Just love this picture of Juan Pablo and Camila

Just love this picture of Juan Pablo and Camila



The Bachelor is now in New Zealand!  Looks so green and beautiful.  It’s definitely on my list of destinations I’d like to travel to before I die.  The women are staying at the Huka Lodge which looks AMAZING.  Clare is still feeling insecure from her conversation with Juan Pablo last week.  He basically said that he regretted swimming in the ocean with her and that it wasn’t fair to the other women.

Credit: Modern Luxury

Credit: Modern Luxury

First date card arrives: “Andi, let’s heat things up…”  Andi is happy to finally have her first one on one date with Juan Pablo.  Meanwhile Clare is just fuming that she doesn’t have one on one time to straighten things out with him.

Cassandra confides in Renee about how she has her guard up because of her son.  They shared a few tears with each other.  They both feel optimistic about Juan Pablo since he has a daughter and they have sons and they feel like he understands then what it’s like to be dating and a parent.

The Squeeze (Not Andi pictured)

The Squeeze (Not Andi pictured)

Juan Pablo picks Andi up and they go in really awesome jet boat.   Juan says he has a very adventurous date planned.  So the boat stops and he says they’re going to go swimming.  The water looks freezing.  They squeeze between these two rocks (it’s actually called “The Squeeze”) and it’s very mysterious and kind of scary.  It’s like a tunnel between caves.  Then they get to this opening and there’s a huge waterfall of hot water.  They totally made out under the waterfall and it was awesome.

At dinner they’re eating right in front of a geyser and then sudden the geyser just goes off and they get completely wet.  Their dinner was totally ruined.

Meanwhile, second date card arrives at the ladies’ place… “Let love roll… Sharleen, Chelsie, Renee, Nikki, Kat, and Cassandra.”  That leaves Clare for the one on one date.  Don’t we usually have a two on one date by now?  I like the drama that comes with those.  hehe  Oh well!  Maybe we won’t have one this season.

Back on the date Juan Pablo and Andi talk a little more and then he presents the rose to her and of course she accepted it.  They both look so happy and just so right for each other.  Team Andi!!

Next day, group date time!  The weather is terribly windy and cold looking.  It’s Cassandra’s 22nd birthday.  Juan Pablo first takes them on a picnic.  Chelsie steals Juan Pabs away and they make these weird calls with their thumbs like a duck call or something.  Then they all go for a walk and come to this contraption set up with giant balls (GIANT BALLS).  So two or three people get inside these balls that have water in them and roll all around.  It’s so strange looking but looks like so much fun!  They’re called OGO’s.  I’m not much of an adventurer, but I would totally do that.  Looks like so much fun!

It’s night time and the ladies and Juan Pablo go to Hobbiton where Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were filmed.  Cassandra’s waiting for alone time with Juan Pablo because she hasn’t spent much time with him so far.  The teaser keeps showing what looks like him sending a girl packing on this date and if I had to guess I would think it would be Cassandra.  He doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to her and he said in the beginning that if he didn’t think they were progressing he would send her home immediately because of her son back at home.  Cassandra also says that she hasn’t told him it’s her birthday.

First he takes Renee aside for one on one time.  She tells him about her and Cassandra having their “mommy moment” bonding over how they have kids and how he understands because he has a daughter too.  He tells her she’s special and she says how happy she is.  Then he takes Nikki aside.   She reminds me of Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky.  Maybe that’s why I can’t get excited about her… aside from her negative side, she reminds me of Ali who I didn’t like.    Then Sharleen sits with him next and he immediately goes for the kissing.  She tries to explain her insecurities about the two of them and where they’re headed and he tells her to just enjoy it and see where it goes and kisses her some more.  Then it cuts to more of Cassandra and being so happy it’s her birthday and celebrating it.  It’s building…. it’s coming… you know she’s getting cut.  Bachelor producers sometimes have a very obvious way of building suspense.

So Juan Pablo finally sits with Cassandra.  She tells him how much she appreciates him and how she appreciates him as a father.  Also how she’s been very cut off from falling in love since she’s been so devoted to her son, Trey.  Juan Pablo’s face looks very serious, but still smiling a little bit.

CassandraThen he sits down with the ladies to give the rose to someone.  He gives the rose to Sharleen and Cassandra is really crushed.  Then he asks Cassandra if he can talk to her for a minute.  They go back outside in the rain under an umbrella.  He explains to her that he told her that once he knew it wasn’t her he was going to let her go.  He said after today he just knows that he needs to let her go and see Trey.  She said she appreciates not making her wait till the rose ceremony.  Juan Pablo says he just thinks they’re in two different parts of their lives right now and he doesn’t feel the connection.  His connection with the other girls is just stronger.  She drives away sad and Juan Pablo explains to the girls that he sent her home.  He’s a little emotional about it.  He has a hard time saying goodbye to these women and it’s only going to get harder.

Next day, Clare’s one on one date.  Clare is going into it expecting an apology from him.  That’s interesting.  The two go out for a picnic.  Juan Pablo tries to say everything is fine now, but what he doesn’t know is that things are not okay with Clare.  He said it was his mistake by not telling her right away that he thought it was inappropriate.  She asks “did we do anything that was inappropriate?”  He said, “4 in the morning, going to the ocean, and kissing in the ocean…. I just didn’t feel good about it later.”  They get it all out and then they kiss.  She said, “was that our first fight?” and he said, “Fight?  I don’t like to fight.”

Night time and they go to dinner at the Hilton hotel.  The two seem very relaxed and have good conversation.  She explains that in the past her reaction would have been to bolt.  He asks “to what?” she says again “to bolt.”  he asks “and what does that mean?”  So funny… him learning the English language.  He then grabs a couple pairs of sweats and tells her they need to change and get comfy.  Pablo says in his interview that he is just so attracted to Clare.  He gets hot just thinking about her.  Wish she had a different personality.  I agree she’s attractive, but she’s so annoying!  Juan Pablo played the song on the radio that they listened to on their first date.  They slow danced and kissed to the music.  Very sweet!  (But it’s CLARE!  ugh)

Next day, Juan Pablo sits down with Chris Harrison and discusses what he wants to get out of the cocktail party and what he’s looking for.  He’s looking for that connection and someone he sees a future with, obviously.  My prediction is that Chelsie is going home.  Not sure if anyone else will be.

Juan Pablo spends time with Nikki, then Renee.  Immediately Juan Pablo knew that Renee would be worried since Cassandra went home.  He looks so happy looking at her as she talks about her son, Ben.  He says he’s hypnotized by her eyes.  Chelsie sits down with Juan Pablo and explains how nervous she is that she might be going home because their one on one date was so long ago and they haven’t had much time to spend together since then.  She tells him that she wants genuine love that lasts forever and that she sees potential and she wants to stick around.  He seems to reassure her which makes me wonder if maybe Kat is going home instead of Chelsie.  So Kat now sits down with him.  She explains she was “journaling”.  Psst Kat, it’s called writing, journaling isn’t a word.  Kat tells him about her alcoholic dad and some bad experiences she had growing up.  Kat’s the only one left that he hasn’t kissed yet so I’m really starting to think it’s her.

KatRose ceremony…. He gives the roses to Nikki, Renee, and Chelsie.  Kat is going home.  Sharleen seems really upset and tells Kat she’s really sad.  Juan Pablo walks Kat out, she tells him good luck.  Sharleen tells in her interview that she feels guilty and somehow that it’s wrong that she’s still there.  She says she can see the other girls suiting him better than her.  Juan Pablo announces that they’re going to Miami next.  Sharleen says she’s giving herself one more week and see if she can see herself truly with him.  If not, she plans to leave.


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