Millionaire Matchmaker

This is a recap of the episode of Millionaire Matchmaker titled “Kid in Candy Store and Groundhog Dog.”   I’ll admit I haven’t watched the last few episodes yet, but thought I would skip to the most recent that aired this past Thursday, January 23, 2014.  I have lost interest in Millionaire Matchmaker since Destin and Rachel left the show. (Read blog related to Destin and Rachel leaving here) .  Quite frankly, I’m losing interest in Bravo as a whole, but hoping that turns around soon.

So this episode starts off with an “Ask Patti” session.  Basically a Q&A session that fulfills Patti’s ego.  Is it just me or did she used to come off more knowledgeable and less arrogant than she does lately?

David presents Patti with his Millionaire bachelor this week who is Stefan Richter from Top Chef.  Patti’s reaction is “oh no… not Stefan!  It’s not happening!  He’s slept with everyone he knows…  He didn’t even win Top Chef and he was on it twice.”  Patti has labeled him “The Kid in the Candy Store.”  He picks a girl, sleeps with her, moves on to the next girl.

Marisa has Brian Minter, 32, from Michigan (yay! My home state!) made his money from bars and restaurants and lives in Las Vegas now.  They roll the tape with him and he seems super sweet!  Problem is he keeps dating the same type of girl, so Patti has dubbed him “Groundhog Day”… every day is the same.

TOP CHEF -- Pictured: Stefan Richter -- Bravo Photo: Michael LavinePatti then goes to meet with Stefan.  Since Top Chef he has opened several restaurants and cafes.  Stefan insists he’s not the player she thinks he is, but admits he really loves women.  She then brings out two old men (in their 70’s and 80’s). One of the old men was a player all his life.  Got married young, but it fell apart when he got caught cheating.  The other man got married in his early40’s and hasn’t regretted it since.   She brought them out to strike some sort of chord with Stefan.  Patti says “you need to shit or get off the pot” is what it boils down to.


Patti then meets with Brian Minter, he says he just can’t find the right girl (should have stayed in the midwest!).  Brian says his top priorities are values and passion (drive).  His demeanor is so sweet!  I’m surprised he can’t find the right girl, but I guess it would be hard in Vegas.  Just checked out his Facebook page… he’s from Flint… that’s why he’s so down to earth!  Love this guy.


Patti and her staff go through the women recruits and select the ones that would be best for Stefan and Brian.  They picked a few as testers for Brian to see if he’ll pick the club girl as usual or go with something different for a change that might actually last longer.

Brian MinterMixer time… wow Stefan looks really short standing next to Brian!  Never realized how short Stefan was before, or maybe Brian’s just super tall.  Patti puts an ear piece in Stefan’s ear so she can ream him out when he’s messing up.   Stefan immediately starts bragging about his assets, so Patti immediately is in his ear telling him to compliment a girl… and fails big time.  Moves on to another girl, Patti tells him to compliment her, he fails at that too.  Patti’s getting pissed that Stefan isn’t listening to her and taking her suggestions.  Stefan gets pissed back at the nagging and he take the earpiece out and Patti freaking flips out.  “You couldn’t get these girls unless I got them for you!” Patti screams at them.  Patti said she needed to pull a “Patti-melt” in order to whip him into shape.

Meanwhile, Brian’s doing a great job talking to the girls, getting to know them, complimenting them, and looking for someone other than the usual dancer.

Stefan finally started acting like a gentleman and connecting with women.  Brian ended up picking Aubrey and Hunter for his mini-dates.  Both great choices!  Smart, girl next door, down to earth ladies.  Stefan says he’s got three girls he likes.  Stefan ultimately chooses Emma and Anna for his mini date.

Brian sits down with Aubrey and she’s from Vegas, but she’s not a partyer, she likes to be in bed around 10pm, she doesn’t gamble, and she wants a family.   Stefan sits with Anna first.  They talk about surface level stuff and lots of giggling and complimenting.  Brian is now with his other mini date Hunter, who is my favorite.  She’s only been to Vegas once… she’s a country girl, lives on lots of acres, loves children, beautiful woman.  Stefan then with Emma talks about how she wants children and she grew up with musician parents and she wants to give that culture to kids.

Stefan ultimately picks Emma for his master date and Brian picked Aubrey.

First up is Brian’s date with Aubrey.  He presents her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  He is looking super good!  Aubrey talks about the sports that she’s into and tells him about her beanie and t-shirt line that she has.

Stefan takes Emma on a ride in his VW camper bus to the beach and set ups a bonfire.  It’s a very windy day and they’re sitting on the beach and the smoke is just blowing into Emma’s face.  They walk on the beach and don’t seem to have very good conversation going.

Brian then takes Aubrey to go rock climbing.  Neither of them have done it before.  Aubrey is scared to death of heights, but she’s not sharing that with Brian.  She’s a trooper about it though.  Brian kept checking on her though and making sure everything with her was okay and compliments her a lot.

Back on Stefan’s date… he has raw fish for them to eat.  Emma does not seem thrilled at all.  The look on her face says it all.

On Emma’s phone call with Patti, she explains that she didn’t feel special at all.  She doesn’t think Stefan has ever courted a woman.  He doesn’t know how to treat a woman well.  So Stefan comes to meet with Patti and she gets on him for being cheap and not thinking about what a girl wants, just what Stefan wants.

Then Patti calls Aubrey and she says it was awesome, she definitely wants to see him again.  Patti calls Brian and he really likes she’s career minded, has good values, and is driven.

UPDATE: Stefan and Emma have been in touch, but she has not yet agreed to another date.  Brian and Aubrey have been seeing each other steadily.   (However, his facebook page says they are no longer seeing each other)  Good luck Brian, you’re a sweetie, you’ll find the right match soon!  I don’t believe Stefan actually wants anything serious… he just likes being on Bravo.

Brian Minter in a Justin Bieber T-shirt... we'll let that one slide.

Brian Minter in a Justin Bieber T-shirt… we’ll let that one slide.

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