after the final rose

Juan Pablo has refused to do the media tour which usually takes place after the finale of The Bachelor, according to  He refused to appear on Good Morning America Tuesday morning and won’t do any further interviews.  Apparently the Warner Bros execs are completely okay with this as Juan Pablo is damaging The Bachelor franchise’s reputation.

In case you missed his final interview with Chris Harrison during the Live broadcast of The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, Juan Pablo seemed agitated from the start.  During some of his ramblings, host Christ Harrison tried to steer the interview back on track and Juan Pablo snapped back in return saying “can I talk?  Whew!” becoming more and more irritated that Chris was interrupting him.

Producers of the show are saying good riddance after finding Juan Pablo difficult to work with the entire season.  What makes me happy is that past Bachelor and Bachelorettes were on last night’s show which made Juan Pablo look even more like an ass.  When you have sweethearts like Sean, Catherine, Des, and Chris on there who have fallen in love, are grateful for the show, and have kept their dignity and reputations in tact throughout the show, you realize just how big of a douchebag Juan Pablo really is.

I, for one, am happy we don’t have to see anymore rude interviews with Juan Pablo and hopefully we can all just move on.  Even Brad didn’t come across as badly as Juan Pablo when he said no to both of the final women.

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