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Okay, so this is the second part of episode 3 (click here if you need the recap from Part 1).  What I would love is if they just did one one-hour show a week.  These two hour blocks with essentially two episodes rolled in one just kind of annoys me.  I don’t like the 2-hour long show trend, but that’s just me and my ADD talking.  It’s longer than a lot of movies!  But I digress…

So Kate walks in first from the boardroom and Kenya follows shortly later.  The room is just silent.  The only one that congratulates Kenya is Vivica. T.O. then asks her if her booty is real and she says yes, and he gets up and grabs it.  Oh she just loved that he was all about it in front of Brandi!

The next morning, Trump tells the teams that their task is having their own bridal gown boutique and they can charge whatever they want for their dresses and sell to whoever they want.  The team that raises the most money wins and the project manager wins the collective amount for their charity.  Then he starts switching up the teams so it’s evenly divided up with equal men and women.  Infinity now has: Kenya, Brandi, Leeza, Johnny, T.O. and Ian.  Team Vortex has Shawn, Vivica, Kate, Geraldo, Lorenzo, and dude I can’t remember from Deadliest Catch.

Ian steps up as project manager and Geraldo steps up on his team so he can go head to head with Ian.  Geraldo feels very motivated to beat Ian.  He says he has $150k he thinks he can get for this task and Kate says she thinks she has $50k.  However, the girls all know that she didn’t come through with anything before, so they don’t think that’s a realistic number.  Ian tries to motivate his team and he says he’s not intimidated by Geraldo at all. Man, what is up with Ian’s plaid suit though?  Ugh.  Ian gives quite the long speech to everyone.  Ian says he has $185k locked and loaded. Kenya says how much she thinks she can deliver, but I can’t understand it… it sounds like she says she can get at least $10k, but Ian’s reaction is “whoa, that’s amazing”… so she must have said something else.

Ian plaid suitInfinity immediately gets on the phone calling and Ian said his speeches really helped motivate.  Okay, so I’ve been on Team Ian, but between the blue plaid suit and his arrogance, I’m getting a little tired of him.  That being said, I’m rooting for anyone who isn’t Geraldo at this point!  That man needs to be taken down.   T.O. is slacking off a little bit, not making the phone calls, and just enjoying his lunch.  It’s kind of stressing the others out.

On Team Vortex, Kate knows that her money not be coming in, so she came up with this idea to have a mini salon type thing set up in the front and so women can get hair consultations there.  She thinks this will be a draw to get people to come into their boutique versus Infinity’s.

Ian had people already prepared to come in and decorate.  Then Brandi calls Ian and said that she had a panic attack and went back to her hotel.  She said she would be sending her emails from the hotel bed though and still working hard.  Kenya and T.O. are really annoyed at that and start cutting her down. Ian said that their energy could be spent more productively.

Kate wedding dressNext morning, Brandi shows up and is ready to work and she immediately starts bringing in money.  But Geraldo got $100k just from ONE check.  It’s going to be hard to beat!  However, Ian brought in the Chippendales to help bring in extra traffic.  Then Ian gets a check for $165k!!!  Holy smokes!  Eric Trump arrives with his fiance to visit each of the boutiques.  Kate still hasn’t brought in any money yet and Ian’s team T.O. hasn’t brought in any money.  Okay, he’s a professional athlete, he should be able to bring in SOMETHING.  And then Kate gets a check for $30k.  Oh I’m just praying Ian’s team pulls out a win though!  They’re really making it look like it’s close.

Boardroom… The fact that Brandi had a panic attack comes out early on.  Kenya says she “checked out.”  But ultimately it still comes down to who raised more money.  If Brandi raised more money than it doesn’t matter that she went home early the first night.  Kate said she’s in awe of Geraldo and would be happy to be Geraldo’s next ex wife.  So the results…. two teams together raised almost $600,000.  There was only a $2,500 difference between the two teams.  Trump is letting them decide…. let the two teams take what they have made back to their charities, or go for broke and do all of nothing… only getting the money if your team won.  I would HOPE that they would pick the former and agree to split it.  Ian lets Geraldo make the decision… Geraldo says it would be a reckless ego play if he went for it all and it’s for charity so it should be split.  So it’s official, they get to keep the money they raised.  The results are…. Ian’s team $292,547 and Geraldo’s team raised $294,308.  Vortex, Geraldo’s team, won.  Ugh!!! Trump tells Geraldo that he’ll make it even and top it off to $300,000.

Just Infinity in the boardroom now… Ian makes a plea to Trump to top his off to $300,000 as well.  At first Trump says no, but then laughs and says yes, he will also get $300,000 for his charity.  I know the extra $7500 is a drop in the bucket to Trump but I still thought it was gutsy for Ian to ask for it.

Brandi tells Trump she raised almost $40k, Kenya raised $35, Leeza raised close to $20, T.O. says he raised between $5-10k, Johnny does not know what he brought in.  Ian decides to bring back the men because they raised the least amount of money.  So Brandi lives another day!!  C’mon, Brandi, get it together, you got this!

Ian, Terrell, and Johnny go back in the boardroom.  Ian says it’s with a heavy heart he would have to fire Terrell.  And with that Terrell is fired.  Ian, your suit is fired.  Ian then gives Terrell a pep talk, it was hard to really hear it, but basically told him he impressed him.  I just find it funny… Ian, giving Terrell, a pep talk.

Awww… next episode has Joan Rivers on it.  Love her!

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