Juan Pablo in Seoul

After watching Sean and Catherine’s Wedding last night, I am still filled with gushiness (yeah I made that word up) and lovey dovey feelings and hope that Juan Pablo finds a nice girl in the end for himself and Camila.

Fourth episode into the season and I’m excited to see more claws come out, more aggressive behavior from the women, and the nice, sweet, suitable women will start to differentiate themselves from the pack.  This episode starts with Juan Pablo saying goodbye to Camila and his parents because he’s going to start traveling with the women around the world.

Chris Harrison greets the ladies and tells them to pack their bags because they’re going to travel to Seoul, South Korea.  The girls are obviously excited… all smiles… running through the streets of Seoul.  They have this awesome hotel suite at the Hilton Hotel and Resort.  Nikki, the pediatric nurse, is really hoping for a one-on-one date.  There will be two group dates and one one-on-one date this week.  Group date card: Chelsie, Cassandra, Elise, Danielle, Kat, and Nikki.  “POP!” (Written like a comic strip).   Nikki says her head is going to explode because she didn’t get a one-on-one date.  She doesn’t feel she does well in a group setting.

juan-pablo-and-ladies-in-korea-1380582095Juan Pablo meets the girls at YG Entertainment where K-pop is popular.  The girls will be dancing with a group, 21, who is as popular as the Spice Girls in Korea.  They are HUGE.  The ladies all act like they actually know who 21 is.  I find that hilarious.  Juan Pablo first dances in front of the girls and then Kat goes and kills it.  She’s awesome, but she’s been a dancer all her life, so what do you expect?  Nikki then goes and does the sprinkler and some other cop-out moves.  She says she’s not a dancer at all but she’s going to be a good sport about it.  So then 21 teaches them some choreography.   Kat’s getting a big head about her skills though…. she knows she’s the best…. which is really annoying Nikki.  21 announces to them that they will be performing on stage with them during their performance in Seoul.  Nikki begins freaking out.  Seriously…. she’s being completely immature.  No one will even notice and she won’t ever see any of those people again.  Nikki acts like everyone will be focused just on her.  Ugh… I liked her a lot in the beginning, but she’s beginning to bug me now.  Just have fun with it, girl!

NikkiThe ladies get their hair, makeup, and outfits put together and Nikki is just giving the stink eye to all these women who are good dancers.  She’s totally freaking out.  They are performing at a five-story mall with people just crammed in there packed.   The girls get out on stage and Juan Pablo too and everyone has big smiles, just having so much fun and Nikki can’t even bring herself to smile a little.   Kat was really trying to be the star of the show and impress everyone with her moves.  She was a little too much “hey look at me!!”  but I understand the need to be a little aggressive on a group date.  Nikki says the day was pretty much her worst nightmare.  Really?  It was THAT bad?  Girl, you have problems if that’s your WORST nightmare.

KatThe group date continues  in a really cool Asian garden-like setting.  Kat has one-on-one time with Juan Pablo first and Nikki starts the trash talk behind her back.  Nikki claims Kat is one way in front of the cameras and JP and another way when it’s just the girls.  I can see some truth to what Nikki is saying.  I have even noticed a couple different sides to her, but trash talking is never a good idea.  Nikki really feels Kat is very fake because she’s always “on.”  Kat explains to Juan Pablo about her parents divorcing because her dad has been an alcoholic with seven DUI’s, never paid child support, but her mom was very strong and was the rock.  Kat says that through that experience with her parents divorcing when she was six it’s made it hard for her to show her feelings and she doesn’t allow herself to get vulnerable much.  She then returns to where the girls are sitting and there’s an awkward silence and Nikki won’t even look at Kat.  The cattyness really bothers Cassandra and Juan Pablo takes her away from the group next.

Elise sits down with Juan Pablo next and tells him to keep his eyes open and she feels some people aren’t right for him.  Then Nikki sits with JP and the more sweet side of Nikki comes out.  Who’s the fake one now?  All of her negativity vanished so of course JP isn’t going to see that part of her.  Juan Pablo asks her how she feels about Camila.  She said she loves children, she does it for her job, but she really likes children and can’t wait to meet Camila.

Back at the hotel, the girls get the next date card.  “Sharleen:  Are you my soul mate?” So Sharleen gets the one-on-one date.

Juan Pablo greets the group date ladies again and is about to give the rose out.  He takes the rose then asks Nikki to take a walk with him.  The girls are instantly ticked off.  Ugh!  I seriously liked her in the beginning, but why did she have to be so negative and catty?  I hate that!

Sharleen’s date with Juan Pablo… JP says that Sharleen is his favorite right now.  This tells me there has to be some sort of twist or unexpected thing coming up.  In Bachelor history, that I can recall, the Bachelor NEVER says who his favorite is.  That’s like a Bachelor no-no.  So this could be interesting.  Sharleen couldn’t be more opposite than Sharleen.  She is sooooo heavy…. as in serious.  She needs to lighten up.

They go to the market together and Sharleen is looking very cute.  Her hair is down and flowy and pretty.  They taste all these different foods and have a good laugh about it.  Then they go to a traditional tea house.  They talk about her degree in music and her background on why she got into music.  She tells Juan Pablo he is not bland.  Not bland?  That’s the best compliment you can give?  She says in her interview that he’s more fun than she expected.  At dinner they stop in a courtyard and he tells her that he wants her to sing for him.  She’s really uncomfortable doing it but then decides to do it.  She beautifully sings and then they make out in the courtyard.

Sharleen’s starting to loosen up a bit, but she’s still very formal.  Over dinner they talk about what it was like for them living in different countries.  Her living in Germany, and him living in the States.  Juan Pablo then asks her how many children she wants to have.  He says he wants to have two more children.  Sharleen seems hesitant to answer that question.  She finally says she’s always been career focused that she’s never even really thought about children.  She explains that she dated a guy who had a four year old daughter (same age as Camila is now) and it didn’t work out well.  At the time she wasn’t ready for that.  She didn’t know how to handle this man having this daughter first and that she would always come first.  Juan Pablo says he appreciates her honesty and gives her the rose (and some other sweet things too).  She accepted it.  The fact that he likes her so much makes me like him more.

ClareSecond group date. Date card said “let’s get crazy in Korea.”  The first stop in Seoul is to do Karaoke.  They just have some fun with it… it’s all in Korean anyway.  Then they go to more shops, have fun on a paddle boat, and try some food.  Then they go into this room that has fish in the floor and the put their feet into it and the fish eat the dead skin off of their feet.  Andi notices how territorial Clare is and how she needs to be next to Juan Pablo all the time.  Clare says “I hope we don’t have to eat octopus” and JP says that’s about the worst thing she could say.  Now she has to eat octopus.  He finds some octopus for her and she is just over the top dramatic about it.  Acting like she’s going to throw up as they walk down the street.  She’s really trying to draw as much attention to herself as possible.

Night time part of the date… Clare is sitting next to JP, of course, but he grabs Renee first to have one-on-one time with.  Juan Pablo says he’s kissed six girls so far and he’s going to try not to kiss any girls tonight.  He wants to be an example for his daughter and not kiss 20 girls.  Clare gets sooo possessive and jealous.  During his one on one time with Andi they had so much chemistry through their conversation but he promised he wasn’t going to kiss anyone tonight and he doesn’t.  During his time with Lauren, she awkwardly asks him to dance and then asks for a kiss and Juan Pablo turns her down.  He says he wants to be respectful of his daughter.  Meanwhile, she knows he’s kissed six other women.  So she starts feeling insecure.  It’s hard to watch because her body language is like hanging on him and he is standing straight up and almost seems to be pulling away.  He does not seem that into her.  So she gets insecure and begins to cry.  So then she kind of confronts him about it because she knows he’s kissed other girls.  He explains to her that he just has to go with his gut and have fun and be respectful of his daughter.  So she’s feeling like an idiot and he hugs her and walks her back with the ladies.  Andi gets up to console her.  Lauren tells Andi she feels like they’re just friends.  Andi tries to reassure her that great relationships start from friendships.

The girls then focus their energy back on Clare while she’s having her one-on-one time with JP.  Andi and Kelly reenact the scene where Juan Pablo makes Clare eat the octopus.  They discuss how possessive, controlling, and jealous Clare is.  So during her time with JP, Clare explains that after she ate the octopus she threw up in her mouth and then swallowed it.  Umm…. I don’t pretend to be a relationship expert here… but pretty sure you’re not supposed to say THAT on a date… especially when he still has so many other girls to choose from.  They talk about how Clare said she didn’t want to kiss him for awhile, but Juan Pablo couldn’t resist and kissed her!!!  Out of all those women, he’s kissing HER?!  Apparently I don’t know anything about relationships because he kissed the ONE girl who said she threw up in her mouth and swallowed it.  ugh!

Juan Pablo gets back with the women he hands the date rose to Andi.  Yay!  At least he made a right decision there.

Cocktail party time… they are in a Korean palace type place.  He first grabs Kelly to talk to.  They don’t air any of the conversation.  However, the women kind of agreed that whoever already has a rose needs to take a step back and allow the time to go to the other women that don’t have roses yet.  Nikki, Sharleen, and Andi all have roses already.  Clare then meets with Juan Pablo and says this whole thing is beyond her comfort zone, but she’s having a good time and happy she’s doing it.  Then Nikki gets up and says she’s going to interrupt them…. right after they had all agreed that whoever has the rose needs to back off a bit for the night.  Clare gets ticked off, obviously.  Sharleen, Alli, and Lauren discuss that they don’t think that JP sees that side of Nikki that the girls see.  JP hinted that maybe there’s some tension in the house and Nikki assumes that Clare said something to him about her.  She starts to get really paranoid.  Nikki and Kelly talk about it when Clare walks up.  Kelly is upfront and says that she feels awkward in between the two of them.  Clare then confronts Nikki and says Nikki rubs people the wrong way because she’s one way in front of the house and one way in front of Juan Pablo.  Nikki’s comeback is “You’re not the one handing out the roses.”

Rose Ceremony…. Roses are handed out to: Renee, Chelsie, Kelly, Danielle, Cassandra, Alli / Allison, Clare, and last rose goes to Kat.   Elise and Lauren are sent on a twelve hour flight back home.  Elise gives Juan Pablo a hug and walks away and Juan Pablo watches her walk the long walk away.  Poor thing.  Lauren then gives Juan Pablo a hug and takes the walk of shame.  She’s still feeling like a fool, but girl, don’t beat yourself up over it!!  If she didn’t make the move she would have wondered if that would have been the game changer.  So it’s good that she put it all out there.

Elise Lauren S



Next week the gang is off to Vietnam!  The previews make it look like Juan Pablo and Clare sleep together, but I sincerely doubt that.

Show ends with Juan Pablo very hot-ly (yeah made that up too) lip syncing in Korean to 21’s song.  It’s awesome!

What are your thoughts?

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