Juan Pablo

The second episode of The Bachelor is typically one of my favorites.  We get to know the bachelorettes a bit better, most of the dates typically go well, and usually we see the beginnings of the crazies start to come out.  It’s all so very fun!

ClareApparently I should have watched the Behind the Scenes episode last night??? Tonight’s episode starts off with Clare already knowing she has the first one on one date card.  Clare is the hairstylist who met Juan Pablo dressed like she was pregnant.   Juan Pablo picks Clare up in the evening.  He walks her out to the car and the blindfolded her with a scarf.  The get to their destination and he gives her a piggy back ride to the middle of a winter wonderland.  Pine trees, snow, beautiful christmas-like lights… all in the middle of L.A.  They went sledding down a hill (JP calls it “sliding”).  Clare seems very excited and so happy by this date.  Her eyes are sparkling as she talks about it.

Meanwhile. back at the house the girls are all talking about how Clare got the first rose at the rose ceremony.  Then the focus shifts to Lucy, the flower child hippie, who is already topless in the hot tub.

Back at the date the pair go ice skating.  They’re both pretty terrible.  But it shows their playful sides.  At the house, the next date car arrives.  Kat “I can feel the electricity… Juan Pablo.”   Kat is the medical sales rep and dancer.   On the date, Clare and Juan Pablo get cozy in the hot tub.  Clare tells JP about how wonderful her dad was and how it’s hard for her to find a man that’s as great as he was.  She tells him that her dad passed away and kind of closed everyone off, her heart shut down a little.  JP pulls her closer and wraps his arms around her.  He says in his interview that both he and Clare have high standards, and he likes that.  He the presents her with a rose and obviously she accepts it.  Then they made out in the hot tub.  Yeah, jealous!!!  Then music starts to play and it’s Josh Krajcik!  Don’t know who he is?  Yeah, me neither.

KatJuan Pablo picks Kat up and takes her to the airport to a private jet.  He pretends to be Kat’s seatbelt during take off.  Juan Pablo sneaks off into the cockpit and comes out dressed in a running outfit.  Then brings out a running outfit for Kat.  The outfits light up all over.  It’s hilarious.    They get to their destination and there’s a mob of people (THOUSANDS) all waiting for Juan Pablo and Kat to start the 5k race.  It’s called the Electric Run 5K in Utah.    It is like a 5k party!

Back at the mansion, the next date card arrives: Chelsie, Christy, Kelly, Cassandra, Chantel, Andi, Renee, Alli, Nikki, Lauren S, Elise, Victoria, Lucy… “Say Cheese!”

At the race, at the finish line there’s a stage with a DJ and they get called up on stage and danced.  Then Juan Pablo presented the rose to Kat and of course she accepted.

Group date time!!  Let the crazies come out!!  The thirteen ladies get in the limo and have a glass of champagne.  JP meets them at their destination which turns out to be a photo shoot.  Turns out it is a charity photo shoot with dogs.  Lucy gets a fire hydrant costume to wear.  Chelsie has an afro, Kelly looks like an alien or something… not really sure… brown dog with white spots?  Elise and Andi were assigned to the nude photo shoot.  Andi is stressed and doesn’t want to do a photo shoot or be nude.

During commercials there’s an advertisement for Good Morning America with Emily Maynard, past Bachelorette, on it.  Apparently, she’s engaged and very happy and he gave her a big fat ring.  For all the deets, check out GMA tomorrow morning.

Elise says as a First Grade Teacher she doesn’t feel she would be a great role model by posing naked.  Elise asks Lucy if they could trade “outfits.”  Lucy says she’s always happy to take off her top.  During the photo shoot, some of the girls got very close to JP.  Which of course made others jealous.  JP sees Andi stressing and he tells her that he’s going to be naked too.  He reassures her that it will be okay.  Lucy was in the shoot with Andi and JP but all of his attention was directed at Andi.  Andi’s still an early favorite for me!

Now cocktails on the roof of some building that has a pool up there as well.  So JP takes Cassandra for some one-on-one time first.  She wants to tell JP about her son, Trey.  JP looks almost kiddy when she tells him that she has a son.  Trey is almost two years old.  JP then takes Renee aside and they have cute cuddles and talks.  Renee was hoping for a kiss, but he didn’t kiss her yet.  Victoria is now completely sloshed.  She’s acting a bit crazy.  She said she’s just “fun sober!”  Yeah……

JP says he really likes Nikki the nurse.  She is super cute.  Drunken Victoria is getting more and more of a hot mess.  Victoria goes to talk to JP and he’s still talking to Nikki.  She sees them and she just freaks out.  She goes crying in the bathroom and Renee goes to comfort her.  Renee crawls under the bathroom stall to be with her and Victoria just lashes out.  Swearing up a storm and just saying she wants to go home, she’s done.  Producer Elan Gale , who I have a weird fascination with, tries stopping her from going in the elevator and tells her that for her safety he cannot just let her go.  She needs to get her clothes, shoes, and he will call her a cab.  She of course blows up in his face, but they walk back into the building.  Lucy informs JP that Victoria is losing it and maybe he wants to check in on the situation.  He goes into the bathroom where she is sobbing and she tells him “no!” she does not want to talk to him.

Juan Pablo addresses the other women and then presents the date rose to Kelly.  He says she was the best sport of the night.  Then tells the girls to keep an eye out for Victoria and make sure she gets home okay and he will talk to her tomorrow.

VictoriaThe next morning the girls discuss Victoria’s behavior.  Apparently Victoria was taken to a hotel, and the girls haven’t seen her.  Juan Pablo visits her at her hotel. She apologizes for “setting off the crazy train.”  She explains that she’s really embarrassed and mortified.  JP thanks Victoria for coming and taking her time, but he doesn’t want to be with someone who can’t handle herself.  He has to think about his daugther.  So Victoria is kicked off the show.  Episode 2 and we’re down another crazy already!

Cocktail party before the rose ceremony… he first whisks Amy L away and she tells him that she’s a reporter and proceeds to pretend she’s reporting the news.  Okay, she’s cute, smart, but this I have an issue with.  That was a total audition, in my opinion.  She didn’t want to show JP how good she is as a reporter, she is lining up her future jobs and using The Bachelor as a stepping stone to launch her career.  Just you wait… she’ll be on E! or Entertainment Tonight or something like that when the show ends.  Mark my words.  🙂  Sharleen then meets with JP and apologizes for how she acted for getting the first impression rose.  She said she’s never been more surprised.  Meanwhile Cassandra is starting to freak out because she sees all these other women have one on one time and she’s missing her son.  She’s just losing her confidence and wondering if it’s worth it to be away from her son.  Renee is again the whole consoling the girl crying, but I think it’s because she can relate to being away from her son too.  The girls go upstairs and JP follows up the stairs.  Renee has a big heart.  She doesn’t want Cassandra to go home because she feels she’ll regret it.  Cassandra then voices her concerns to JP.  JP tells her that he views her and Renee differently and that if he doesn’t see anything there then he’s going to let them know immediately so that they can go back with their sons.  He tells her “I’m here, don’t freak out.  I want you here.”  Obviously that gives her the reassurance she was looking for.

Sunday, January 26th, will be the LIVE wedding of Sean and Catherine!!!

Sean and Catherine

Rose ceremony…. Roses go to…. Cassandra, Nikki, Andi, Elise, Sharleen, Renee, Danielle, Lucy (really?!!  ugh), Alli, Chelsie, Lauren, Christy.   Amy L (the reporter) and Chantel did not get roses and will be going home.

Amy L      Chantel

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