Last night we got a treat in being able to have a Sunday episode of The Bachelor.  We saw Megan go home at the beginning of the episode and then no rose ceremony after that.  After the ladies and Chris went to Iowa and got a feel for what life would be like with Chris in his state of Iowa and town of Arlington, Britt began to crumble.  She was not impressed with Arlington but faked it to Chris.  Carly ratted her out to Chris.  Chris then became a bit skeptical of Britt.  On the group date, he gave Kaitlyn the date rose to reassure her that he was interested in her and Britt came unglued.  She took it as a rejection and she didn’t know if she would want to bring a guy home to meet her family after he was reassuring another girl.  That’s about where the episode ended.

So it’s the next day in Des Moines and he has his one-on-one date with Becca.  They go to his gorgeous, spacious loft he’s staying in in Des Moines.  They sat on his couch to talk about past relationships.  Becca says that she has never been in love with anyone before.  Even though she was in a four year on again off again relationship, she didn’t feel she was in love.  They went on the roof to watch the sunset.  Why does every date they have just last a millisecond on the show?  Is she really even more dull than I realize??

Britt CryingBack at the ladies’ place, Britt tells the girls that she’s packed her bags and she’s ready to go home right before the rose ceremony.  Britt explains that she just poured her heart out to Chris saying that she could envision a life in Iowa with him, she wants to be his wife, and then he turned around and gave the rose to someone else.  Carly calls her out and says she doesn’t necessarily believe that she’s actually leaving because five minutes later she could change her mind.  Britt says no, she’s definitely leaving.  Carly says, “so nothing he says could change your mind?” and Britt says “well… I’m going to talk to him…” The girls just aren’t buying it and Britt feels attacked by the girls.  The looks that Carly has flashed Britt during this conversation is just hysterical.  She has such an expressive face!  I love it!

The girls are getting ready for the cocktail party and Chris Harrison comes in and tells them that there won’t be a cocktail party… they will be going straight to the rose ceremony.  Britt begins panicking that she won’t have an opportunity to speak with Chris Soules before he hands out the roses.  She said she’s been planning their goodbye, and now she’s just not ready for this and it’s going to be awkward.

IMG_2450Rose ceremony…. Chris launches into a speech about how he’s really falling in love but he has some tough decisions to make.  Then Britt cuts him off and asks if she can have two seconds with him.  They go into another room.  The girls are all saying that Britt wants Chris to beg for her to stay and if he doesn’t she’s leaving him.  She needs the validation OR she needs to dump him before he dumps her.  Britt starts off by apologizing to Chris for the other night and putting him in that position and put him on the spot.  She then says “I just wanted to know if you wanted to say anything to me…”  She wants him to grovel!!  He takes a deep breath and tells her it was hard and made him question a lot of things.  He then says that the other girls have told him things that have made him question if she’s being real or not… for instance her reaction to Arlington.  She said that when she got to Arlington she did say “this is small” but then on the way back she realized she could see herself there.  He said “I’m not saying you’re lying…” Britt said, “Was it Carly?” Chris says “Does it matter?” and Britt says “I just feel like Carly has something against me.” Chris says “the way Carly reacted is what I want in my future. And the way you reacted and the way you disrespected myself and everyone around you, is not what I want in a wife.”  Go Chris!!!  I am SOOOO happy he didn’t allow Britt to put a spell on him any longer.  He then walks her out and a part of Chris looks crushed.  Britt very dramatically goes outside and falls apart just bawling her eyes out.  The girls can hear her crying from the inside.  Carly might be a little too mean gloating about Britt falling to pieces… saying that now she knows how a normal person feels.  Britt says she feels very betrayed by Carly for telling Chris that she was fake.

Chris walks back into the rose ceremony and tells the ladies that he sent Britt home and it was probably for the best.  He thanked those who spoke up about her and says he’s not playing games. So then he hands the roses to Whitney, Becca, and Jade.  Poor Carly, but not unexpected.  Jade is crying over Carly leaving… she feels bad for her.  I do too!!!  I hope Carly will be the next Bachelorette.

First up on the hometown dates is Becca in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Becca greets him with the typical “Bachelor running jump into his arms.”  Do people ever really do that in real life?  I only see that on this show.  I’d probably knock a guy over if I did that! They go on a canoe ride and she tells him this is the first time she’s ever brought a guy home.  They then walk into Becca’s family’s home and it’s packed with people.  She has a pretty big family.  They all talk about how weird it is to see her with a guy.  Her sister first takes Chris aside and tells him that Becca is not an intimate person at all.  She doesn’t show affection.  Chris looks a little freaked out and serious.  Becca’s mom then sits down with Chris and tells him that she’s really taken aback by Becca’s affection for him because she doesn’t give that up lightly.  Becca and her sister sit down and discuss the “fantasy suite” and how she’s a virgin.  Becca said that if he can’t respect that she wants to wait then he’s not the one for her.  She walks him out and they’re saying their goodbyes, and he says “I have a surprise… you’re coming with me,” and he has her get in the car.  He takes her to state fair to go on the Ferriswheel even though the fair’s closed.  Very romantic!

Next up… Whitney’s date in Chicago, IL.  Instead of showing him Chicago because he’s very familiar with the city, she shows him her life and her career as a fertility nurse.  She has them both change into scrubs and then she shows him how to analyze sperm.  Then insert the sperm into the egg and make babies.  She then takes him to wear the “magic happens”  and he hands him a cup for a sperm specimen.  He seriously cannot tell if she is joking or not.  He seems very relieved when he realizes that she is not for real going to test his sperm.  For a minute I thought Whitney may have blown it (no pun intended, okay maybe it was intended lol)!!

KimberlyThey are on their way to meet with Whitney’s family (sister, uncle, and grandmother since she doesn’t have parents).  Chris says that he wants to get someone’s blessing before proposing and he’s wondering who that would be in her family.  Whitney says it would be her sister.  Chris must be very serious about Whitney!  He sits down with her uncle and he tells Chris that she exudes vulnerability but also that she’s strong.  Chris agrees.  Whitney confides in her sister, Kimberly, and her sister questions Whitney’s ability to live in that small of a town.  Kimberly is very protective of Whitney and says she doesn’t feel good about there still being three other girls left and being asked for her approval at this point.  Chris then sits down with Kimberly and asks for her blessing to propose.  Kimberly says she just met Chris and there’s still three other women.  She tells him, “I don’t want my sister to be one of four.  When you know she’s the one, then call me when you know it’s her.”

Whitney and Chris sit down and she asks how he felt it went.  He said that her sister was tough.  He tells her that Kimberly didn’t say no, but said wait and call me later.  Whitney then tells him that she has absolutely fallen 100% in love with him.  Chris says that Whitney brings out the best in him.

IMG_2454Next up is Phoenix, AZ with Kaitlyn!  Her family is originally from Canada but spends their winters in Arizona.  She takes him to a recording studio.  They’re going to write and record a rap song.  Chris really sucks at rapping.  His true white boy self is showing.  They then meet up with Kaitlyn’s family… mom, stepdad, dad, stepmom… all in one house.  Pretty crazy all together!  Kaitlyn’s mom pulls her aside to talk to her about Chris.  Her mom says she’s glowing.  Kaitlyn just gushes over him.  They don’t show Chris talking to any of her family.  The date is over, but Kaitlyn takes him to this weird parking lot and then she has him turn around and there’s a billboard all lit up that says Kaitlyn ❤ Chris.  He loves it and kisses her.

Gering, Nebraska is Jade’s hometown where Chris goes to meet her.  She is going to tell him that she’s posed for Playboy.  But first they are meeting with her family.  Very small home in a small town.  They’re telling the family about the trip to Arlington and he presents Jade with a varsity jacket from his hometown high school.  Chris then sits down with her dad and tells him that even though Jade lives in L.A. she still has the small town values that’s important to him.  Her dad asks if he’s falling in love with her.  Chris says yes, that he believes he is.  Her dad then says that Jade is “too much for” her past boyfriends.  He says he wants Jade to be able to live “free” but be loved.  Chris gets the feeling that her dad is hinting at something that he doesn’t know yet about Jade.  He then sits down with her brothers.  They warn him that he doesn’t think she’s ready to settle down.  She’s a “wild mustang,” her brother Zack tells him.  Chris is really confused because he just hasn’t seen the wild side of Jade yet.  Jade’s dad tells her that he really wants her to find someone that “doesn’t put you down for being you.”  That’s a good dad right there! Even though that makes Jade cry and she said that this whole process has really changed her.  Her dad says she just needs to follow her heart and he will trust it.  So sweet!

Jade and ChrisSo Jade and Chris go to the hotel (his hotel room?) so she can talk to him about her past.  So she says “I think there are some things about me that would surprise you…”  he gets a more serious look on his face and they’re both very nervous.  She tells him that when she moved to L.A. she was just experimenting with different things and she was approached to pose nude for Playboy, and she did.  She wanted to tell him before his family found out.  She said,”if you want to, I can show you some of the photos.”  Chris is speechless.  He doesn’t know how to react.  He tells her that it’s about her and that if it would make her more comfortable then he guesses she can show him.  He has an awkward smile on his face… he didn’t know what to look at and odd and inappropriate.  There’s also a video of Jade walking around nude.  Chris is just so shocked that this so different than what he thought of her.  Chris is struggling to find words to say to her.  He tells her not to feel bad about it and that’s not something that would affect their relationship… it’s not who she is as a person.  He says that he’s looking to fall in love with the person and not the career.  I still think he’s lying to himself if he thinks that doesn’t matter to him.  I don’t think he pictured his wife to have nude pictures on the internet of her.  He says he’ll stand behind her though if she’s the one.  That suddenly sounds dirty given the circumstances!! 🙂

Rose ceremony time and I just cannot tell who is going to go home tonight!  Roses go to… Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Becca.  Ugh poor Jade… I wonder if she would have been picked if she hadn’t revealed that she was in Playboy.  I’m guessing she would have been.  Chris then walks her out and then tells her that his relationship was just progressing faster with the other girls.  He says she’s been a gift to him just to have her in his life.  Chris begins to cry as she rides away in the limo.  First time he’s really shown emotion like that.

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