Tonight I will be blogging about the season premiere of The Bachelor and the first impression the girls make on Juan Pablo and my take on it.  But for now, here is the run down of the bachelorettes vying for Juan Pablo’s attention:

Alexis Alexis: Age 24, Communications Director from Tampa, FL.  Cute, sweet looking girl, but she may be a bit immature.   She states that her favorite movies are Home Alone 2, Elf, and Titanic.  Home Alone 2??  That’s just odd.  Her favorite book is The Bible.  Even though I’m a Christian, that sets off alarms for me.  Is she super conservative? Is she going to be preachy and judgmental?  Or is she just completely naive?   I suppose we’ll find out!

Alli Alli: 26 year old nanny from Orland Park, IL.  She is catholic and her favorite movies are 16 Candles, Pretty Woman, and Gladiator.  I have a feeling she is going to be a villain this season.  Could be way off, but that’s my snap judgment hunch.

Amy J Amy J: 31, massage therapist from Apopka, FL.  Her favorite musicians/groups are The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Radiohead.  Yup, I’m going to like this girl.  I like that she’s older and has older taste in music.  I think that shows maturity.  Gorgeous smile too!

Amy LAmy L: Age 27, local news reporter from Clemont, FL  Favorite TV shows are Modern Family and Big Bang Theory.  I did some digging and found this YouTube which is a series of clips of Amy Long’s news reporting.  She seems fun, smart, and of course beautiful.

Andi Andi: 26, Assistant District Attorney from Atlanta, GA.  She lists her three best attributes as she’s loyal, she loves her family, and she’s feisty.  She loves tennis and golf and her greatest achievement was becoming an attorney.  I definitely see her as going to be hard to get along with.  I bet she has a lot of male friends and doesn’t play well with women.  However, I enjoy having smart girls in the bunch.

Ashley Ashley: 25, Grade School Teacher from Roanoke, TX.  Her three all-time favorite movies are Moonrise Kingdom, Beauty and the Beast, and Breakfast Club.  Seems a bit plain Jane for me.  I don’t feel she’ll stand out from the crowd much.

Cassandra Cassandra: 21, Former NBA dancer, from Shelby Township, MI.  Her favorite board games are Sorry and UNO.  Her favorite magazine is Elle.  Even though she’s from my home state of Michigan, I’m sad to say she doesn’t seem like she has a whole lot of depth and she is waaaay too young for this to work out.

Chantel Chantel: Age 27, Account Manager, from Miami FL. Her favorite movies are John Q, The Notebook, and Home Alone 2.  What is with Home Alone 2???  I don’t even remember that movie very well!  Nothing really stands out, but she does say she’s adventurous so maybe that will be fun to watch.

Chelsie Chelsie: 24, Science Educator from Lexington, OH.  Her favorite snacks are fruit, cheese, carrots and frozen grapes.  She obviously cares about her health and enjoys food that is good for the body.  This could be a good match for Juan Pablo and his daughter.

Christine Christine: Age 23, Police Support Specialist from Miami, FL.  Her favorite board game is Monopoly.  Her favorite snacks are a variety of nuts and raisins.  She is tiny (see full length picture)!  Hope she’s healthy and doesn’t have some sort of eating disorder.

Christy Christy: 24, Marketing Manager from Aurora, IL.  She states it takes her an hour and 20 minutes to get ready for a date.  That is quite awhile, but not absurdly long.  She looks athletic and almost “bad girl”-like.  Could be a villain if she sticks around.

Clare Clare: 32, Hairstylist from Sacramento, CA.  Takes her no more than one hour to get ready for a date.  She has two tattoos.  and her favorite board game is Clue.  She seems like someone that may fly under the radar for awhile.  I see her passing the first couple rounds but not making it to the finals.

Danielle Danielle: age 25, Psychiatric nurse, from Litchfield, IL. Just takes her 30 minutes to get ready for a date and she’s not a big sushi fan.  I don’t really have a good reason why, I just see her getting cut in the first round.  I don’t see much personality from the answers she gave.

Elise Elise: 27, First Grade Teacher from Forty Fort, PA.  Her longest relationship was 8 years, which is a long time for someone who is 27.  She may not have much dating experience outside of that relationship, but it shows she can handle a long term relationship.

Kat Kat: 29, Medical Sales Rep from Iowa City, IA.  Her favorite magazines are Self and Glamour and her favorite sports team is the University of Iowa football team.   She looks like a total partier that is still living the college life even though she’s approaching 30.

KellyKelly: Age 27, dog lover (that’s an occupation??) from Conyers, CA.  Her favorite food is steak and potato and it takes her an hour and a half to get ready for a date.  She’s tall 5′ 10″ !  It concerns me she doesn’t have a real occupation but no other red flags aside from that at this point.

KylieKylie: age 23, Interior Designer from Rockford, IL.  She has FOUR tattoos, her favorite board game is Jumanji (is that a real board game?).  I don’t really have anything more to comment on this.

Lacy Lacy: 25 years old, nursing home owner from Antelope Acres, CA.  Her favorite magazine is People, and her favorite snack is Hot Cheerios (interesting sounding!)  I like that she is so young and she owns a nursing home.  She must be a good manager and a good care taker.  I’m assuming she has a good heart.  Could be a good match for a single dad!

Lauren H Lauren H: 25, Mineral Coordinator from Edmond, OK.  Has three tattoos, likes Coldplay, The Beatles, and Dave Matthews Band.  She looks like a young Mary Murphy from So You Think You Can Dance (at least in this picture).  Wonder what a mineral coordinator does.

Lauren S Lauren S: 26, Music Composer from Detroit, MI.  Her favorite movies are Anchorman, Life is Beautiful, Shawshank Redemption, and the Truman Show.  I like her!  Cute as a button, seems smart, and good choice of movies.  And again, gotta love the Michigan girls!

Lucy Lucy: 24, Free Spirit (aka unemployed) from Santa Barbara, CA.  Her best attributes are she’s very outgoing, very ambitious, and very well traveled.  She said she adventurous without a question and she’s not a country or a city person, she’s an ocean person. Sounds like a surfer chick.  Says she’s ambitious but doesn’t list a real occupation.  Hmm… identity crisis?

Maggie Maggie: 24, personal banker, from Wagener, SC.  Has FOUR tattoos.  When asked if she’s a country or city girl, she answers, “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God!”  Yikes.  Her favorite movies are Steel Magnolias, Hope Floats, and the Notebook.  So she likes to cry heavily during a movie.

Nikki Nikki: 26, pediatric nurse from Kearney, MO.  She also has FOUR tattoos.  When asked what is her preferred type of dancing, she asks “Is drunk dancing a type?”  Oh my…. classy lady.  Her favorite movies are The Notebook, The Island, Avatar.  She’s going to be another one of the partiers.

Renee Renee: 32, Real estate agent from Martha’s Vineyard, MA.  I’m guessing she comes from money.  Her favorite movies are The Notebook, The Vow, and Top Gun.

Sharleen Sharleen: 29, Opera singer from Ottawa, Canada.  Please don’t sing on the first night!!  Her favorite movies are The Royal Tenenbaums, Match Point, and Spirited Away.  Her favorite author is Haruki Murakami.  She might be a bit too cultured for Juan Pablo.

Valerie Valerie: 26, Personal Trainer from Sutter, CA. Her favorite movies are The Breakfast Club, Man on Fire, and Bridesmaids.  She loves warm weather, hates being cold.  She’s cute and definitely in shape.

Victoria Victoria: 24, Legal Assistant, Porto Alegre, Brazil.  Her favorite movies are Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and Mean Girls.  I’m guessing she’s going to be spunky thing and could have a lot in common with Juan Pablo from having similar cultural backgrounds.

Just to recap who Juan Pablo is…. he was on the last season of the Bachelorette with Des.  He was booted about half way through, but was very popular with the ladies watching.  He is a former pro soccer player from Venezuela.  And he enjoys salsa dancing.  Also apparently prefers dark haired ladies to blondes judging from the very few blondes in this lineup.  I am also okay with that.


Juan Pablo

Looking forward to this season!!  What are your thoughts?  Who are your early favorites?

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