The Bachelor

Juan Pablo…. hard to say his name without doing it in a sexy, whisper voice…. Juan Pablo.  Otherwise known as the hottest Bachelor in Bachelor history.    Tonight is the premiere where Juan Pablo meets 27 ladies all vying for his love and he will be sending nine of them home.

Just like Survivor, every season of The Bachelor is essentially the same, just with different people.  Yet, I still find it interesting and get hooked every single season.

For the sake of the blog, I’m shortening Juan Pablo’s name to JP.  Show starts off with JP explaining his background… was born in Ithaca, NY then family moved to Venezuela, they all now currently live in Miami, FL.  JP was a professional soccer player but now does consulting with minor league sports players and travels all over the country.  He has a four year old daughter, Camila who was born on Valentine’s day.  He is still good friends with Camila’s mom, but now it is time to find a wife and a stepmom for Camila. His family and daughter are out in L.A. with him for the weeks that he will be there.

Sean LoweJP gets a visit from past Bachelor, Sean – my second favorite Bachelor in history.  JP admits to Sean he’s really bad at remember names.  That makes me laugh.  Sean tells him that some of the ladies are going to do some wacky, crazy things and then just go along with it. Sean admits he kissed a lot of the girls, but doesn’t regret it at all.  Sean says that Catherine wasn’t even on his radar for the first couple weeks, so he tells JP to just keep an open mind and don’t get too set on someone in the very beginning because it could close him off from noticing someone else that’s perfect.

Introduction time of some of the women in their home states.  First up is Chelsie who is an adorable blonde.  Next is Renee who has an eight year old son, Ben.  Andi the assistant district attorney/prosecutor…. cute, spitfire little girl who thinks she’ll have a hard time dating the same man as 24/26 other girls.  Amy J, the massage therapist…. a little out there and odd.  Nikki, the pediatric nurse.  Says she doesn’t want to settle in life.  Lauren H, Mineral Coordinator, he was engaged to a man a year ago who called her out of the blue at work one day and told her it was over.  She’s got quite a deep voice.  Valerie, personal trainer, a little scary with a bow and arrow.  Lacy, nursing home owner.  From a family of 13.  Opened her first elderly care facility at age 20.  She’s very cute and almost reminds me of Tenley from Jake’s season.  Clare, hairstylist and is half Mexican.  Her dad died of brain cancer, but before he died, he made a DVD for her to show her future husband.  Nobody has seen the DVD and it’s just waiting for her future man.

Juan Pablo is about to meet the girls coming out of the limo.  Chris Harrison explains to JP that there will be 27 girls this season because he was such a popular bachelor choice.  Up rolls the limo… the first one out is Amy L, local news reporter.  Very beautiful.  Cassandra‘s next…. she walks out and it complete awkward silence after they get through their introductions.  Christy, marketing manager, pretty white dress, she tells him she wouldn’t be there if it was a different bachelor (yeah right).  Then Christine comes out of the limo in a gorgeous green dress.  She brought a bracelet for his daughter with her name Camila on it.  Very cute.  Nikki has a GORGEOUS black dress with sequins or rhinestones or whatever you call it on it.  She takes out a stethoscope for JP to listen how nervous she is through her heartbeat.  JP responded quite well to that after she walked into the house.  Next limo comes and Kat, medical sales rep and dancer comes out first.  She tells JP she never learned how to salsa though and asked JP to show her how.  Chantel, account manager, is next.  Victoria, legal assistant from Brazil. They say they will help each other out with Portuguese and Spanish.  Lucy, flower power girl comes out barefoot with flowers in her hair.  Danielle, psychiatric nurse, explains to him that she has a present for him inside so they need to have some one-on-one time.   OMG – this girls comes rolling down the street with a piano… can barely get it in the driveway and messes up her song a little bit.  Turns out to be Lauren S, music composer.  She is very giggly and nervous.  After she goes in the house, JP chases after Lauren because she didn’t say her name!!  So sweet that he ran back in the house to find out what it was.  Chelsie, the science teacher, is going to do a science experiment with JP… then she says “instead of doing chemistry, why don’t we just make our own chemistry.”  It was really cheesy.  Valerie, the personal trainer is next and shows off her country boots to JP.  Elise, first grade teacher, doesn’t make too much of an introduction.  Ashley, another first grade teacher, and she gives him a gold star sticker to let him know he’s doing a great job.  The out comes Clare, the hairstyles, who comes out dressed like a pregnant lady to let him know she wants to have kids.  He says she’s very cute!  Alli comes out with a soccer ball and says she’s looking for a teammate.  Amy J, the massage therapist, comes out very intense.  Renee comes out and tells JP right off the bat she’s a single mom of a son named Ben.  Lauren H, the mineral coordinator, has a very quick introduction.  Maggie, personal baker, cute southern accent, and she hands him a fishing hook.  She hopes he’s the big catch she’s been looking for.  Kelly, dog lover, comes out with a dog…. he doesn’t seem all that into the dog.  lol    Lacy, the nurscing home owner, giving him a prescription (red hots) to remind him of her.  Alexis, communications director, not much of an introduction but JP says “she’s cute too!”  Kylie comes out in a pepto bismol colored dress that clashes with her red hair and goes in for a very tight, long hug.   Seems a bit over powering!  Sharleen, the opera singer, she’s from Canada and flew in from Germany.  She is very elegant and a bit uptight.  Andi, the prosecutor, comes out and just stuns JP.  He just keeps saying “wow!”  They seem to have a good rapport right away.  He says “how am I going to do this?  how am I going to send people home?”

Juan Pablo is very overwhelmed.  Chris Harrison tells him that he’s got a first impression rose that he needs to give to the one woman he definitely wants to keep.  He walks into the mansion with the 27 women and the girls just go nuts.  Sharleen hands him a drink right away.  After they toast to the new adventure, Juan Pablo then comes out with music and starts the dance party.  There’s also a photo booth in the mansion.  Hilarious!

He has one on one time with Nikki the nurse and they are adorable together right off the bat.  She is a front runner for me at this point.  Then he sits down with single mom, Renee.  They’re cute too!  Geez, he’s just going to be cute with everyone!  Well… then there’s flower girl, Lucy… she is crazy… JP calls her “happy camper.”  OMG… Amy has a massage table and is giving him a massage through his suit.  This is just strange. JP said it was completely awkward.  Chris Harrison brings out the first impression rose and the tension builds with the girls.

The girls are already starting to freak out, especially the ones that haven’t had one-on-one time.  Chelsie and JP go in the photo booth together.  Elise and JP talk about parents and Elise reveals that her mom passed away just over a year ago.

Lauren HLauren H is coming off like Blakely did on the season she was on (was it Ben’s season??).  She’s getting a little psycho because she doesn’t have control over the situation and she wants one-on-one time with JP.  She’s already in tears. Definitely freaking out about getting rejected.  She said “this is kind of breaking me.”  Girl, it’s NIGHT ONE.  Holy cow.  She can’t even talk to the camera because she’s so worked up and crying.  I still say she looks like a younger version of Mary Murphy!

Lauren finally gets her time with Juan Pablo.  She’s open with him about her insecurities and told him about her last relationship and how it just ended really abruptly.  She was ready to be a stepmom to her fiancee’s son and then it all just ended and she never got to see his son again.

Later he sits down with Andi, the prosecutor.  She is absolutely stunning.  He seems pretty impressed with her being an attorney.  She says she’s used to being in charge and now she’s not.  They have good chemistry together.  He then sits with Sharleen, the opera singer, and he likes how well traveled she is.  He said they have a saying which means “she is world.”  I think probably “worldly” is what he’s going for.  She seems so refined for him, but he seems to be digging it.  He says she’s a keeper and really separates herself from the rest.  JP goes and gets the first impression rose and presents it to Sharleen.  Sharleen seems on her end the connection seems a little forced, she’s not feeling the instant chemistry that she thought she was going to be feeling.  He tells her she’s very elegant and he wants to get to know her better and asks if she will accept the rose.  There is a looooooooooong pause and then she says “sure… yes.”  She said she really wasn’t expecting it.  She says she’s really flattered but what matters to her is that she either feels something or she doesn’t and right now it’s still too hard to tell.  I am impressed that she is the one he decided to give the rose to.  I think that says a lot about his character.  Sharleen

Rose ceremony time.  The roses go to: Clare, Nikki, Renee, Andi, Alli, Chantel, Lauren S, Kelly (and Molly, the dog), Cassandra, Danielle, Chelsie, Kat…. when he calls Kat’s name Kylie comes forward… he says “Kat kat”  and she says “oh I thought you said Kylie!  Can you keep both of us?”  and he just gives this look like “ugh… no.”  lol  This is embarrassing!!  Poor Kylie. I feel bad for her.  He continues on… Victoria, Christy, Lucy (flower girl), Elise, …. one rose left…. Amy L.

Girls who didn’t get it:  Kylie, Amy J (massage therapist crazy woman), Christine, Alexis, Ashley, Lacy, Lauren H, Maggie, and Valerie.  Sorry ladies!!

What are your thoughts?

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