Kaitlyn Bristowe

Tonight we get to know a little more about the guys and start to see the drama unfold.  The episodes starts off by Kaitlyn saying over and over how excited she is to be the Bachelorette.  Chris Harrison sits down with her at the house she’s staying at and they chit chat about the events of the night before when she found out the guys had chosen her over Britt and some of the connections she’s already feeling with the guys.

The guys move into their mansion and start to get settled in.  Then we meet up with Britt at her hotel room crying on the phone with her mom about how she’s going to be coming home and she’s not the Bachelorette.  Then there’s a knock at the door…. total shocker (not!) that it’s Brady!  Britt is all smiley and happy to see him as she welcomes him in her hotel room

Back at the men’s house, Chris Harrison announces it’s the group date day.  First date card: Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Kupah, Ben H, Ben Z.  “I see the ending with a ring….”  The date guys are taken away in a limo and they arrive at an old warehouse looking building.  They walk in, and see Kaitlyn punching a punching bag and boxing away.  Laila Ali is there to assist the men and teach them some boxing moves and put them through a workout.  The guys are paired up with trainers to work on their moves.  Kaitlyn notices that Kupah hasn’t given her any attention and he’s just really in the boxing zone.  Kaitlyn says she forgot he was even on the date.

Now Laila explains they’re going to get in the ring and fight each other and one person will be crowned the champion.  Outside is a boxing ring and of course an audience of screaming women watching.  First fight is Ben Z against Daniel.  Poor Daniel doesn’t stand a chance but they’re both really going at it punching each other.  Ben Z easily wins.  Fight after fight, each round these guys are really taking each other out.  Down to the final round… Ben Z against Jared.  Oh poor Jared.  There’s no way he can win.  Ben just annihilates Jared and Jared goes down.  He looks like he’s seriously hurt and Kaitlyn is feeling bad. Jared got punched in the back of the head and is being checked out for a concussion.  The medic tells Jared he needs to be sent to the hospital.

Semi-Exclusive... 51681497 'The Bachelorette 2015' starts filming episodes for the upcoming season in Los Angeles, California on March 15, 2015. Kaitlyn Bristowe, Chris Harrison and Laila Ali were on hand as the guys were put through a boxing match to decide who will get their shot with Kaitlyn. If one of the fights a contestant gets knocked out. 'The Bachelorette 2015' starts filming episodes for the upcoming season in Los Angeles, California on March 15, 2015. Kaitlyn Bristowe, Chris Harrison and Laila Ali were on hand as the guys were put through a boxing match to decide who will get their shot with Kaitlyn. If one of the fights a contestant gets knocked out. Pictured: Chris Harrison, Kaitlyn Bristowe FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

It’s evening time and seven of the eight guys are with Kaitlyn.  She’s feeling bad that Jared’s in the hospital.  First, she grabs Ben Z aside to get some one on one time with him.  Kaitlyn says she’s really attracted to him and he’s just a “hunk of meat” but she wants to make sure there’s more there than that.  They seem to have a good connection.  He opens up to her about how his mom died of cancer when he was 14 years old and that forced him to grow up quickly.

She then sits down with Justin and they talk about his son.  Then with Corey, who looks very old and too serious to me for her.  While she’s talking with Daniel, Kaitlyn is handed a note and she whispers “okay, that’s weird” and looks stunned.  She tells Daniel she doesn’t know what’s going on with this and she will return.  The note apparently says “come downstairs right now, I need to see you.”  She has no idea who it’s from.  She goes outside and Jared’s out there! He explains that the doc has ordered him to rest and so he can’t visit, he could only swing by and see her for just a minute.  He then kissed her and you could see the sparks.  It was hot!

Date card #2 has arrived back at the house: “Clint, you take my breath away….”  One on one date with Clint.

Back on the group date, Kaitlyn gives the date rose to Ben Z.  The other guys are very disappointed.  Kaitlyn says there is a comfortable energy between the two of them.

Kaitlyn and Clint go on the first one-on-one date of the season.   She drives him to their destination in a vintage Mercedes.  They pull up to this house with a pool and she informs him that they are going to do an underwater photo shoot.  They get changed into formal wear and then the photographer goes over some breathing exercises with them.  Kaitlyn’s having a hard time not plugging her nose once she goes under.  Once they get going though they get more relaxed and share their first kiss underwater.  Clint is attractive but doesn’t seem to have much depth/personality.

underwater pics

At the house the last date card arrives: JJ, Jonathon, Joshua, Chris, Ian, Joe, Tony…. “I’m looking for a man who will stand up for me.”

Back on Clint’s date, they’re dinner, he tells her that she took his breath away.  Blah blah blah, it’s all pretty boring.

At the house, Tony is just very intense…. he doesn’t seem too interested in Kaitlyn.  He keeps saying “surprise surprise, she knows who I am.”

Kaitlyn gives Clint the date rose and tells him that he brings out a romantic side in her.  She seems over the moon for him, but I’m just not getting it.  She said it’s her best first date she’s ever had.

Amy SchumerGroup date time and comedian Amy Schumer (reality TV fans may remember her from “Last Comic Standing”) has joined Kaitlyn at a comedy club.  The guys arrive and JJ says he’s praying it’s stand up comedy because it’s secretly something he’s always wanted to do.  JJ comes across as a total stalker creeper.  His intensity is just…. ugh… too much.  The guys are all super stoked to meet Amy Schumer.  Amy informs them they will be performing stand up comedy at the show that night.  The guys all tell lame jokes to try to impress, but Amy says she’s not too impressed.  Amy brings in three other female comedians to help the guys out.  The guys are having a hard time trying to come up with a standup routine.  JJ says he thinks he’s too smart for 90% of the audience.  Amy comments that JJ’s sweet, he’s just lacking charisma, humility, a sense of humor…  but other than that he should totally be hired as the next Bachelor.  haha!  Love her!

Showtime!  Ian is up first… he does a decent job!  Then Joshua… he was much funnier than I expected!  Chris, the dentist, seemed the most relaxed and did really well!  He’s so darn cute!  Now it’s Tony’s turn…. he’s super serious and thanking them for the opportunity to be able to get up there.  Then the drunk Tony starts taking over and it’s just completely awkward!!  He didn’t tell a single joke!  I was hoping they would show JJ bomb, but they just showed him saying one line about Tony.

bachelorette comedy

At the cocktail portion, Joshua talks to Kaitlyn and tells her he’s a “love virgin.”  He’s never been in love.  He’s super funny though and makes Kaitlyn laugh.  Tony is to this season as Ashley S was to last season.  Just says a bunch of nonsensical mambo-jumbo being pseudo-deep.  It’s really annoying and you can tell it’s irritating the other guys.  When he’s talking to Kaitlyn, he’s just talking at her and not with her.  She has it written all over her face that she is tuned out, not interested, and probably a bit put off by what he’s saying.  But he’s so self absorbed that he says in his interview that he now feels this strong connection with Kaitlyn and compares her to a combination lock.  Wacko.

Kaitlyn talks to JJ about his three year old daughter and she says she’s really attracted to him when he’s talking about her daughter.  They kissed and he says that he doesn’t think any of the guys will have a better kiss than they had.  But then Joe takes her outside and immediately plants one on her.  After their kiss he said “well I’ll be.” Kaitlyn cracks up and says “I thought people just said that in movies!!”  Kaitlyn has a physical attraction with a lot of these guys.  She ultimately decides to give the date rose to JJ though.  Kind of interesting that Amy Schumer had the reaction she did to JJ and yet Kaitlyn still doesn’t see that side of him.

Cocktail party time!  Kaitlyn addresses the guys and as soon as she’s done with her little speech, JJ snags her to the side to talk with her.  He already has a rose!  He should be stepping aside and letting the other guys get their time in.  So naturally the guys are pretty ticked, Tony in particular.  JJ informs her that he’s not there for the guys, he’s there for her.  When he walks back in, he tells the guys “sorry, but not sorry.”  He’s just completely smug.

When Ian has his chance to talk with her, he tells her about his car accident and everything that he’s been through.  He seems like a genuine person.  JJ’s arrogance has really upset Tony and now he’s starting to crack.  Jonathon’s telling him to take a deep breath.  Kupah is feeling like he’s the minority guy that’s filling a quota.  He doesn’t know if she’s feeling anything for him yet or a connection.  He talks to Kaitlyn about it and she calls him out for not paying more attention to her on the group date they were on.  He’s talking in circles and kind of questioning her decisions.  She ends up telling him that she felt a connection with him up until this point.  She feels they’re just on different pages now.  He then starts backpedaling and it’s just getting really awkward.  He says he wants to stick around and she says she just needs to think things over.

KupahSo then he goes and tells the guys everything with a very loud voice and she can overhear everything he’s saying.  She takes him aside and immediately says “you have to go.”  He says he doesn’t feel like he deserves that and that’s fucked up.  She handles herself really well as he then tells her he wants to stay, he thinks she’s sexy and beautiful.  Kaitlyn explains there’s more to her than that, he says he likes those things too.  She’s telling him it’s bad, and he says it’s not bad, he wants to stay.  Finally she gets through to him and leaves.  Out in the courtyard the producers try to do the exit interview and he gets very hostile and starts going off on them.  Kaitlyn can hear him from where she’s doing her interview inside the house.  She says, “oh my god, oh my god…. no, cause if he touches ____…..” and she walks out to the courtyard and then TO BE CONTINUED……  ahhh!!!

Update on Britt and Brady…. they’ve been hanging out every single day since he came to her hotel room.  They’re officially boyfriend/girlfriend.


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  3. Driftwood says:

    The whole episode reminded me a little of the classic 80s adventure film, The Goonies.

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