I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to this episode since last week.  I need to know what happens to Kelsey and her panic attack!!  The panic attack has to be fake.

Last week Kelsey told Chris her “amazing story” about her first husband dying.  (See Sanderson Poe’s creepy obituary here).  Then at the rose ceremony Chris seemed to be struggling with his decision (hopefully to send a widow home) and after he walked away, Kelsey (off camera) fell to the floor.  Next thing you hear is her wailing from the hallway, cameras rush to find her lying on the floor, and medical personnel is tending to her…. and that’s where tonight’s episode starts off.

The panic attack is suspicious to begin with, but her behavior just makes it that much more obvious.  The medic asks her if she can get her anything and she says she wants to see Chris.  Then she laughs and says – with an oxygen mask on her face – “I better get a rose for this.”  She’s just horrible.  Jade, who is the only one sympathetic enough to give Kelsey attention during this ordeal, decides she’s had enough and walks away.

Chris comes to see her and she tells him that she didn’t realize that he was going to tell the women that they had a talk earlier that day. And then with him canceling the cocktail party, that’s what made her panic that maybe something she said was wrong.  He reassures her that what she did was good, she’s fine, and she looks beautiful.  Kelsey is smiling from ear to ear.  Then they had an awkward kiss where they bumped noses.  ugh… looks very forced on Chris’s side… not as natural as he is with the other girls.

Kelsey rejoins the women and is giggling and says she’s embarrassed.  She’s so phony and says “oh I was saying such delirious things when I was on the floor!” and almost laughing about it all like she was telling a story of doing dumb things while being drunk or something.  It was just too strange the way she was laughing about it all.  She is just glowing from happiness and says that in her interview.  It is so bizarre… she doesn’t even seem to like HIM, she just wants to win the game.

Finally time for the rose ceremony.  The roses go to… Jade, Kaitlyn, Megan, Becca, Ashley… one rose left… KELSEY!  Mackenzie and Samantha get sent home.  Not too surprised on those picks, but still disappointed Kelsey didn’t go home.  Kaitlyn says about Kelsey, “It’s not about the story anymore, it’s about being a shit human being.”  So true!  Carly calls Kelsey a Black Widow.

On this week’s date, the gang goes to Deadwood, South Dakota.  There is a two-on-one date, a one-on-one, and a group date.  First date card arrives! Becca!!  “Let’s give love a shot.”  So happy Kelsey didn’t get the one-on-one!  However, Kelsey, is NOT happy.

Chris and Becca’s date is about to begin and Chris admits she’s the only girl left that he hasn’t kissed. Becca is a beautiful girl, but the way her mouth turns down like a frown bothers me.  I realize she can’t help this, but it’s distracting to me!  She has frowning resting face.  They go horseback riding and he says she looks smoking hot on the horse.

Back with the girls, Carly and Whitney decide it’s time for her to confront Kelsey about the way she treats everyone.  Whitney starts first confronting Kelsey and questions her about how she laughs at inappropriate time that makes her look unauthentic.  Kelsey gets on the defense and gets teared up.  She says her panic attack was terrifying.  Carly tells her she doesn’t speak very nicely to the other girls.  In her interview, Kelsey states “I get it… I’m blessed with eloquence, I’m articulate, and I use a lot of big words….. because I’m smart.”  She ends with “I came here to win it.”  Once again proving my theory she’s not here for Chris, it’s just a game to her.

Chris and BeccaOn Becca’s date… the two of them are just laughing so much.  Becca admits she’s laughing at Chris’s laugh sometimes.  He has a very high pitch laugh, but it’s not annoying.  It’s just different.  The two of them seem very comfortable with each other.  He gave her a rose, and they had their first kiss.

Next date card!!  Whitney, Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn, Carly, and Megan…. so that leaves Kelsey and Ashley for the two on one date!  Wow… that is going to be a date from hell.  On psychopath and another emotionally unstable woman.  Craziness!!

Group date and the ladies and Chris are going to write a couple country music tunes.  Big and Rich come join them to help write music.  Can’t stand John Rich since he was on Celebrity Apprentice!!  Jade is really struggling with this challenge of writing a song.  Big… whatever his name is… takes Jade running down the streets of Deadwood to get her to come out of her shell a little bit.  It was actually pretty cute.

Britt and Chris share some close moments with each other right in front of the other ladies.  It’s beyond the point of making them jealous, it’s making them feel insecure, doubtful, and hurt.  It’s really just kind of mean on both of their parts to be so publicly affectionate.

Chris singingChris performs his song first… it’s just terrible.  But he has fun with that and that’s always fun to watch.  Britt is up next.  She’s actually pretty decent even though she said she’s never really sung before.  Whitney’s voice was even more squeaky than usual.  Carly sang a ballad to Chris and it was really sweet.  Jade was nervous but just so damn sweet and cute!  Wish she would have more confidence in herself.  I really like her!

The last date card comes for the two-on-one date.  Both girls are still so excited because they think the other girl is going home.  My prediction is that they both go home!

Nighttime on the group date.  Chris sat with Jade first to let her know that she did a great job even though she was nervous.  Jade puts her feelings out on the line for him and got pretty serious.  It was nice to see.  But then Kaitlyn put her heart out there for Chris too.  Chris reassures her that he has feelings for her too and she can relax.  Chris and Britt have a moment to talk and then he has her go off with him and they go running down the street.  He takes her to the Big & Rich concert.  “I love this music!” she says to him… seems a bit fake to me.  Then Big & Rich call Chris and Britt on stage.  Then while on stage he gave Britt the date rose.  They walk back to where the girls are and the women are just silent.  You can cut the tension with a knife when they see that she got a rose.  The women are devastated.

Ashley and KelseyThe two-on-one date begins the next morning.  The girls are way too excited for this.  They take a helicopter ride to look at Mount Rushmore and then to the Badlands.  They sit down on this bed in the middle of the Badlands and the awkwardness sets in.  Ashley gets time with Chris first and wastes no time starting to trash talk Kelsey.  She let him know that the whole house gets along except with Kelsey.  And that Kelsey is not genuine.  Kelsey sits down with Chris and again gives the speech of “I’m prepared to be a wife because I was one.”  Chris tells her that he wants a wife that can get along with others.  He confesses that Ashley just told him that she feels Kelsey is fake.  Kelsey is speechless for a minute and then she said she’s very hurt because she thought Ashley was someone she could be friends with.  Oh whatever!!!  Now that was for sure a boldface lie!  She’s completely trying to manipulate him.

So then Kelsey goes back to this bed, in the middle of nowhere, and sits down with Ashley.  Ashley ignores her but Kelsey just STARES right at her, never looking away, for what feels like an eternity until Ashley FINALLY looks her in the eye.  Kelsey gives her the evil eye and says “I know what you did… and I do not appreciate it…”  holy psycho!  Ashley then points out that they both have their masters and she’s smart enough to see right through her.  Kelsey in her interview says “she is here (and puts her hand low) and I am here (and puts her hand higher up).”  Ugh!!  So tired of this girl.  Every time she speaks I cringe!  However, I can’t believe I’m rooting for Ashley either because she’s an emotional mess and very immature.  But given the choice of the two, I would choose Ashley hands down every time.

Ashley goes running to Chris crying and says “why did you tell her what I said to you?” He said he’s just trying to figure things out.  Chris then tells Ashley that he just feels the two of them are in two different worlds.  He’s afraid that he can’t give her the lifestyle she wants.  She snaps back and says, “and Britt wants that lifestyle?!”  He said he doesn’t know.  Ashley walked away sobbing uncontrollably and Kelsey sees her and smile devilishly.  At the house with the other women, someone comes by and picks up Ashley’s luggage and the room is stunned.  They are in disbelief that Ashley is the one going home.  Meanwhile, Ashley can’t stop cry-laughing.  I’m embarrassed for her.  Chris then talks to Kelsey and tells her that he sent Ashley home.  He tells Kelsey he just doesn’t know that there’s anything between them.  He says he can’t give her 110% and she deserves someone that can.  Hey! My prediction came true!!!  I swear I didn’t know ahead of time.   Thank god!!!!!  Someone comes to grab Kelsey’s bags and the girls rejoice!  Celebration!

Next week it’s on TWO DAYS…. both Sunday and Monday!!

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  1. delyla says:

    Wow wow and again wow!!! Last night was a train wreck that i couldn’t take my eyes off of. I laughed till I cried. There is no way in hell I would ever go on that show. These woman portray themselves as desperate, sometimes crazy, sometimes insecure, sometimes evil, and sometimes just plain old stupid!!!! What do their parents think when they watch their daughters act like lunatics? And Chris’ family can’t be any more pleased with his actions. Also, he doesn’t carry on a conversation with anyone. No wonder he is 33 and still single. It has nothing to do with the lack of women in Iowa. He is running around like a kid in a candy store. This man better stick with a farmers match maker site. The whole show is for entertainment purpose only. lol However, I bet ABC had an armed guard watching over Kelsey. That chick is a real head case. She needs to committed and used as a case study. Those girls should have been sleeping with one eye open.

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