It is now down to four last couples (or so they think).  Wes and Teresa, Leroy and Nia, Sarah and Jordan, and Jay and Jenna.  Leroy and Wes are gunning for Jay and Jenna and they just need to get Sarah and Jordan on board.  Sarah and Jordan are unsure of Wes’s plan and think it just benefits Wes, not them.  Jay and Jenna are the easiest couple to beat, so Jordan and Sarah want to keep them in the final and get a tougher competitor out before the final.  Jordan tells Wes he’s not going with their plan and then Wes proceeds to try to turn the house against Jordan.  Jordan then starts attacking Wes saying that he’s been on steroids in the past when he’s won challenges.  Jordan then tells Jay of Wes’s plan to get him out.

Then they get a text from TJ that tells them to meet him in the Dome.  Panic ensues!  They have no idea what’s about to come!

TJ is standing before the final four teams in the Dome.  “Bring ’em out” TJ says and the contestants are just panicking!!  It’s Zach and Jonna.   TJ drops a bomb on everyone about Exile and that they’ve been competing to get back into the game.  Zach and Jonna were not aware of this either.  Now it’s Battle of the Exile!!  Zach and Jonna are going to be competing against the reigning champions of Exile and we’re about to find out who that is!  Johnny Bananas and Nany!!!!  WOW!!  This screws up all of Wes’s plan… no matter who ends up coming back!

Zach and JonnaThey’re going to play “It takes two to tangle”.  It’s a challenge they’ve done in the past…. teams tangle their ropes up as best as the can in a box apparatus and then the other team has to try to undo it.  They have 20 minutes to tangle it up.  Zach and Jonna don’t have a prayer because they cannot communicate with each other.   Although, now that it’s started, Zach is really doing well being the work horse and jonna coming up with the plan.  Johnny and Nany are moving very slowly.  Now they’ve switched sides and they have to untangle the rope.  Johnny and Nany are really struggling, but I can’t tell if it’s just editing making it look like Zach and Jonna have this easily.  Pretty much everyone is rooting for Zach and Jonna to come back though.  They are the lesser of the two evils and easier to beat in the finals.  Then Zach and Jonna get confused and start creating more knots.  It’s so close now!!!  But Johnny and Nany ultimately win and it crushes everyone.  Zach is again blaming Jonna even though she was awesome through it.  Man I hate him!!  Wes admits that now he’s scared he’s going to be ganged up on.  Jordan and Sarah are the only ones who are happy because they’ve always been aligned with Bananas.

Leroy sits down with Bananas and tells him he’s now working with Wes.  Johnny Bananas says that he’s disappointed and now that he’s back in the game, he has to go back against Wes.  Wes tries to talk to Johnny but he’s not having it.  Wes says in the matter of a day the whole house has flipped on him and he’s now target #1.

Wrecking Ball ChallengeChallenge time!  “Wrecking Ball.”  Use the wrecking ball to knock the opponents off of a platform 30 feet up in the air.  There are also dodgeballs that can be used as well.  Nia freaks out and can’t even stand on the platform.  She opts to jump in the water, 30 feet down, and not even play.  Game starts and everyone starts gunning for Wes and Teresa.  Teresa’s out first, then Wes.  Leroy sits down on the platform and TJ makes him jump.  Then they all start dropping like flies and the last two are Jordan and Jenna.  Jenna falls first and Jordan and Sarah are the new power couple!!  Now they have to decide who will go in against Wes and Teresa.

IMG_2613Power couple dinner… Jordan and Sarah sit down with Bananas and Nany and tell them they’re safe and they want to send in Leroy and Nia.  Bananas basically says “go for it” and doesn’t try to protect Leroy at all.  Jordan sits down with Leroy and Nia and Leroy said he just realized he got played.  There’s no one else to send in except for them.  Jordan tells Nia that this is the one time he WANTS the person that they vote in to come back.  He wants them to come back and to send Wes home.



Next morning Jordan and Sarah tell TJ they’re voting in Leroy and Nia.  Nia then starts taking shots at every single person left.  No one is safe from hurricane Nia.  She shreds them all.  Then Nany gets into and they just both explode.  AND THEN!!!!!  It’s TO BE CONTINUED!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!   I really hope Wes comes back but Leroy is twice his size… I think the chances are slim.

What are your thoughts?

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