This has been a great season of Big Brother.  We have had villains, showmances, under the radar heroes, and fan favorites.  What a rollercoaster it has been!  Big Brother Season 16 now just has five remaining players left:  Derrick, Caleb, Frankie, Cody, and the last standing female Victoria.

Here are my thoughts on the remaining five:

DerrickDerrick – by far my favorite left in the game.  I liked him from day one and aside from Nicole, I have been rooting for him all along.  He has played one cool game.  Every move he makes is carefully and thoughtfully planned out.  Every conversation he has he chooses his words ever so carefully.  He has made not a single enemy and has been nearly everyone’s older brother at some point in the game.  In my opinion, he deserves to win and if he makes it to the final 2, he will win over anyone else sitting next to him.





CalebCaleb – Oh boy… “Beast Mode Cowboy”…this kid is naive, hot headed, stubborn, arrogant, but still occasionally can make me laugh.  He’s been good for entertainment sake and ever since Amber left I’ve been able to tolerate him a little bit more.






FrankieFrankie – Started out as one of the house guests that I liked the most and is now truly the house guest I can’t stand the most.  There’s a reason he was originally chosen to be on “America’s Team” but if we were to vote again I can assure you that he would not be chosen.  About a week before he revealed he was Ariana Grande’s brother, my feels for him really started to go sour.  Then the way he outed himself as a “social media mogul” was just pompous and almost laughable if it weren’t so annoying.  I don’t care for the way he treated Donnie or how he said he was tired of pulling his dead weight around.  He went from constantly having his Diary Room interviews aired in every episode to now he’s getting very little camera time and there’s a reason for that.  He went from being entertaining, funny, and sweet to being an arrogant, egotistical, grumpy jerk. Great YouTube video on Frankie’s appalling moments:


CodyCody – I see Cody as the floater in the alliance.  He hasn’t made any big moves, he hasn’t won many competitions, he hasn’t really strategized.  He’s just been going along with the consensus of Derrick and Caleb.  I am proud of him for voting out Christine though last week.  Tough move, but not really a big game-changing move.





VictoriaVictoria – By far the biggest floater of the game and she seems completely oblivious that she’s just being used as a weak person to keep around week after week so they have someone that’s easy to beat out of competitions.  That being said, her positive attitude, as naive as it is, has been nice the last several weeks and we don’t just see her crying about being on the block all the time.  I find myself not rooting for her, but still happy she’s sticking around because at this point it would be boring to see her get booted out.




BB16RewindbuttonNow, last night the “Rewind Button” was put into play.  This was a button that appeared out of nowhere that the house guests don’t really know what will happen after it is pressed.  They unanimously decide to press it.  With Frankie being HOH this week, I am extremely happy they pressed it.  The entire week’s competitions will all be replayed and could have very different results.  I would have been disappointed if they hadn’t pushed it.  I would really like to see Frankie go home this week and hope this button is a way to accomplish that.




Who is your favorite to win Big Brother season 16?  Who would you like to see go home next?

What are your thoughts?

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