*** UPDATE 4:47 pm EST : Teresa is sentenced to 15 months!! She will serve her time first and then Joe will serve his 41 months as stated earlier.

*** UPDATE 4:19pm EST Court is taking a 5 minute recess.  Sentencing will come shortly. Teresa cried to the judge just before break.

*** UPDATE 3:54pm EST: Prosecutor wants judge to deny house arrest request.

*** UPDATE 3:50pm EST: Judge has denied requested to downgrade Teresa’s sentence per Federal Guidelines.  Sentence should be any minute!

*** UPDATE 3:07pm EST: Joe’s lawyer is trying to put all the blame on Joe to save Teresa from prison.  That is the reason for the delay on her sentencing.

*** UPDATE 2:43pm EST: If Joe maintains Good Faith in prison he can serve just 85% of his 41 month prison term.  Once he completes his sentence he will be handed over to the INS to determine his deportation fate.

*** UPDATE 2:03pm EST: Court is back in session.  Judge has agreed to stagger prison time so that Teresa will serve her time first and then Joe will complete his.  Joe has been sentenced to 41 months jail, $414,588 in restitution fees, has to attend alcohol treatment program while behind bars, and has 2 year probation following prison sentence.  Still awaiting Teresa’s sentencing.

*** UPDATE 1:35pm EST: Letter that Joe read in court just before his sentencing ruling:

“I stand here humiliated before the court and my family and society,” he said. “I disgraced many people, including my wife and four daughters. I take full responsibility for my actions. I promise to be a better person.”

*** UPDATE 1:26pm EST:  Joe Giudice gets 41 months prison!!!  Teresa still awaiting her fate.  More details shortly!

*** UPDATE 12:50pm EST:  Online newspaper nj.com is reporting that the judge is also questioning inconsistencies why the couple only declared $25,000 worth of items in their home, even though their insurance policy is worth $1 million.

In 2009 bankruptcy filings, the couple showed $60,000 in assets in their home, the judge said.

“They had an obligation to be transparent and candid and open with the court and I don’t think I got that,” Judge, Esther Salas said. “I want to understand the disconnect.”

The prosecutor also expressed his concerns.

“It’s the same pattern of obstruction and dishonesty and manipulation that they showed in the bankruptcy case,” the prosecutor told Salas.

*** UPDATE 12:25pm EST :  According to Daily Mail, the judge is furious at Teresa and Joe and yelled at them for omitting on financial forms they had purchased new cars, furniture and construction equipment.  The judge then said these actions do not make the couple seem ‘worthy of leniency,’ and brought up the possibility of charging them with perjury.  More details to come on sentencing, but this is not looking good!!


Teresa and Joe Giudice are facing a prison sentenced and Joe may be deported back to Italy.  Teresa is begging for community service or house detention instead of prison because she has four daughters to take care of.  Joe will most certainly serve prison time.  Will update once the sentencing is determined later this morning.

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  1. All says:

    How dare the judge yell at Teresa, nobody yells at T, T yells at you.

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