Episode starts off and for once Patti’s not yelling at her new assistants (yet).  [ To read what happened to the old assistants, Destin and Rachel CLICK HERE ]  In walks Omar from a few seasons back who co-owned “College Hunks Hauling Junk.”  If you’re an avid fan, you’ll remember he tested his date to see if she would be willing to haul trash.  She did, but they didn’t date again.  He was in Patti’s office to show her that he learned from the tips that she gave him, settled down with a gorgeous wife, and now has an adorable son.  He wants Patti to set up his friend, Joe, who wants to be in the Millionaires Club.  Patti says she’ll have her staff check him out and see if he’s a right fit for the club.

Okay so the NEXT scene, the assistants look like they’re hard at work.  David laments that he’s working on this new blog post for Patti and he’s a bit stressed over it.  One of his followers asks “I’m dating a guy who comes too quick. What do I do?”  The assistants look dumbfounded like “I don’t know how you can possibly answer that question??”  So in walks expert Patti and she fires off an answer, “First of all you have to slow it down, move the position.  Tease and move tease and move. Okay! Enough sex talk…”  In Patti’s interview she says she thinks her new assistants are having a fabulous time working for her because they get to talk about sex all the time.  Yeah, and also get screamed at and have to work for a bat-shit-crazy person.  I mean, get over yourself, Patti!  I’m a fan, I have loved you forever, but you are annoying the crap out of me this season!!  What is your deal?!  Okay, rant over.

Marisa has Frank who lives in Florida who is a personal injury attorney.  He says once he finds one thing wrong with the girl, he’s just over it and doesn’t want anything to do with the girl anymore.  Patti dubs him the Great Expectations guy.  The guys have Joe Bayen, who is Omar’s friend, who was born in Africa, but raised in Paris, he’s an app investor net worth is 40 million.  He’s an athlete and runs track.

joe-bayen-1 Patti meets with Joe first.  He’s been very focused on his business and travels all over the place.  Patti says he has dating ADD.  Patti says that if he finds a good woman through this her new rule for him is that he needs to stay in town for at least a month.  Joe seems like a real sweetie.  Now we meet Frank Cerino, Mr Great Expectations.  Patti calls him “Shallow F’ing Hal.”  Patti tells him he needs to call three girls he broke it off with and apologize and tell them why before she will set him up.  Frank says he’s just going to tell her he did and leave it at that.

During the interviews of the women, Patti actually goes easier on the ladies than she usually does.  Finally, she’s not over the top critical and yelling at everyone.  Oh, spoke too soon, she’s screaming at someone for not letting her cut her hair shorter.  But overall, much more tolerable than in previous episodes this season!



Mixer time and this time it’s a bikini mixer… why not?  So the mixer is about to start and the assistant, Marissa, goes up to Patti and informs her that her millionaire, Frank (aka Shallow Hal), is not coming.  He emailed Marissa and told her he’s at the airport.  That was a pretty wussy thing to do.  I think Patti intimidated him.  So now Joe has a mixer of 20 girls all to himself.  Joe’s doing great getting to know each of the girls, asking great questions, and making good connections.  Joe chose Natalie who is a gorgeous law student for his master date.

So Patti picked Yolibeth from the mixer to be set up with one of her clients, Teague.  Very good looking, but doesn’t stay with a girl for very long before he wants a new one.  Patti tells Teague she’s going to set him up and she’s going to chaperone him on his date with her boyfriend.   Sounds like a complete nightmare to me!

Joe take Natalie out on a date and they start out at beach volleyball.  Natalie surprised Joe with her volleyball skills.  Natalie says they have chemistry, but she seems a little timid.  Not sure how much they’re really connecting.

Teague goes out on his cooking date with Yolibeth and Patti and her boyfriend.  Patti is constantly nagging and coaching Teague.  Neither Teague nor Yolibeth look like they appreciate Patti screaming at them.  Yeah… it’s a bit of a mood killer.


Back to Joe’s date on the beach, he has a picnic set up for them.  Natalie still seems very shy and not exactly comfortable with Joe.

On Teague and Yolibeth’s date they realize that they have running in common and Teague wants to run the Boston Marathon because of the massacre that happened this past year.  That impressed Yolibeth and they started connected a little more.

Joe and Natalie bond and open up more over dinner.  They had some deeper conversation and I could see a little more chemistry there.  Still not sure it’s something that could last for the long haul.

Patti called Yolibeth to find out what she thought of Teague.  She was really impressed and wants to see him again for her birthday.  Teague says he really likes her too and is looking forward to taking her out again.    So then Patti calls Natalie, she says she had a wonderful time with Joe, but he didn’t kiss her.  However, she says they’re going to Vegas together next.  Joe comes to the office and tells Patti that Natalie is pretty amazing.

The update says that Joe and Natalie are still in touch, but the romance is on hold because she is finishing up law school in Michigan (yay Michigan!! – my home state).  Teague learned so much on his “practice date” and started dating someone new.  He won’t say if he’s made it to the “three month mark” before having sex or not.

Not the most entertaining episode, but the next one looks great with Rosie from Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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