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In last week’s episode, Vivica Fox came down on Shawn Johnson in the boardroom for slacking off because she was on her period.  Shawn didn’t approve of Vivica telling Trump about her woman issues and at the end of the episode last week confronted Vivica once the ladies were back at the suite.  The episode tonight picks up where that left off.  Shawn told Vivica it would be like her saying on national TV that she (Vivica) is going through menopause.  Shawn was embarrassed that it was said on TV.

Terrell Owens and Geraldo walked back in the suite and, like last time, the women were happy to see Geraldo and the men were not.  I sure hope Geraldo is brought back in the boardroom every episode until he is gone.

In the morning Trump greets the teams to tell them about their next task.  The task deals with Cosmopolitan magazine and the teams have to come up with a four page fitness exercise and editorial to be featured in the magazine and the app.  The three criteria they will be judged on is: creativity, originality, and overall presentation.  On the men’s team Johnny Damon steps up to be their project manager and Jamie Anderson volunteers to be the women’s.  Being both athletes, this makes perfects sense.

The women are throwing out ideas of what their focus is going to be.  Jamie suggests “natural beauty”, but the women think it needs to be sexier than that since it’s for Cosmo magazine and their main focus is on sex.  So Kenya comes up with this “Touch Me” theme “wherever you touch her is where you’re going to work out,” she explains.  Someone else says “Yeah, we can show Kenya  doing squats and say ‘how do you get the Kenya Moore booty?'” and Brandi quips, “you just buy it.”  Kenya gives her a glare, and I laugh!  Jamie, by the way, is not 100% on board with this idea but she wants to keep the peace among the women so she decides to roll with it.

On the men’s team, Geraldo suggests a “Selfie” theme.  In case you missed it, about a year ago Geraldo put a half naked selfie on Twitter, with the caption that read “70 is the new 50,” he wrote, adding “Erica and family are going to be so pissed…but at my age…” and it went viral.

Geraldo selfie

Okay, for 70, it’s not bad… but ewww, it’s still Geraldo.

Geraldo and JohnnyGeraldo and T.O. then comes up with the tagline “Love Your Selfie Naked.”  Johnny suggests using his wife who is a swimsuit model.  Geraldo then does all these sexy poses with Johnny… Johnny handled it well but looked so uncomfortable as Geraldo embraced him.  Then another pose with Johnny bending over and Geraldo standing behind him.  I’m not bothered by homosexual activity, but again, it’s Geraldo… ewww.

The women decide to use Brandi and Jamie in their photos and Kenya gets a little bent out of shape about it.  Brandi was the first to say Kenya shouldn’t be in it.  Jamie agreed and said she would deal with the editing.  Kenya politely walks away but then mumbles under her breath “bitch is dumb as rocks.”

At the photo shoot, Johnny and his wife at Michelle pose naked together while taking selfies and Lorenzo is directing the still photo shot of them taking selfies of themselves.  Have to admit, the pictures are pretty hot!

The women decide on the theme “A touchable body for a champion challenge” I think is what they said.  Kenya is directing the fitness model shoots and critiques Brandi’s posing.  Those two are just oil and water.  Brandi says again that her butt is real unlike Kenya’s and she just can’t making it pop out.

The men continue to work well together.  Lorenzo appears to be a great director.  Very encouraging yet quick, efficient, and precise. On the women team… Kenya really keeps egging Brandi to take off her clothes and Brandi doesn’t want to.  She said she hasn’t hit the gym in two months, she’s been hitting the potato chips.  But then just to spite Kenya, she ends up nearly taking everything off and gets in hot poses with the athletic model.

Brandi Cosmo

The women start putting their four page editorial together and Leeza feels it is not cohesive enough.  In parts of it they have the athletic side to things but then the other half is geared more towards sex.

The men’s team starts falling apart a bit.  Ian had an idea for a pole dancing article.  He wrote a page long article about his wife taking pole dancing classes that he wanted in it.  Geraldo disagreed with the length (I actually agree for once with him) and Ian was arguing his point and Geraldo just walked away.  Geraldo said in his interview that he just feels Ian is a prick. So they take pictures of Ian standing next to a pole with a very athletic looking woman on it and it just looks awkward.  Ian is all dressed up and just looking straight ahead while this woman is to his side on a pole.  Just strange and not sexy.  Sorry Ian!!  Oh but then Geraldo strips down and starts lifting weights and walking around the studio.  T.O. said he should have kept his pants on.  Geraldo decides he needs to replicate his original selfie.  Ugh.. okay now THAT is really not sexy… I’d rather have Ian with the pole dancer.

Presentations: The men’s posters look great despite the fact that Geraldo’s got a little picture of himself on there, but at least it wasn’t the main focal point. The women… Jamie’s presentation wasn’t very exciting, but Kenya kind of pumped it up.  I like the complete look of the women’s the best.  I’m not sure if it needs more content though, but overall I like the women’s better.

Boardroom time: Geraldo tells Trump he liked his slogan “Love Yourself” better, but overall he thinks they did a good job.  Kenya thinks they won and tells Trump that she thinks she was the star.  Jamie agrees that she was good.  Brandi is asked how Kenya did and her response is “I think we won” and tried avoiding the question.  Brandi tells Trump that she thinks Kenya is evil.

So what the execs didn’t like about the men’s editorial was that there weren’t simple takeaways that the readers could do to do the exercises at home. The women’s team, the execs didn’t love the disconnect with the “touch” theme… it felt like three separate spreads and not one cohesive.   So with that, the men won and Johnny’s charity gets $20,000.

Now it’s the women showdown… Jamie is asked whose fault is it for the disconnect in the spread.  She says “The Housewives” meaning Brandi and Kenya.  Leeza says she would fire Kenya because she was most directly involved. Brandi says she would fire Kenya or Kate because she goes shopping for hours.  Kate says she would fire Brandi for bringing so much negativity.  Vivica says the girls who have been driving her nuts are Brandi and Kate.  Leeza defends Brandi and says she’s been working extremely hard.  Jamie decides to bring back Kate and Kenya!  Yay Brandi is safe!  In the lobby, Kenya tells Jamie it was a big mistake not bringing Brandi back.

The three women walk back into the boardroom and Jamie is now flipping and saying she doesn’t know if she made the right decision on who she’s bringing back.  Prediction, this flip flopping behavior is going to get her fired.  Jamie says it’s not too late for him to call Brandi back and fire her and both Trump and Don Jr say “yes it’s too late.” And with that Trump fires Jamie for being too indecisive.   I’m okay with that.  She’s so sweet, and maybe she didn’t really deserve to be fired, but she’s not much of a fighter to stick around either.


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  1. San says:

    The cheesy smiles and cheesy antics are taking on a slimy outlook. The ads do not belong in any family time television.

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