The Bachelor

Tonight we get a preview of the season of The Bachelor: Juan Pablo, his life back at home with his daughter, and the casting process on how they find the right girls for the show.

So the title of this special is just cracking me up…. The Countdown to Juan Pablo. This definitely would NOT have worked with Ben Flajnik.  The producers know they have a goldmine with Juan Pablo.   The dude is hot, has an accent, and is a single dad.  The show has hit a jackpot and they plan to milk it for all its worth.  Honestly, I am totally okay with this.

First up we see all the submission tapes from the potential matches for Juan Pablo.  The finalists sit down with the casting directors for interviews.  They fly the girls out to L.A. and interview them, and reveal to them that the bachelor is Juan Pablo.  All of the girls are obviously excited.  The casting directors are looking for someone who is ready to love, wants to get married, wants to have children.  What they don’t want is someone who says they don’t want to be a stepmom or that they were a virgin until 2 weeks ago!  Eek!

So now Chris Harrison is on this way to surprise the women and has dispatched producers around the country to let them know.  First up is Lucinda (Lucy) who jumps all over Chris Harrison when she sees him.  Holy high energy, batman!!!  Jumping around like a little school girl, but it’s cute.

Then a whole slew of women after that get told they’re going to be on the Bachelor.  Lots of jumping up and down, giggling, phone calls to mom, etc.

Now we get to see Juan Pablo in Miami, FL where he lives.  Damn sexy!  He’s working out with a trainer to get in shape for the ladies.  He’s been working on his English and it’s a HUGE improvement!!  No need for subtitles all the time anymore.  He was born in New York, but then was raised in Venezuela.  He retired from professional soccer when his daughter, Camila was born.  Shows him picking Camila up from school and then taking her to the park to play with her friend.  She is adorable and he is even more adorable with his daughter. He seems like a very involved father.

Next up Juan Pablo’s family.  His family seems so loving and close.  I wouldn’t expect anything less than that.  They are hysterical all together.  His sister calls in via Skype video chat and drops a bomb that she’s pregnant.  The family goes crazy.  Very cool!  Juan Pablo’s dad sits down with him and gives him some advice…. be open minded, keep Camila in mind at all times, to remember always that his family is there for him.  Juan Pablo gets teared up.

gia-allemandOn a more serious note… now it’s time to pay tribute to former Bachelor family cast member, Gia Allemand, who tragically took her own life in 2013.  Gia was my favorite of all time.  Her passing was so sad to me.  Just such a beautiful, gentle, kind soul.  Past cast members weigh in on what they remembered about her and what they loved most about her.  This tribute was really well done and makes me so sad at the same time.  Someone who was so loved by so many people just didn’t realize it… or something.  Seriously, has there ever been a more beautiful person to grace the reality tv screen?  She will be so missed… even by people, such as myself, who never even knew her.  Was not expecting to bawl like a baby during this episode!  So proud of the producers for giving Gia this much air time on this one-hour special.  ❤

After the commercial break we get to see clips from tomorrow night’s episode as well as the rest of the season.  Looks like plenty of tears even on the first night.  Lots of the usual cattiness, drama, drunken craziness, and jealousy.  Promises to be a great season!


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