IMG_2380Ooooh! I just found these deleted scenes in which Kelsey and Britt discuss the panic attack, her telling her amazing story, and how Chris will HAVE to give her the rose now!  Also, the other ladies’ reaction to the panic attack…. was it all just a ploy to get a rose?  Well, duh.  It’s interesting to see how much more relaxed and casual Kelsey is while talking to Britt.  There are moments where she seems more real.  Like for once she has forgotten to carefully choose each word and calculate every move.  It’s also interesting that Britt is the one that has seemed the closest (or the only one who is close to her) during the show.  I noticed it during the episode that aired as well when they were talking out on the balcony.  Britt has also been accused of being fake and just telling Chris what he wants to hear to manipulate him.  Just very interesting that these two have befriended each other.  Click link below to check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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  1. I think she will go away, we just have to not feed that troll. And OMG, her poor husband is buried , if um , sorry, trying to not be gross like Kelsey, the service for him was pretty close to my house. If that’s where he was laid to rest, I bet she never comes here and visits or leaves flowers.
    Arrgh, she’s making me evil! I was going to say ” I can take a picture, but man, I just feel sick for his family.
    I have a very good friend who has advanced degrees in English, she’s a writer and editor, and she said Kelsey “has a grasp of the English language that is on par with Jessica Simpson or any Kardashian”. LOL! I had to get that word for word, she cracks me up. And she’d hand Kelsey her ass in Scrabble. Hahaha.

  2. Lady's Opinion says:

    Clinically, she’s a narcissistic with sociopath tendencies. Sadly, she’s very text book: everyone should feel her feelings, life revolves around her wants/feelings/perception, unwillingness to EVEN CONSIDER another person’s feelings/point of view.

    I am concerned for the children that she is a “guidance counselor” for, being one myself. She exhibits signs of serious mental illness, that I hope she can get hope for, and live in recovery. I hope she uses this season as “honest tape” to review what is socially acceptable and where she can find a “norm”.

    It was very sad to me to see how the show exploited her trauma… The eulogy should have sparked her friends and family to ask questions into their relationship. Its sad and scarey that no one (that I can find) has involved themselves in her life to help her recognize her illness- she is so young.

    But, as studies have shown, can you ever present “reality” to a sociopath (and/or) narcissist?

    I wonder if she had a rough childhood or if, biologically, she became who she is…

    Either way- a person like this should NOT be counseling our youth. I can only hope her school district and the board is reviewing her certifications.

    I would NEVER want my daughter mentor/counseled by a person like that.

    • I understood that she was going to Paris to write the great American In Paris novel after the show, so hopefully she’s France’s problem now!
      Are you a psychologist? I wondered if that on-set psychiatrist was paying any attention to her? What a wackadoodle. (I just bake, no English or Psych skills lol)

  3. Levanda says:

    So glad KELSY is OFF the bachelor. So so so wrong for Chris. There is obviously something wrong with her…just something psychologically off. Narcissistic. Calculating. Fake. Emotionally unstable. Wish her well. She’s obviously been through tough times. This was not the time for her. She needs counseling. She should not be counseling others.

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