KupahAt the end of last week’s episode we saw Kupah get rejected by Kaitlyn and begin to go off on the producers during his exit interview.  Kaitlyn got up from her own interview inside the house to check on what was happening outside when she heard him yelling…. and that is where tonight’s episode starts off.  Producer Elan ducks out of the way when Kaitlyn comes out.  Kupah looks embarrassed that she’s out there and heard him.  She tells him to accept it and to not go off on producers.  Nothing is going to change her decision.  She walks back to the house and Kupah says, “I honestly don’t even like her right now….”  after he just got done telling her he doesn’t want to go home.  Kaitlyn says in her interview “sometimes you find out a lot about somebody in 30 seconds… that just came out of nowhere.”

Time for the rose ceremony now…. the air in the room is heavy.  The wind has kind of been taken out of everyone’s sails.  Roses go to… Jared, Ben H, Shawn, Jonathon, Tanner, Chris, Ryan, Justin, Ian, Joshua, Joe, Corey, and Tony (ugh!!!!!).  So Daniel and Cory are going home.  I’m sad about Cory.  I wish he was left instead of Tony!!

Next morning at the mansion, the guys are still asleep, and in comes sumo wrestlers on bikes. They tiptoe into the house and then begin yelling and banging a gong!  The guys do not look happy.  They gather in the living area where Chris Harrison introduces the Japanese men and informs the bachelors that they will be learning how to sumo wrestle today.  One of the sumo men reads the list of names who will be going on the group date: Clint, Chris, Tony, JJ, Joe, and Shawn.  They are then handed the sumo wrestling uniform which basically just looks like a really thick long cloth that they’re going to have to wrap around themselves.  Kaitlyn calls them “thong, man diapers.”  JJ says that Tony’s ass is non-existent.  Why is he looking at another dude’s butt?

sumo bacheloretteThey begin the warm up exercises and Joe’s junk is hanging out the whole time.  Kaitlyn says she’s seen all of his goods now.  The sumo wrestlers demonstrate how it’s done.  Then one by one they go up against one of the sumo guys and get their butts handed to them.  Tony seems overconfident that he can actually take them.  What is he thinking??  Tony just goes for it very seriously, but the sumo guy just kind of laughs at him as he keeps taking his best shots.  He gets mad afterwards and just walks away. Kaitlyn goes after him and asks if he’s injured and Tony just ignores her at first.  Tony explains that he just doesn’t like that every date there’s so much aggression shown and he’d much rather do something more peaceful and loving.  He says, “I view the world through the eyes of a child, I have the heart of a warrior and the soul of a gypsy. Can’t we just do something fun?  Why does everything have to show aggression?”  She explains that she thought this would be fun and she doesn’t see it as violence at all.  Just something fun to do and later they can sit down and talk and laugh about it.  He says, “am I the only one that sees it this way? There are other ways to connect than through aggression and violence.”  Seriously dude, no one at the house is more hostile than you right now.  Wow, he is a nutcase.  Kaitlyn is not taking this reprimanding well.  He continues “can we not just go on a boat ride or go skydiving?”

Now JJ decides he needs to rescue Kaitlyn from this and begins to attack Tony.  The guys then all get mad at JJ for adding fuel to the fire.  Jonathon finally grabs Kaitlyn away from the situation.  After she cools down a bit, she goes to talk to Tony and he’s still really upset.  He just keeps saying, “I have a lot more to offer. I want you to see the real me.  I want you to see the real me.”  She finally hugs it out with him.  Kaitlyn explains to the guys that they don’t have to do it, but she’s set up an exhibition for them and it should be fun.

The guys show up on bikes and in robes and Tony has decided not to come.  She’s hoping that Tony’s getting his zen on back at the house.  The guys disrobe in front of the whole audience.  First is Joe and JJ and Joe wins!!  Then Joe and Clint go… Clint annihilates Joe and shows off his wrestling skills.

THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 1103" - Six men learn that they will be taught the ancient Japanese sport of sumo wrestling, and Kaitlyn is there just in time to catch her guys wearing sumo belts, the traditional garb that barely covers their "package." But one intense man is upset about this choice of sport. Will he decide to sit this one out? Will his attitude spoil the fun or will Kaitlyn be able to reason with him and get him back in the fold?  At the after party, another man decides his expectations aren't being met. And a frontrunner wants to make sure that the Bachelorette knows that he has never fallen so quickly for someone. Who will have earned the date rose? - on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JUNE 1 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Rick Rowell) JOE, JJ, KAITLYN BRISTOWE, CLINT, SHAWN B.

TonyBack at the house Tony says he’s just done.  He’s not into the “who’s d*ck is the biggest” competitions.  He doesn’t want to be a part of this and he packs his bags  He says he’s not a quitter, he’s walking away on his terms, and he wants to explain himself to Kaitlyn.

He meets up with her in the evening part of her group date.  He says he can’t participate in this circus anymore.  He tells her it’s not her fault.  I think at this point she’s thinking “good riddance!”

Chris takes Kaitlyn aside first and reassures her that he’s here for her.  Meanwhile JJ remarks to the guys “she looks amazing in leather pants.” Clint says his strategy is to kind of hang back and if she wants to talk to him she can get him.  JJ disagrees about taking that approach.  Clint says, “if she cares about getting to know me more, I would expect she would put up a little more of an effort…”  what a douche.  I knew I didn’t like him.  Don’t play games, just talk to her or don’t, but don’t be like that! “Hopefully it’s a priority for her.”  She talks to JJ for a minute and then comes back to the group and sits next to Clint and he seems completely aloof.  It’s so awkward!  So then Shawn takes that as an opportunity to steal her away for a minute.   Meanwhile, JJ reiterates that Clint is not making a good decision.

Shawn, aka Ryan Gosling lookalike, really lays it on the line with her and tells her that he didn’t know he could fall so fast.  So Kaitlyn goes back to the guys and takes the date rose off the table and she presents it to Shawn.  She said Clint disappointed her and even calls out Clint in front of everyone for ignoring her throughout the whole date.  Clint says in his interview that he’s come to the conclusion that Kaitlyn’s probably not the girl for him, but he’s got good relationships with the guys, JJ in particular, and so he doesn’t want to leave.  That’s so messed up!!  Clint has a crush on JJ!  He even calls him a “sweetheart.”  This is definitely Brokeback Bachelor!


The next morning, Kaitlyn gets a date card from Chris Harrison explaining that this time he’s planned the date and to be prepared for anything.  At the house, Ben Z, receives the date card as well… and is surprised it’s signed Chris Harrison.  So they get in a limo and go to warehouse where Chris Harrison greets them.  He explains to them that they’re about to go into an “Escape Room” (The Basement: Live Escape Room Experience)…. a dark, locked room, where they have to solve clues and figure out how to get out of it.  My husband has been talking about this kind of thing for months and is very interested in Escape Rooms so I’m excited to watch this!


Kaitlyn is freaking out! She opens a door and a pigeon comes out.  She screams and takes a few steps back into the starting room.  She explains that she has a fear of birds.  Ben Z says he’s going to walk in and make sure it’s okay.  He’s trying to make her feel safe and protected.  A message on the bottom of the screen says that the animals and insects have been added and are not normally part of this experience.  This is some freaking stuff!!  There is a man in the bed that is creepily beginning to move.  They find several clues but are having trouble piecing it all together.  They have 5 minutes left before gas is emitted in the chamber.  Then snakes appear!!  Are you kidding me?!  They finally figure out the code for the computer and at the last second they were able to escape.  Ben Z kept his cool the whole time except when the snakes appeared.  Overall he did a good job being Kaitlyn’s protector.

After the date, they went to back to Kaitlyn’s place and ordered pizza and talked.  Ben Z explained that he’s always felt like he needs to be the strong one like through his mom’s passing and such.  He says he hasn’t cried in eleven years.  He admits he has a hard time showing emotion.

Back at the house, date card arrives: Jonathon, Ben H, Joshua, Ryan, Jared, and Tanner “Let’s learn to love.”

Kaitlyn and Ben Z’s date ends with the two of them in the hot tub and she presents him with the date card.

Group date time!  The gang arrives at a school and what the guys are about to find out is that they will be teaching sex education to a bunch of school kids.  Each of the guys have a different sex ed topic that they need to cover.  Joshua says he learned all he needed to know about sex ed he learned from watching their cows!  Hilarious!


Back at the house, the bromance between JJ and Clint continues.  They’re practically cuddling on the couch!  They take showers together, go in the hot tub together, it’s a little weird!

At sex ed class, the guys fumble through it as best as they can.  The kids are asking really hard or awkward questions.  It is absolutely hilarious!  Turns out though, the guys are being pranked and the kids are all child actors. Ben H has the reproduction topic and he explains to the kids about falling in love and being with a partner you trust.  He did such an awesome job!!  He was natural in front of the kids and confident.

Night portion of the group date.  Joshua explains to Kaitlyn that he didn’t have his first kiss until college.  Ben H explains that he’s worked in a youth center and goes to Honduras and works with kids there.  He kissed her and dipped her on the rooftop.  Hot!!!

Bromance continues back at the house with Clint and JJ.  Clint even admits they’ve grown “maybe too close…. at times… in the room, and in the shower….”  Red flag!!  Clint says he has fallen in love with JJ!  Wow!  Interesting.


On the date, Kaitlyn is completely smitten with Jared.  She says of all the guys, Jared is a MAN.  But then she turns around and gives the date rose to Ben H.  Jared seems a bit deflated even though he says he knows what they have is real.

Cocktail party… Clint says in his interview that he needs to get a rose from Kaitlyn to be able to spend more time with JJ.  He takes Kaitlyn aside and he explains he didn’t have the balls to talk to her because the sumo guy tied his diaper on too tight.  He says again that Kaitlyn isn’t the one for him, but he wants to fight to stay even more to stay with JJ.  Wow, he is legit into JJ.  The guys begin to warn Kaitlyn that there are guys there that aren’t there for the right reasons.  Kaitlyn is believing them and she tells Joshua that he (Clint) won’t be around much longer.  Kaitlyn says Clint played her.  I wish they would have showed more of what the guys were telling her!  Obviously we know the gist of it, but still seems like it would be interesting to hear the guys tell Kaitlyn exactly what it was.  The episode ends with her grabbing Clint and telling him that they need to talk.  Ahhhh again, to be continued…. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!!  Also, Nick from Andi’s season shows up!!  Oh this season is so good!!!  So happy Kaitlyn is the Bachelorette!

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