Challenge Battle of Exes 2 Cast

In the season premiere last week we saw the contestants, old and new, be paired up with their exes.  A few of them have had long relationships where others were just a one time secret fling.  Some couples quickly learned they need to communicate in order to make it to the end while other couples have a long way to go and still harbor bitter feelings from the past.

Tonight’s episode starts out with the cast all partying after last week’s Dome Challenge that sent Dustin and Jessica packing. Zach begins flirting with Jenna pretty bad and it immediately makes Jay and Jonna jealous. Meanwhile Johnny and Nany are drinking and flirting and driving Averey nuts.  When they get back to the house Averey begins crying because she’s still really hung up on Johnny.  Johnny cheated on Averey with Nany and it’s breaking her heart to see it again right out in front of her.  Meanwhile Johnny feels he doesn’t owe anything to her and they are over.  Zach and Jenna also kissed back at the house in front of everyone.

Johnny and Averey bases challengeChallenge time: “Rounding the bases”… The cast has to go around a baseball type field and complete a mini challenge at each base.  The slowest team at each station will be eliminated.  The first base is “suck and blow” which involves carrying a card between their mouths (like in a kissing position) and take it all the way through obstacles to the end.  John and Simone complete first and advance to the next round.  This is so awkward to watch though!  Most of these exes hate each other and they basically have to kiss in order to finish the task.  Johnny and Averey were the slowest and the first couple eliminated. and will be going in the Dome.  The other two slowest teams are also eliminated, but don’t necessarily have to go in the Dome unless nominated later.

Second base:  Have to unscrew two baseballs and two bats from this rigged up platform thing.  Jordan already knows he’s at a disadvantage because he only has one hand.  Seriously, how fair is that for he and Sarah?  Jordan did a really well, but still ended up among the bottom three, so they were eliminated.

Third base:  They need to use their tongues to reveal numbers that are hidden behind peanut number.  Use the numbers as the combination to the lock and unlocked it.  Jenna is completely disgusted by peanut butter.  Jemmye says “model problems!”  CT and Diem ended up completing first!  They are just too adorable together.  CT is really flirting hard with Diem and she doesn’t seem to mind it, but says she is gun shy.

Home base:  The three remaining couples are CT and Diem, Wes and Theresa, and Johnny Bananas and Nany.  They each have a 30 foot pole that they have to try to fit snugly into the other one and blow out the flag on the other end.  First couple to do this is safe from The Dome and gets crowned the Power Couple and will name which couple goes into “The Dome.”  Wes and Theresa get it in the same time as Johnny Bananas and Nany do and now it’s just a race to see who can pop the other cork first.

Johnny Bananas and Nany discuss whether or not to put Wes and Theresa in. Nany wants them in but Bananas doesn’t think it’s time yet to do that.  The confront Wes and Theresa and Theresa tells Nany she needs to have some more self respect and not be trying to get with every guy on the show.  This obviously just makes Nany more upset and then Wes is sitting there thinking Theresa’s messing it up for them and Nany and Bananas will end up throwing them in.

TJ Lavin greets the cast and calls Johnny and Averey up to the front because they’re going in The Dome.  Now it’s up to Nany and Bananas to name which other couple they’re putting up against Johnny and Averey. They name rookies Tom and Hailey.

CT’s working out with Johnny when Theresa comes and gets CT and tells him that Diem’s not feeling well and she’s asking for him.  Diem is in bed just gripping the mattress.  Her stomach isn’t feeling well and they think it might be because of the peanut butter she ate during the challenge.

The Dome:  TJ explains the challenge called “banded together.” Each team will be on one side of The Dome and will be tied together on a bungee rope and have to race to the other side to grab a bar.  It’s not easy because as one player moves forward it moves the other one back.  They need to both hold on to the bar for 5 seconds and then they will win.  The women both go for the pole first and Averey is inching ahead of Hailey.  Averey gets the bar first and Johnny takes off trying to get to the bar.  Johnny and Averey finish first and Johnny is still pretty nasty to her.  It makes him look really bad.

Johnny and Averey in The DomeBack at the house, Diem’s still not feeling well but she encourages CT to go out with the rest of the house.  CT says she wants to be left alone so he’s going to respect her wishes and leave her alone.  Jonna decides to give Jay a kiss because they’re both feeling jealous over their exes being together (Zach and Jenna).

On the next episode, it looks like Diem gets even worse and CT is seen screaming at the producers saying “You have no idea what you’re doing!  You’re dealing with someone’s f’ing life!”  Heartbreaking… I’m glad that through her last days she had CT by her side because he takes good care of her.  I’m proud of her for even attempting another Challenge.

That being said…. on the flip side, they haven’t shown Knight AT ALL on these episodes.  Granted, there’s only been two episodes, but Knight is usually pretty entertaining and isn’t like him to be wallflower.  My guess is they had to re-edit the season and take out parts that made him look bad and like he partied too much, so that wasn’t what everyone saw of him and assuming of his death.  I think there must be a deliberate reason they haven’t shown ANYTHING of him thus far.  What do you think?


What are your thoughts?

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