Kelsey’s audition tape here is frightening how many times she refers to her “story”. She also talks about going on The Bachelor as a way to pay homage to Sanderson. Whaaaat? I just do not get this girl!

Out of the Wilderness

Kelsey 4The unnerving side of Kelsey Poe was on full display during the last couple of Bachelor episodes. Here’s more about her “amazing” story:

IMDB Trivia (authored by Kelsey):
Did not apply to be a participant on The Bachelor, was nominated by a friend.
Moved to Sarasota, Florida two weeks after graduating high school. Alone. With only $1,000 to her name.

Since episode 5, Kelsey has since deleted her Twitter account.

Her deceased husband Sanderson was born January 27th, 1971. He died on May 3rd, 2013. He’s buried in the Resurrection Memorial Cemetary in Oklahoma City, OK.

Kelsey has a younger sister named Taylor… who has stuck up for her sister by writing this.

She has a nephew named Ezra.

Has a website that is under construction but will be back online in March, after The Bachelor airs the finale.

Sanderson kinda looks like Pat Monahan from the band Train.

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