So I’m pulling double duty tonight.  Just finished The Bachelor recap and now watching the Celebrity Apprentice Finale to be able to recap that.

This has been a much better season of Celebrity Apprentice than what I thought it would be.  Kate Gosselin was far more submissive than I thought she would be, Brandi Glanville was smarter and more business savvy than I had given her credit for, and Ian started out being one of my favorites but quickly turned into my least favorite next to Geraldo.  Leeza has really impressed me and I really hope to God she wins Celebrity Apprentice tonight!

The finale starts off where last week’s episode ended…. the teams at Universal Studios shooting their commercial for the task.  Geraldo is being quite bossy and abrasive, but at the same time it is his butt on the line.  He wants to win.  He just doesn’t have a very pleasant way of dealing with people.  Leeza is working on shooting the commercial and Kevin Jonas is drawing attention because he’s a huge pop star.  However, Kevin was able to just tell them to step aside, and they did it.  Kevin has really impressed Leeza.  She left the Kevin in charge to shoot the rest of the commercial while she went back with Johnny to start editing.

Geraldo’s team is working on editing and Geraldo is working on the entertainment piece of the task.  Trying to get a performer.  Tony Orlando decides to agree to perform because his sister is developmentally disabled and that is what the charity is about that Geraldo is playing for.  Geraldo’s team reviews the commercial and it is so focused on Geraldo… but that’s just how he works.  Leeza’s commercial doesn’t appear to have any of the celebrities in it, but very professional still.  Now they’re focused on the presentation piece of it and the fundraising.  Leeza’s worried that Geraldo will out fundraise them.

It’s show time.  Geraldo said “I’m proud to have shown that an old guy can still get it up.”  ugh, oh boy!  Not a mental picture I want!!  The event definitely seems to be going well for Geraldo as far as fundraising goes.  But then they show Leeza’s event and she has a ton of money coming in as well.  Transformers Optimus Prime and Bubblebee come in to introduce the show.  They look amazing!  Geraldo’s team goes first.  Geraldo introduces his team and messes up on what show Lorenzo was on and mispronounces Ian’s last name as Zierling.  Of course this really grinds Ian.  I kind of love it, but it’s still bad form for Geraldo.  He then shows his commercial.  Pretty cheesy, very Geraldo-heavy… and kind of creeps me out that the kids go off in one direction with Geraldo while the adults go off and do something else, but it isn’t very clear what the parents are doing.  He then introduces Tony Orlando who tells his story about how his sister is developmentally disabled and how Geraldo’s charity impacts him personally.  It was a very heartfelt speech.  Then Tony performed.  The audience is all smiling and seeming to be enjoying themselves.

Leeza’s turn now.  I know it’s her profession, but she is such a good speaker and presenter.  She rolls her commercial and it’s pretty great!  I enjoyed it.  She then tells the story of her mom battling Alzheimer’s disease and losing her memories, and this is all about making memories and her charity which is Leeza’s Care Connection.  Then Olivia Newton-John performed “Magic.”  It all just tied in beautifully.

So boardroom time…. Geraldo’s team basically kisses his butt through all of Trump’s questions for them.  Then Leeza team does the same, but it’s just so much more sincere.  Leeza’s team genuinely loves her and enjoyed working with her.  Ivanka gives the details of what the execs from Universal thought of Geraldo’s team: They liked the theme of “discover the inner hero.” They also liked the use of celebrity.  They felt the presentation was disjointed with the entertainment and how that related back to the parks.  They also didn’t love that the parents and the kids had separate experiences instead of as a family together.  Don Jr then explains what the execs thought of Leeza’s task:  They loved that Leeza did the voice-over and that she was so on point and articulate during the presentation.  They also loved that she showcased the different aspects of the park and different experiences.  They loved that Olivia Newton-John sang “Magic” and that the presentation was all tied back to the park itself.  They would have liked to see more celebrity incorporated in the commercial.  Now the money piece of it…. the charity gets to keep whatever each player raised for the teams in addition, Trump will be giving $250,000 to the winning person for his/her charity.  Trump says it wasn’t even close…. Geraldo raised $146,000  Leeza raised $324,000!!!

At the live finale…. the fired contestants are all out on the stage.  The discussion of Vivica’s phone is brought up immediately.  Kenya so obviously stole Vivica’s phone!!  She had to have tweeted that out!  So he asks Kenya to come clean.  She still denies it.  Vivica says as soon as her hands start flying then it means that she’s lying.  Brandi says if it wasn’t her then it was her hair and makeup artist because they’re the only ones allowed in that room with them.

Finally time to talk to Geraldo and Leeza live on the finale.  Trump tells Leeza he never thought she would be strong enough to make it that far.  Geez!  She’s one of the strongest women on the show!  She’s a true role model with the way she was able to stay positive and not get involved in the drama.  They then roll clips of Geraldo being difficult to work with.  Trump then focused on Leeza being able to work well with everyone.

The next portion of the show is showcasing the two charities: Leeza’s Care Connection and Life’s WORC.  They’re both great charities.

Then Melissa Rivers came out for a tribute to her mom, Joan Rivers.  Such a great woman… absolutely loved her!  A beautiful tribute.

Okay now it’s dragging out… I just want to know the winner!!

Trump finally announces that Leeza won the final task.  But that doesn’t necessarily show who the winner is.  Leeza has one minute to demonstrate why she should be crowned the winner and she really does a great job and does not hold back.  If Trump doesn’t crown her winner I’m never watching this show again.  Commercial break, then we find out!

Trump announces that the winner of Celebrity Apprentice is Leeza Gibbons!!!!!!!!!   Thank the lord!!!  So deserving.  Such a role model for how women can be poised, kind, and still effective leaders.  Love it!

What are your thoughts?

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