone!!  Team Wes lives to see another day!

What are your thoughts?

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