THREE hours of The Bachelor tonight… not sure I can contain my excitement or get the kids to bed fast enough to watch it!!  The first hour of the three is “Chris Tells All.”  Not sure if this will reveal any information that we didn’t already know, but I’m hoping for some candid responses, especially about Kelsey.  And Kelsey will make a special appearance as well.

Kelsey InterviewOh we’re getting right down to the good stuff first.  Chris Harrison sits down with Kelsey.  Kelsey is all smiles and sounds shocked when Chris H calls her a controversial women on the show.  Chris asks her if she truly feels that she is smarter than everyone else.  She says no… that there was a flippant comment made that people may have taken as condescending.  Kelsey said that she was worried that if she didn’t have a chance to tell Chris Soules about Sanderson than he wouldn’t know who she is, because that’s a big part of her.  Riiiiight.  We all know she was going for the pity rose as a last ditch effort.   Kelsey denies faking the panic attack.  “I’ve never had a panic attack before, but as a mental health professional I know what they are.”  Yeah…. so you could fake one pretty easily, couldn’t you, Kelsey?  She says Ashley was the nicest to her throughout the whole process so she was really surprised when she was gunning for her on the two on one date.  “I think I could see what was really upsetting her.  Like somehow she felt that she wasn’t as smart as me.  Or somehow that she believed that I felt less of her.”  The she explains that she thinks Ashley is an incredible person, but the tape keeps going back to her Kelsey trash talking Ashley at the two-on-one date as well as her saying “Ashley is down here and I am up here.”  Chris Harrison asks her if she wants to see the women again at the “Women Tell All” episode… Kelsey pauses for a long time, lets out a sigh and says “I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I am really worried it will turn into a crucifixion.”

Chris tells allChris Harrison then sits down with Chris Soules.  Chris H begins to discuss last week’s two-on-one date with Ashley and Kelsey.  Chris S says that it was a surprise that Ashley through Kelsey under the bus.  He wasn’t expecting that.  But he said his mind was already kind of made up before the date.  He just saw his relationships progressing more with different people than those two.  Chris H then brings up Ashley S…. the crazy girl would was clearly on drugs of some sort.  He says he was legitimately scared during the zombie paintball date.  Apparently Ashley S had a habit of just wandering all over the property.  Just acting completely bizarre.  They showed a couple clips of her audition tape and it hardly seems like the same person.  She was very normal.  Sad… there’s definitely some sort of addiction problem there.

Next they discuss Tara and her drunkness and Chris almost sending her home the first night because she was so drunk.  And then there was Jordan who drank a lot.  And he got rid of, and then how she came back weeks later and Chris brought her into the cocktail party.  He said he realized quickly it was the wrong decision.  Next they discuss Jillian.  She looked good in her short shorts, but then on the one-on-one when they had time to sit down and talk together, there just wasn’t any chemistry.  My guess is that it’s because she’s more into girls than guys, just sayin’… I think Jillian is a lesbian.

Chris and Chris then recap some of the dates he’s had with the women who are still left… The “Love Guru” with Carly, the Mule ride with Becca, and then Britt and their immediate connection from the time she got out of the limo.

Andi DorfmanNow Chris Harrison sits down with last season’s Bacheloreette, Andi Dorfman, to find out what happened with she and Josh.  Andi is emotional from the start.  Crying just from Chris asking her how she’s doing. She explains that they had been struggling for awhile at the time they broke up, just days after the premiere of Chris’s season.  She says she just knew from the getgo that he was the one.  But she said that at the premiere and everyone asking when’s the date of the wedding, why don’t they have a date, it just made them reevaluate why don’t they have one yet.  What is going on that they haven’t been able to set a date yet?  She said ultimately they just didn’t better each other.  They didn’t support each other the way they needed to be.  Chris asks her if she’s still in love with Josh.  She can’t even answer she’s so emotional.  She finally says she’ll always love him, she’s never experienced a love like that before… he was her first true love and true heartbreak.  She says this is the biggest failure in her life.  Chris comforts her and tells her it’s not a failure.  She feels she disappointed people and that people were rooting for them to make it.  She says she’s truly grateful for the experience though.  Chris wishes both of them nothing but happiness and peace.

So really this episode should be called “Chris Tells a Little.”   Chris hardly did any talking!  But still good episode anyway.

Stay tuned for my recap of the following episode of The Bachelor!

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