We just watched the worst Bachelor finale in HISTORY, and now it’s time to get some updates and answers during the After the Final Rose Live television event.

Chris Harrison invites Clare on stage first.  Clare is still speechless and says it still hurts.  She still says she doesn’t want to repeat what he said to her on the helicopter.  She admits she should have left instead of letting Juan Pablo reassure her.  She said she just went in with all of her guard down and she thought that there was a man here that was wanting to find love and marriage, but he turned out not to be that man.  Chris asks her if she wants Juan Pablo to come out and talk to her.  She said she got her closure in Saint Lucia, she told him how she felt and that how he treated her was not okay and she doesn’t want to be fed anymore B.S.  She does not want to talk to him.

Chris then brings Juan Pablo out to give his side of the story, just without Clare sitting there.  Juan Pablo says it’s been a long wait and he’s happy to be able to be out in the real world.  Juan Pablo rambles on about how he likes some, he doesn’t like others, and blah blah blah.  Chris interrupts him to steer the conversation back on track after he rambles for awhile and Juan Pablo interrupts him back and says, “Can I talk?  Wheeeew!”  Completely rude!!  Chris then asks what his thoughts are on Clare.  He says they had a rollercoaster ride and it ended how it ended.  Chris asks if he would have done anything differently in the helicopter with Clare if he had the chance to do it over again.  He said that he was just being himself, she’s going to be herself… then more talking in circles that doesn’t even make sense…. but he says “it’s fine, no regrets.”  Chris moves on and then Juan Pablo interrupts to say “regrets?  is there something I should regret?”  And Chris says “the offensive comment you made in the helicopter.” and Juan Pabs just shrugs and doesn’t get it.

Now out comes Nikki… this should be good…. Nikki says they’re still in a relationship and it’s been great.  Been hard in hiding, but she’s in love.  Chris asks if he’s in love with her and she said, “I don’t know… I hope so.”  Apparently he still hasn’t told her that he loves her.  She says he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t care about her and she’s not going to force it.

Juan Pablo then joins Nikki on the couch.  Juan Pablo says that he’s happy and he’s happy that this is the end of them in hiding and now they can go out and be free together.   Chris says “our Executive Producers say you have a surprise tonight…” he says “I do?  I don’t have a surprise.  You’re talking about a surprise, not me.”  Chris drills him on whether he’s in love with Nikki and he said “I’m not going to answer that.”    Chris keeps pushing and pushing him to say how he feels about her.  Nikki defends Juan Pablo and says it’s real and they’re taking it very seriously.  This so much more awkward than even Ben and Courtney were.  Looking at the two of them… they don’t seem the least bit comfortable with each other and it’s just WEIRD.

Juan Pablo said that their plans changed drastically during the Women Tell All taping.  He said they’re keeping it quiet, they want to keep it private.  Something happened, he received some information, before the Women Tell All.  So for now, they’re going to live in separate places.  Catherine says “don’t slap the hand that fed you,”  bashing him for being disrespectful to the show.  And why not share the information about future plans and feelings.  *** UPDATE *** Rumor has it that the thing that “dramatically changed” what their plans were was that Juan Pablo was expecting to be able to be on the next Dancing with the Stars.  However, he was dropped from consideration after his homophobic comments came out when asked about the possibility of a gay bachelor.

Next the revealed the next Bachelorette is Andi Dorfman, which we already knew, but we are happy about this decision! We see a closer look at her job, Assistant District Attorney who prosecutes anything gang related in Atlanta.  Andi enters the stage and is giddy and excited and nervous.  At least next season will be better!!

What are your thoughts?

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