129463-thumbBy now we should all be getting over the hot mess that is Juan Pablo and his relationship with Nikki, but I find myself more and more fascinated with it as more information comes out.  Now, this could be his last interview we will see from Juan Pabs since he has since refused to do any media, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Cosmopolitan ran an article: 6 Saddest Quotes From Juan Pablo and Nikki’s First Post-Bachelor Interview which summarizes their interview with People magazine.

Here are a couple of the doozies:

Nikki pretends that the conflicting Life & Style article about their entire relationship being a charade and Juan Pablo having sex with other women, does not exist. Juan Pablo proudly broadcasts his tendency to abandon women as if that is a sexy attribute and not something that makes us want to kick him in the gonads.

NIKKI: We’ve had disagreements, but there hasn’t been a moment for me where I’m like, “This is not happening. I’m going to walk away.”
JUAN PABLO: For me that’s happened like five times! [Laughing]

[When Nikki is asked if it was embarrassing to tell Juan Pablo that she loved him and have him reply “I like you. A lot.”]
NIKKI: It is tough for me because I’ve never told somebody I’ve loved them first. It’s kind of girl code.
JUAN PABLO: And now I’m in control.

JUAN PABLO: I want to get married and have two more kids and never get divorced. I want to make sure I pick the right person. I hope [it’s Nikki]. If you behave. [Laughs]

Check out the full article for more quotes we love to hate.   Meanwhile America is screaming at Nikki to get some self respect and dump him.  She said this on Twitter after the Live After The Final Rose interview:

As much as Juan Pablo doesn’t get that he’s a douchebag, Nikki doesn’t get that the majority of the criticism she’s receiving is because people are honestly just rooting for her and thinks she (and really anyone) deserves better than Juan Pablo.  We would all love to see Juan Pablo alone and miserable.

What are your thoughts?

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