Women Tell All


If the teasers don’t fail me, this could be one of the more heated Women Tell All episodes.  As we have all seen, the onion layers of Juan Pablo (okay, that’s being a bit generous giving him that many layers) have begun to unfold and what is underneath is not nearly as pretty as what is on the outside.  The women now see his true colors and they are not happy about it.

Chris Harrison first welcomes Sean and Catherine to the stage to do a little recap of what’s been going on since they got laid, I mean got married.  Catherine is sporting new bangs that look great on her.  Sean Lowe describes their wedding night together (first time they’ve had sex) as “Fireworks!” and Catherine is quick to correct him and laughs and says “QUICK Fireworks.  Quick!”  hahaha… love this couple!

Now getting to the good stuff… Chris introduces all of the bachelorette that were once vying for Juan Pablo.  First, we see clips of Juan Pablo being hot and the ladies falling all over him.  Then the ladies begin to dish about how there isn’t much under the surface level for him.  It’s all just looks.  He wasn’t genuine, he didn’t ask questions about them, and he didn’t try to get to know them at all.

They discuss how Juan Pablo put the situation in Vietnam all on Clare even though he was just as to blame, if not more.  He was a willingly participate.  He didn’t handle it well by making Clare feel bad about it.  Sharleen says “I think he had a bit of buyers’ remorse.”

First up in the hot seat… Sharleen.  We see the recap of their relationship and Sharleen on the Women Tell All stage watching it play back.  It’s hard to watch… she’s still a bit emotional about it.  But she said she still knows he wasn’t the one for her.  She admits there just wasn’t anything beyond and a physical attraction.  She defended him by saying that she found him very “curious”… he wanted to know more about her.  She still feels strongly about him and begins to blush talking about him.  But truth is, she’s just too smart for him.

Now Renee is in the hot seat.  She admits that she really was in love with Juan Pablo, but she doesn’t have regrets and know that it’s a two way street.  She knows they were way behind the other relationships… she was the last one he kissed.  Renee reveals that she is dating, but she doesn’t give any details about it.  I bet it’s someone we would know!  She says she is very happy.

Andi’s turn on stage with Chris Harrison and we get to hear about what went wrong in the fantasy suite.  She said going into the fantasy suite, she felt like she could fall in love with him.  She said there was a lot of negativity in their conversation.  He was being negative about the process.  She was mentally done when Juan Pablo says he already had an overnight date with Clare.  She admits she closed her eyes and pretend she was sleeping.  She still believes in the process though and that “great love” can be found through the Bachelor series.  Read into that clue as much as you would like.  🙂

Finally Juan Pablo’s turn to come out and face the women.  Juan Pablo says he’s nervous but he believes he has a few friends on the stage.  Juan Pablo says that he has no regret, he’s been “honest” to all of the ladies.  Again he says he has no regrets on how he treated the ladies.  Lauren S addresses Juan Pablo first and admits she was trying to force something there that wasn’t there.  She asked why didn’t he just say he wasn’t into her when she tried to kiss him rather than say he didn’t want to kiss because his daughter would be watching.  He also doesn’t see why it was bad meeting Renee’s son Ben during hometown visits if he didn’t feel she was the one.  That’s not taking her son into consideration at all, but he doesn’t see it like that.  He says he introduces his daughter to ladies on their first date.  He doesn’t see why that might not be the best thing to do.

Kelly brought up the gay statement Juan Pablo made about gays being more perverted.  She explains that she comes from a gay parent and she was very hurt by that.  Juan Pablo said it was taken out of context and he offered to talk to Kelly in private about what he meant.  He said he doesn’t want to waste four minutes here talking about it when he can spend an hour talking with her about it off camera.  Such a cop out!  He just doesn’t want to mix up his words or put his foot in his mouth on camera again.  He says he loves gay people and respects them, they were born that way.  Sharleen defends him and says they talked about it on one of their dates and he is for equality.

Blooper reel!!  Pretty funny stuff including how many freaking times he said “okay” on his dates.

So this was kind of a let down.  I didn’t feel this was too dramatic at all.  Again, the producers of The Bachelor over sell us on an episode.

Lots of crying next episode.  Finale is next week followed by the After the Final Rose episode.

What are your thoughts?

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