Millionaire Matchmaker

This episode opens up with Patti  and her boyfriend getting a visit from a dog whisperer at their house to help train their dogs.  Apparently they’re having issues with the dogs running away.  NO CLUE how this is relevant to anything having to do with the show.

Next scene has Patti back at the office meeting with her annoying new staff.  Marisa signs an email or tweet or whatever “xoxo” and David asks “do you even know what that means?” She says of course, it’s hugs and kisses.  David says no it means “anal or top? x’s mean anal…”  Patti interrupts and says that it’s from the “Christian era” and when they signed documents they did it with a kiss and made an ‘x’ like a cross.  But the O is from Jewish immigrants who didn’t know how to sign it so they used an “O”.  Yeah… not sure I’m buying that.

Patti explains that out of her new assistants only David is getting it.  Justin is already on probation, they’ve had a few rough recruiting sessions, and they’re all still on a learning curve.  My opinion – they’re there for the fame not for the business side of things.  They were cast in these roles whereas Destin and Rachel were actually partners in the business and had a vested interest in the business.  America is not liking the new assistants, Bravo get a clue!


So Justin presents Patti with chiropractor, Dr Theo Kousouli.  He has a bunch of crazy photos of himself.  David has singer/songwriter Katrina Parker who was on The Voice and has been working on her singing career.  Patti describes her as the blonde Adele.

Katrina ParkerSo Patti goes to visit Katrina Parker first.  She admits she’s a workaholic and has been working really hard on her album.  Patti asks her if her weight has blocked being able to find the right guy and she said she doesn’t think so.  She just hasn’t been available because she is so busy.  She’s a liberal baptist and wants someone with similar views and who is funny.

Theo KousouliPatti meets with Dr Theo Kousouli who is a chiropractic and therapist healer for the entertainment industry.  He is very pumped up about himself… seems self centered, but is looking for the right woman.  He tells Patti he has never had a love of his life.  He is literally always at the office and so he has had trouble meeting women.  He wants a family, children, and he’s ready for love.  Seems a bit on the dull side, but he’s okay.

The selection process begins to find mates for the two millionaires.  They’re just looking for a few people for the two of them to keep the mixer small so they can really get to know the potential dates.

Mixer time… Patti tells the millionaires that today is not about work it’s about love.  Dr Theo does well trying to get to know the women, but Katrina has a harder time not talking about singing and her career.  Katrina picks Tim, the vocal coach, and David, the singer/choreographer for her mini-dates.  Dr Theo picks Tania and Pinky for his mini dates.

Mini dates… Tim, the vocal coach, I’m a bit surprised he’s straight, but he seems sweet.  He tells Katrina his favorite movie is Finding Nemo because it’s about love.  Hmm… interesting. Tania, the Philanthropist tells Theo that she grew up a big nerd so she doesn’t think of herself as sexy.  She says she’s tall, 5’10”, and Theo says he’s not intimidated by her if she wears heels because he can fix her back after the shoes screw it up.  Leading with the job again.  Katrina then sits down with David… he recognized her from The Voice and says he’s hoping to get the date because he was really into her on the show.  Theo meets with Pinky, the stylist and Theo compliments her on how put together she looks and classy.  Pinky talks about how she enjoys cooking and she enjoys working and wants family.  Ultimately, Katrina picks David and Theo picked Tania.  Rats!  I would have picked the other partner for both of them.  Oh well!

Tania from when she was on VH1's My Antonio

Tania from when she was on VH1’s My Antonio

On Katrina’s date, David took her to the House of Blues and they have dinner on the stage.  The two really talk about work a lot, but they’re in the same business so they seem to get each other.  Just not sure how romantically yet.  On Theo’s date he set up a photo shoot (big surprise – the man loves pictures of himself!) for them.  He tells her they’re having a photo shoot to celebrate her.  After taking a few shots, she laughs and says it feels like engagement pictures and she’s not sure how this is for a first date.  Then he takes his shirt off and her jaw drops.   Back on Katrina’s date, David brought her to Hollywood Forever cemetery because he remembered that she loves horror movies.  They visit the graves of Johnny Ramone, Patty McDaniel, and then a butler comes up to serve them drink on their picnic.

On Theo’s date, he reserved a private room in a restaurant that overlooks the beach.  Tania tells him that she knows pretty quickly after going on a date with someone if things are going to work out or not so she  doesn’t waste much time on guys.  If it’s not going to work out, she doesn’t want to stick with them, what’s the point.  Theo completely agrees with that and is the same way.  Tania comments how comfortable it is for her to talk with Theo.  Theo asks for Tania’s phone number so he can send a giant picture of them together to send her.  She agrees to give him her number.  But seriously… that was so calculated from the start, don’t you think?  Have the photo shoot, have the photographer text him the picture while they’re out for dinner, and then ask for her number so he can send the picture.  But oh well… she was able to see right through it and didn’t seem to care.

Patti calls David and he says he was feeling more of a “friendzone” with Katrina.  Katrina then tells Patti that they had zero chemistry.  Patti then calls Tania and gets the scoop on what they did on their date.  Tania tells Patti that they had fun but she wasn’t ready yet to kiss him, but he was like a breath of fresh air and they have been in touch every day since their date.  Theo came in to the office and told Patti that they have been out on another date.  Theo is absolutely glowing.

Update: Katrina and David have not been in touch.  Dr Theo and Tania have been out several times since Patti set them up.

Meanwhile, if you’re still reading this and want to know a little past history on Dr Theo Kousouli, check out this blog I found written by his classmate that gives shows how he went from Greek Geek to stud.

What are your thoughts?

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