Juan Pablo 2


Tonight we find out what everyone wants to do…. Does Juan Pablo sleep with Clare?  That’s definitely what the teasers want you to think anyone and we’re about to find out!

Juan Pablo and the ladies are in gorgeous Vietnam.  The women stay at this beautiful resort and hotel.   The first date card arrives and it’s for Renee “Are WE the right fit?”  Renee is so excited to get a one on one date.  Renee has a very natural beauty to her.  She doesn’t have to wear too much makeup or do her hair super fancy, she’s just naturally hot and confident looking.  She is hoping for her first kiss with him.

bachelorreneeRenee and Juan Pablo go to the town of Hoi An.  Juan Pablo gets a pedi-cab and Renee sits in while JP pedals through the streets.  They stop in a little boutique and pick out fabric to have a dress made for her.  Renee says he makes her feel special and beautiful.  Then they decide to look for gifts for their kids, Camila and Ben.  They picked out a little dress for Camila and a little hat for Ben.  So far JP hasn’t kissed her yet though and that has me nervous!!  To me, he seems to have a bit of hesitation… like almost a look of guilt or dread.   It’s very subtle, but I feel like he wants to feel something, but doesn’t.  Hopefully I’m reading too much into it.

Dinner time and Renee has on the dress that was custom made for her.  Juan Pablo tells her she looks beautiful.  He takes her into a restaurant that is completely empty and just has the two of them in there.  Renee is on cloud nine… I am just so hoping Juan Pablo gives her the rose!  They have good conversation at dinner… but still no romance!

Back at the hotel… next date card arrives… “Can you go with the flow” Sharleen, Chelsie, Kat, Cassandra, Kelly, Clare, Alli, Danielle, and Andi.  Nikki is left for the one on one date.  Andi is very upset she still hasn’t had a one on one date.

Back on Renee’s date… JP tells her that they’re on the same page and he’s enjoyed spending time with her and he gives her the rose and they look like they’re almost going to kiss but then he tells her that he wants to take a walk with her.  They find these lanterns and make a wish on it and send it down the river.  He says he’s respecting the fact that she has a son and he’s old enough to understand what’s going on and so he’s not going to kiss her for awhile yet.  ugh!  But I guess that’s a good reason.  I can respect him for that.

Next morning… group date time… Juan Pablo says they’re going to do very traditional Vietnamese things on their date.  First they pair up and Clare doesn’t have any friends to pair up with so she gets Juan Pablo.  The girls get in these canoe type things and Clare and Juan Pablo start making out when their boat gets stuck.  Andi’s frustration is growing as she gets jealous seeing JP with Clare.

The women then head off to this little village and JP asks a local guy if there’s any place to have a bite to eat.  So they go into this house type place and the people there are going to show them their traditions.  They go out into a garden where they pick their own veggies and herbs.  Juan Pablo takes a moment out to speak with Andi and reassures her that he wants her there.  They sit down to eat the meal that they helped to prepare.  The girls all just glare at Clare… lots of jealousy going on.

Dinner and cocktail party with the group date.  JP first takes Clare aside for one on one time first…. and the women flip.  They feel they’re on a Juan Pablo and Clare one on one date.   Juan Pablo sneaks Clare off to his suite.  They get in their bathing suits and get in the pool.  The pool apparently is completely freezing, so of course they have to get really close.  Meanwhile… the women must have been left to themselves for a LONG time… I can’t imagine being them.

Back at the hotel, Renee reads Nikki’s date card: “Nikki, let’s have a HELL of a good time.”  Nikki’s assuming it has to do with fire.

On the group date… Juan Pablo is now walking the beach with Sharleen.  She’s feeling a bit insecure about their relationship and he reassures her by saying she’s cute and kisses her.  She had a list of questions she wanted to ask him, but she gets distracted after he kisses her.

Juan Pablo then takes Andi out to the beach and they cuddle and kiss a bit in the sand after laughing and talking.  Andi feels better about her position in the house now and says it solidifies her feelings.

Juan Pablo says that he had a great time and great conversation with everyone tonight… the person he’s going to give the rose to, he explains, is doing things that didn’t think she would do and trying new things… he gives the rose to Clare and the girls again, freak out, and Andi further doubts everything.

The women get back to the hotel and everyone’s feeling deflated that Clare got the rose.  Clare sneaks off to Juan Pablo’s suite.  She rings his doorbell and she asks him if he wants to go swimming in the ocean. Juan Pablo goes back in to change into his bathing suit and then they run out to the ocean.  She said it was like warm bath water.  She says they just “went for it” and she doesn’t have any regrets.  Now does that mean they actually had sex?  Hard to tell… doesn’t look like they ever left the water, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  Hopefully we’ll find out for sure later in this episode.  I wish I liked Clare better… that would be one hot and steamy scene… but because it’s Clare it kind of kills it.

Nikki 2Nikki’s first one on one date with Juan Pablo now… they sit down and talk for a minute and then he leads her through this Marble Mountain and they get to this big pit with a cave in it.  Juan Pablo then tells her they’re going to go down in this pit.  Nikki panics and starts freaking out but agrees to do it.  Juan Pablo repels first down and Nikki starts going back but she’s just like frozen  having a hard time to make that first move down the mountain.  They pause halfway down and Juan Pablo kisses her to give her the courage to go on.  He’s very encouraging and walking her through her fears.  For dinner they go to another cave that’s very romantic.  The way Juan Pablo looks at Nikki he just looks completely smitten.  Like he’s not even listening to what she’s saying because he’s so infatuated with her.  So of course he presents the rose to her and she accepts.  As much as I’m not crazy about it, I think Nikki will be making it far in this.

Cocktail party and the women arrive by boat to this setup filled with lanterns and beauty.  Juan Pablo says that tonight is hard because he has to send home three people and the girls instantly get nervous.  My prediction is Danielle, Ally, and Kelly are going home.  We’ll see how that pans out.  Clare decides to make a toast “Cheers to finding love, being loved, and making love.” So all the girls say “oooohhhh.”  and then giggle and I just have to assume that Juan Pablo and Clare had sex.  Juan Pablo takes Andi first for some one on one time.  Andi says she’s nervous and JP tells her don’t be nervous.  Juan Pablo says “I like Andi… aye aye aye… what am I going to do with this girl…”  Then “oh Sharleen Sharleen.”  and “Oh Renee… she’s one of my favorites… I want to kiss her…”  He’s got his hands full with these women!  Renee tells him that Ben wouldn’t be pissed at him if he kissed her and he finally goes for it!!  yay!!!  Renee is adorable.  I love it.  She is in heaven!!

Clare cryingHowever, Juan Pablo seems to go in sort of tailspin wondering if he did the right thing with Clare the other night.  Did he take it too far?  Was it fair to the other girls?  He asks himself.  So he sits down with Clare.  Juan Pablo tells her it was a “little weird” to him at the same time and maybe it wasn’t right.  He explains he’s trying to be as fair as possible and he doesn’t want Camila to see what they did and be disappointed in him.  Clare begins to cry and Juan Pablo tells her he understands because he was once in her shoes.  She’s still feeling like a fool though that she did that and he regrets it.  Clare says he was on board with everything in the ocean.  That was completely mutual, there was no miscommunication there.  And now she doesn’t know what is going on.  The tension is thick after the two of them return to the cocktail party.  Clare leaves the party because she said it was never her intention to disrespect his daughter.  So she’s crying and Juan Pablo goes to talk to her.  He tells her that he made a mistake and he should have told her no.  The women are all staring at the two of them and there is such an awkward silence.  The women are confused why Clare is crying even though she has a rose and why Juan Pablo looks so somber.

Rose ceremony…. Juan Pablo looks very sad and says it’s going to be very hard to say goodbye.  Roses go to…. Sharleen, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat… one rose left it better go to Andi!!  ….. ANDI!!!!  My predictions were correct…. Danielle, Ally, and Kelly are going home.  Juan Pablo is crying.  He says he cares about those people.  Holy smokes, he’s really crying.  Sharleen is really crying. That was hard.  😦    Next week they are off to New Zealand!

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