It’s the end of the Bachelor’s trip to Deadwood and now it’s time for the Rose Ceremony that was the cliffhanger from last week’s episode.  During the cocktail party, Britt asks right off the bat what happened to Ashley and Kelsey… why did he send them home, where is his head at.  Carly tells him that they were so proud of him.  He just says that Ashley was emotional and it was hard, but he handled it the best he could.

MeganThen Megan pulls him aside first to talk one-on-one.  She tells him that she doesn’t feel that there’s been much progression.  She said she doesn’t feel like he’s learned much more about her.  He agrees that other relationships are moving more quickly and then Chris walks her out.  She’s crying and obviously devastated, but handling it like a champ.  Chris seems bit upset about this one.  I think he has a hard time hurting others.


Chris Harrison announces there will still be a rose ceremony tonight and one more person will be going home.  I do not know who it would be!  Chris S then tells Chris H that he doesn’t think he can do this.  He has strong feelings for every girl that is left.  Chris S then greets the ladies and tells them he feels really good about every girl who is left and there will NOT be a rose ceremony tonight.  Then tells them they’re going to God’s country…. Iowa!!  Carly is soooo excited!!!

The gang arrives in Des Moines, Iowa.  This is the episode between hometown dates.  Cannot believe how fast this season is going!!

First Date Card: “Jade – Join me in my hometown.”  Britt is honest and tells Jade she’s happy for her but is very jealous.  Jade is honored that she’s the first to go to his hometown.  Jade’s the first woman since to come to his home in Arlington since Andi.  They meet up at his house.  He has a GREAT house.  Very serene and beautiful.  It’s pretty stark and bare, but it’s still cool.  Then they go to the backyard and it’s just farm as far as the eye can see.  Jade is really wondering if she can see herself spending her life there.

Date card #2!  “Whitney – Let’s look for love in Des Moines”  Yay!  I love Whitney, happy she gets a one-on-one.

Chris takes Jade to “downtown” Arlington…. it’s just tiny tiny and pretty rundown.  The economy has taken its toll on the town.  Not a lot of jobs available, not a lot businesses.  There’s really not much to do.  Jade is feeling overwhelmed with everything.  There is literally nothing there.  No bar, no restaurants, nothing to do.  But then he takes her to his old high school’s football game.  Then he introduces Jade to his parents!  I’m a bit surprised he’s doing this already.  She’s very flattered that he wanted to introduce them.  He takes her inside the high school.  She tells him that she has a rebel side of herself he doesn’t know about.  She made some good choices and some bad choices.  She’s having a hard time completely opening up to him though about her past.  They share a kiss on the football field and she said she’s definitely falling for him.  He says it feels good to be with someone who can see themselves living in Arlington with him.

Now for his date with Whitney!  He takes her to an art gallery and then they get to take their own pictures around Des Moines to capture their love for each other.

Jade starts telling the girls about her date and Britt just starts breaking down crying and can’t handle it.  Carly tells Britt they’re going to go on a road trip to Arlington to check it out.  Britt is unsure, but Carly convinces her they should check it out and see what they’re in for.  So a road trippin’ they go.  They arrive in Arlington, and you can hear crickets.  “Did we drive past downtown?”  the wonder after driving for less than a minute through town.  Nope, that’s literally it!  It took them 3 hours from Des Moines to get there.  They stop and talk to some locals.  “What do you do in Arlington?”  a man responds “we go somewhere else!”  Britt says it’s just REALLY a lot smaller than what she pictured.

Back on the date with Whitney.  He tells her he’s just had a really great date.  Then he introduces them to three of his best friends.  She is so excited and gives them all a hug.  She is just so warm and inviting.  The friends ask her if she has any hesitation as to moving to Iowa.  Whitney gives a great answer about how she knew this is what she was getting into, and she knows Chris’s heart is in Arlington and if you love someone it doesn’t matter where you live.

Back at the house Britt tells Jade she didn’t think she could see herself in Arlington.  But then she further explains that as she saw the sunset on the way out of town she changed her mind.  Carly feels like she is being completely fake.  She for sure did not see herself living there and nothing could have changed her mind.

Date card #3: Britt, Carly, Kaitlyn “Icy our future together”.   So that means Becca gets a one-on-one date.

Back on the Whitney date… Whitney tells Chris that she does not have a relationship with her father.  Her mom passed away when Whitney was about twenty.  Her mom died after having a routine procedure and suffered a blood clot and died tragically.  So Whitney wanted Chris to know he won’t have her parents to meet.  She talks about it all so positively and not like a victim or a sad story.  It’s so refreshing.  She has such an amazing outlook on life.  So Chris has a last surprise for Whitney… a mural painted that’s from the pictures they took of each other.  It’s a big picture on the side of the building.  It’s beautiful and Whitney is blown away!  Chris seems the most authentically in love with Whitney than any other girl I’ve seen him with.

bachelor mural

Next morning… Jade sits down with Carly to tell her her secret.  Jade tells Carly she did some nude modeling with playboy.  Jade explains that she’s worried that it will ruin their relationship.  She doesn’t want Chris’s family to Google her and find it out before he finds out.

Group date time!  Three-on-one date with Britt, Kaitlyn, and Carly.  The ladies meet up with Chris at an ice rink and put on some ice skates.  They play around the ice a bit and play some hockey.  Chris keeps falling, but having fun with it.  Britt then grabs Chris first for some one-on-one time.  She tells him that they went on a road trip to go to Arlington.  She says she “loved it, it’s so beautiful, I really liked it! I’m glad I went.”  It was very smart of her to talk to him first. Chris completely fell for it.

Carly and ChrisCarly sits with him next and brings up the Arlington visit.  She tells Chris the truth about Britt’s reaction.  And it’s written all over his face.  He is really bummed out.  I just hope it doesn’t hurt Carly that she told him that.  I don’t want it to put Carly in the friend zone.


Night time on the group date… Chris steals Britt first to confront her about the Arlington visit.  Britt tells him that it’s been a hard week for her and she really wants to take him to her hometown.  So Chris asks her about Arlington.  She tries to make it sound like her reaction was better than what it really was.  She says no matter where she is, she wants to be a mom.  The ladies think Chris will see through it and that it’s only a matter of time before Britt’s true self will show through.  Kaitlyn then sits down with Chris next.  She voices her concerns and insecurities that the other relationships are progressing faster than theirs, but that she’s so happy that they’re still in it together.  She has true feelings for him.  Chris then goes for the date rose and picks it up right in front of Carly and Britt.  He presents it to Kaitlyn to make her feel more secure and that he would be honored to meet her family.  She is elated.

britt-the-bachelor-madMeanwhile, Britt is just stewing.  She is not happy Kaitlyn got the date rose.  Chris and Kaitlyn walk back to the group and Britt is just shooting daggers at him.  Chris says “there’s not much I can say right now that makes this easier on any of us” and Britt is ticked and says “no.”  Britt is just fuming.  She says she’s confused and hurt.  Britt says she doesn’t want her husband to pick her second.  She puts him in a really awkward position in front of the other girls.  Britt says it’s about meeting her family.  She doesn’t just want to bring anyone home to her family.  Britt feels rejected because she didn’t get the date rose.   Carly and Kaitlyn explain what went down to Becca, Whitney, and Jade and Carly states that there is just no recovery from that.  She speculates that Britt will either go home on her own or she won’t get a rose.

Then it’s TO BE CONTINUED until tomorrow night!!  You’re killing me, smalls!!  I need to go if Britt goes home or not!

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