It’s Monday night, my favorite night of the week during the Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons, and I am feeling a bit under the weather so I wasn’t going to do a recap, but five minutes into and I can’t resist.  I love discussing what’s going on with the show!

Juan Pabs and the ladies are in his current hometown of Miami, FL.  Juan Pablo got to surprise his daughter, Camila, and spend time with his family.  The women were put up in a gorgeous penthouse suite and they begin imagining their lives in Miami with Juan Pablo.  After dealing with this horrible Michigan winter, I would definitely move to Miami in a heartbeat!

Juan Pablo tells his cousin all about Sharleen and how she could be the one.  They NEVER say things like this on The Bachelor.  The Bachelor never says who is the frontrunner, especially this early on.  So what I’m thinking is that Sharleen is going to decide to leave the show.  Just before JP is telling his cousin all about her, Sharleen says in her interview that she’s not ready to introduce Juan Pablo to her family.  I’m thinking she’s just not that into him.

He surprises the girls in their hotel and says he’s going to just hand the date card to the one he’s taking on the date and she’ll go get ready and then they’ll leave from there.  Sharleen is the one he gives it too.  She looks very apprehensive and it was super awkward.  “Come SEA my CITY” the card says.  Sharleen says in her interview before the date that they’re missing this “cerebral connection.”  Basically meaning he’s not intelligent enough for her and they can’t connect on a deeper, intellectual level.

The two go on their date aboard a yacht.  Sharleen says she’ll know after this date if there’s potential there.  However, she’s extremely physically attracted to him and has a hard time not kissing him when they’re together.  She calls him ridiculously sexy.

They go on a little island and have some deeper conversation.  They talk about her job and how she’s put her career first before anything else… she says that her priorities are changing and she likes change… “change is good,” she says.

During dinner they make out some more.  She said she still needs to find out if they connect on a deeper level, but she can’t stop kissing him!  Juan Pablo asks her how she feels about him meeting her family.  She said, “I think it will be okay….”  Sharleen says in her interview that when she’s lying there with him everything seems right, but there’s just a little voice in the back of her head that’s saying it’s not right.

Next date card… Nikki… “Listen to my heart beat.”  Nikki’s first comment is, “I have to dance again?!”  Chelsea feels Nikki always has something negative to say and can’t just be happy.

Sharleen gets home and she confides in Renee about how her feelings aren’t so black and white.  She feels guilty taking that spot from someone who really is feeling something.  Renee tells her what if she regrets it though and she makes a huge mistake.  Renee encourages Sharleen to stay.

NikkiJuan Pablo and Nikki meet up for their date.  The two go into flower shop and JP tells Nikki that they’re going to make a floral arrangement for Camila for her dance recital.  Nikki is shocked but honored that she’s going to be meeting Camila and the rest of Juan Pablo’s family and Camila’s mother.

Date card arrives…. Chelsea, Renee, Clare, Andi… “My hometown for YOURS…”  a second card tells the ladies that there will be a date rose on that date and that means he gets to go to their hometown and meet their family.

Carla - Camila's mom Stunning!

Carla – Camila’s mom

Back on the date they go to Camila’s dance recital and it’s truly the cutest thing ever!  Camila is quite the star!!  Camila’s mom, Carla, who is absolutely stunning, doesn’t look all that thrilled that Juan Pablo brought Nikki to the recital.  However, the two did exchange a hug as they were leaving.  Awkward!

Next Juan Pablo takes Nikki to the Marlin’s stadium…. Juan Pablo refers to it as “his office.”  They sit down for a little picnic and have some conversation.  Nikki asks where someone fits in with the family and Carla and everything.  She tells him she’s really hopeful he’ll come home with her next week.



SharleenSharleen has made a decision and now she’s going to talk to Juan Pablo.  First she sits down with the girls and tells them that she’s made the decision to leave tonight.  She said she’s aware she could be making a huge mistake.  She knocks on Juan Pablo’s door.   They sit down together on the couch and she says “yesterday was amazing and that’s what makes this excruciatingly difficult…”    She explains that she’s just not feeling as strong as she feels she’s supposed to in three weeks’ time.  She doesn’t want to take the place of someone else, but she just doesn’t see a proposal as something she can do.  She begins crying and he tells her not to cry and he knows it’s not easy.  “I don’t want you to say you’re sorry because you can’t be sorry for something that you feel”  he tells her.  He walks her out and kissing her on the forehead… she tells him good luck, and walks away.   Juan Pablo cries in his interview and says he appreciates her honesty and it takes a brave person to be honest.  I feel for Sharleen… that had to be a really hard decision to make.  But good for her for not settling for something that wasn’t everything she wanted in a guy.

Group date time… Juan Pablo arrives in a sea plane, ski plane, whatever those things are called…. planes that can land on water.  He picks the ladies up and they head to this secluded island looking place.   The ladies find out that not only does the rose mean that that woman is taking JP to their hometown next week, but that she will also be the only one that continues on the rest of the date with him while the other ladies go back to the hotel.

Juan Pablo takes Chelsie aside first and she explains that her mom gave her a stack of letters so that when she got homesick she could read the notes.  She reads some of the letters to Juan Pablo.  I don’t think he and Chelsie have kissed yet.  I’m guessing she’s the one going home this week.  He sat quite a few inches away from her during their time, and JP isn’t usually like that.  He’s a very affectionate guy.

So then he takes Andi aside and they sit down and she begins crying.  She explains her insecurities and that she doesn’t know any certainties.  He just has a way of calming her down…. as he does with all the ladies.

Juan Pablo sits down with Clare and they discuss who he would meet on his hometown visit with her.  She gets choked up about talking about her late father and the video that her father made for her husband to be.  She tells him she would love for him to see the video.  No one has ever seen it.

AndiHe takes the rose and presents it to Andi and says he really wants to meet her family.  Clare is upset it wasn’t her.  Andi is obviously elated that she’ll be taking him back to Atlanta next week.  For their date in the evening, Andi’s wearing a hot red dress and Juan Pablo looks dressed up and amazing as well.  Juan Pablo takes her into this Latin night club and takes her up on stage just the two of them to dance.  They both seem so happy with huge smiles on their faces.

Nikki 2Back at the hotel the three other girls from the group date join Nikki in the hotel.  Clare is in a really pissy mood.  Clare says “I want to hang out with Nikki like I want to be stung by a jellyfish.”  Meow!  Chelsie explains to Nikki what happened on the date and why they’re back and Andi’s not.  There’s this awkward giggling silence going on and Clare is just shooting daggers at Nikki.  Clare said she’s just disappointed but maybe Andi needed the reassurance.  Nikki mumbles “that’s stupid…” and heads back upstairs of their suite.  So Clare says she’s not going to let Nikki get away with being bitchy all the time, and follows after her.  Clare asked her what happened, she’s confused.  Nikki feels Clare was saying shit about Andi and she’s her friend and she just didn’t want to be part of it and didn’t want to be part of the conversation.  After they go back and forth a bit, Nikki says “Let’s be honest here, I don’t like you, we’re never going to be friends.   I have nothing more to say to you.  You can just excuse yourself from my room.”  Clare then starts arguing if it’s actually her room or not.  Clare: “You’re a piece of work, Nikki.”  Nikki: “… and you’re f*!@ing crazy.”

Cocktail party… He spends some time with Renee first.  Meanwhile there’s still tension with Nikki and Clare and it’s making it super awkward.  Nikki doesn’t communicate well with any of the ladies except for Andi.  Her immaturity is really showing.  Kind of makes me like Andi less that she’s BFF with Nikki though.  Nikki and Clare are left together and it is quiet….. crickets…. neither say anything to each other.  So awkward!

ChelsieRose ceremony…. if it’s not Chelsie, I’ll be shocked… rose go to… Nikki, Clare, Renee.  Chelsie will be going home… without Juan Pablo.  Juan Pablo gets teared up.  I love that he can show emotion and he really does seem to care about these women.  Clare whispers to Renee “Such a mistake.  Huge mistake.”  Chelsie tells Juan Pablo it was nice to finally date a good guy.  She tells him “you’re so wonderful.  Good luck.”   I don’t think Chelsie was “the one” for him, but I really do like her.  I would want to be friends with her.  She’s a good, positive girl.  So show the girl some love… here’s her twitter: Chelsie’s Twitter

Next week The Bachelor will be on Monday and Tuesday and SOMETHING goes down in the fantasy suite with Andi.  Oh how can I wait another week to find out what went on in the overnight fantasy suite that has everyone in tears?!!


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