I hope your schedule is clear for Sunday night if you’re a fan of Survivor because it’s the 2-hour finale plus 1-hour reunion show!  I love Survivor finale night!  Lots of twists and turns… anything can still happen!

Left in the game we  have:

Tyson – the arrogant ringleader









Gervase – The sheep who thinks he’s playing the game but really just does what Tyson says

''Survivor'' Television Show Participant Gervase Peterson Moves on the New Career Opportunities






Monica – one tough cookie who is sticking with the boys but has a shot of turning the game around if she wins the crucial immunity challenges









Ciera – about to take 4th or 5th place unless her mom comes back in the game










Left on Redemption island to fight their way back into the game is:

Hayden – who you would think would be good at challenges, but really isn’t, so he could easily lose out to the women.










Tina – I think she will be a fan favorite, but not necessarily in good contention to win the game.  Bless her heart though, love Tina!










And finally Laura, Ciera’s mom – I’m torn between her or Tina who I want to come back in to the game.  I’d rather see Tina, but I’d like Ciera to have a better chance at advancing and she’s going to need her mom’s help for that.










Overall, I would like to see one of the women win it.  I don’t want to see Tyson win and be the sole survivor, even though he probably has played the best game, I just don’t care that much for him and he’s too arrogant.  Who are you hoping to win?

What are your thoughts?

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