It’s like Groundhog Day… the episode starts off as nearly every other… the cast partying at the bar after the Dome Challenge.  People are drinking too much, flirting too much.  Johnny Bananas is trying to rally his troops against Wes.  Zach says at the end of the day they’re all playing for themselves and he’s not necessarily going to do whatever Johnny Bananas tells him to do.

Next morning, everyone’s working out and Zach dares Nia to drink a cup of his sweat.  She says she’ll drinking anything for money.  So disgusting… Zach rings out his t-shirt in and gets about 2 inches worth of his sweat in a cup for her to drink.  AND SHE DOES IT!!  She promptly throws up afterwards.  I nearly threw up just watching this!  I cannot believe she would do it! It sounds like $70 was all she would make from it if she kept it down.  So sick!

IMG_2097Challenge…. Today’s challenge is “Open Arms”.  The girls will be on a zipline on a heavy bag (punching bag looking thing) and the guys will be on a platform that looks kind of like a surfboard.  The guys have to jump from their platform on their zipline over to the girls’ punching bag, ride the bag as long as possible down the zipline, fall into the water, swim around the buoy and make their way back to the beginning and ring the bell.  I foresee a lot of women getting punched in the face as the men make their leap to the punching bag.  Jonna and Zach determine the order the teams go.  Johnny Bananas wants Zach to make Wes and Theresa go first.  However, Zach doesn’t want to be Johnny’s puppet so he puts Wes and Theresa down as the 4th couple to go.  Brittany and Adam are up first, followed by Jay and Jenna.

Adam falls off early on and isn’t able to grab Brittany’s punching bag.  Brittany rides it out to the end of the line, and they both manage to do a decent job swimming.  Nia and Leroy do really poorly.  Leroy fell off the bag early on and had a really long way to swim and he’s not a good swimmer.  Feels like it take him forever to get to shore.  Wes and Theresa decide not to jump for the bag and they both just ride it out until the very end.  They were great swimmers and are easily in the lead at this point.  Bananas thinks he’s going to jump for Nany’s bag and then at the last second decides to stay on his platform.  They swam like crazy, but not going to beat Wes.  Jordan and Sarah do well… it will be close to Wes and Theresa.  TJ announces Leroy and Nia did the worst… not a surprise.  The winning teams are separated by less than 2 seconds!!  Jordan and Sarah and Wes and Theresa.  But the winners are Wes and Theresa.  Wes is ready to make a big move, he says.  I just can’t hate on Wes.  I REALLY like him and have a lot of respect for him.

Bananas starts attacking Zach immediately for letting Wes go fourth instead of first in the challenge.  Power couple dinner… Wes and Theresa say they’re throwing Bananas in and they are giddy over it.

TJ greets the cast and calls Leroy and Nia up to the front and asks Wes and Theresa who they’re voting in to the Dome.  Theresa announces it will be Bananas and Nany and they are NOT happy!  Should be a very good Dome Challenge between them and Leroy and Nia.  Very even.  However, Bananas and Nany are more fired up than LeRoy and Nia so that may give them a bigger advantage.

IMG_2095Dome time!  “Strung Out” is the challenge.  The players will be hanging by their hands and feet from a log.  The first player will shimmy themselves by any means possible to the end of the horizontal log and back again.  Then their partner will go and do the same.  Whichever team finishes the relay first, wins.  This looks painfully hard!!  Girls take off first and Nia has a slight lead but then Nany comes out of nowhere and makes it to the bell first at the end.  But the girls have to make it all the way back before the men can start and the girls are neck and neck.  Nany then gets stuck and she begins to panic and it gives Nia the lead.  Nia rings the bell and Leroy just takes off like it’s no big deal.  It takes him just seconds to go to the end and back.  Wow!!  Johnny Bananas has been eliminated!!  So happy for Wes!!  Nany takes it really hard, but to Bananas’s credit, he’s very sweet to her and tells her that they wouldn’t have even been in there if it weren’t for him, so it wasn’t her fault they lost.  However…. there is EXILE where they have a chance to come back.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they take everyone out there and end up coming back for the final.

What are your thoughts?

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