Real Housewives of New York star, talk show host,  celebrity, Bethenny Frankel asked a pretty innocent question on Twitter tonight, “Have your kids written to Santa yet? What are your kiddies asking for?” A single mom who goes by @MargaretAndy on Twitter responded, “ My son wrote to Santa and asked that instead of a toy that if Santa could help me find a job. I was in tears.!!” To which Bethenny surprisingly responded with, “You are my random act of kindness today. I will help you to find a job

Bethenny tweet


Courtesy of Twitter

Margaret was beside herself with excitement, rapid firing tweets such as “OMG REALLY !!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart” and “This is amazing I am freaking out right now !!!”  Other fans were joining in congratulating Margaret and praising Bethenny for her good deed.

On Margaret’s twitter feed is a tweet from a woman who works on Bethenny’s show (Jacqueline Lagratta) asking her to direct message her.  And just like that, Margaret’s life is forever changed.

I hope Bethenny and Margaret will keep us all updated on the progress of this.  It really is a Christmas miracle.  If I were rich and famous, this is exactly the kind of thing I would do.  Give to those who are just down on their luck that are obviously doing something right raising their children if that’s what her son asked Santa for for Christmas.  Hugs to Margaret and Merry Christmas!  Thank you Bethenny for being an inspiration.


What are your thoughts?

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