This past week was the longest week ever waiting for this episode to air!  While US Weekly magazine and others taunted us with their covers of the Bachelorette scandal, I’ve been dying to see it unfold on TV.  I’ve avoided reading the articles in the magazines and online of Kaitlyn saying she’s tired already of the “slut shaming” so that I can openly form my own opinion based on what I see with my own eyes – albeit, through the producer’s subjective editing.  So let’s get started! [update: turns out the sex scandal doesn’t start in this week’s episode]


Last week’s episode ended with Kaitlyn getting word from all the guys that Clint is more here for JJ than he is for Kaitlyn.  She was about to kick him to the curb when the dreaded “to be continued….” appeared.  Now tonight’s episode is starting… Kaitlyn is walking outside and Kaitlyn says “Clint has no idea what’s in store for him…”  She said at this point there are just too many red flags and the guys are reporting that he’s the biggest douche in Bachelorette history.  She pulls him aside, away from the rest of the guys.  She confronts him and he cuts her off and says “Did I disappoint you on our date? (No) Did I disappoint you a few minutes ago when we talked?” (No, but in between).  He goes on to defend himself saying there are haters in the house and that he’s grown close to JJ.  He says he’s been nothing but nice to everyone in the house.  And he just has a hard time opening up and he would appreciate it if she could be patient with him through this process.  I’m screaming at the TV “Don’t fall for it, Kaitlyn!!!!”  She says she’s really upset because she really really liked him.  He says “so what? we’re done.” She says “We’re done.”  Yes!!!!

She brings Clint in the room with the guys and she announces that she’s sending Clint home.  She says she’s shaking and she doesn’t know what to else to say and that she’s sorry for another dramatic cocktail party.  Then!!!  JJ!!! flips on Clint and says, “I think you need to apologize for taking the energy out of the room.  As your friend, I think you need to say you’re sorry.”  Clint says, “I need to apologize?” Tanner thinks that Clint is more upset that JJ turned on him than Kaitlyn sending him home.  Clint and JJ then have this awkward confrontation.  They’re talking about two inches from each others face.  It looked completely set up to me.  “I’ve told you shit I haven’t told anyone” JJ says to Clint.  Really seems like bad acting, playing it up for the cameras, giving people something to talk about.  Then again, JJ is legitimately crying out on the terrace.  “Son of a bitch. Suck it up.” he says to himself.  So what’s the verdict?  Is this for real or not?

The guys all discuss how JJ’s true character showed when he turned his back on his best friend.  Tanner refers to it as “Brokeback Volcano”.

Chris Harrison arrives and says it’s time for another rose ceremony.  Kaitlyn tells the guys that her mind isn’t really made up yet and asks Chris if he can talk for a minute.  Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn enter the room again and address the men.  She said she feels good about everyone that’s left in the room right now and there won’t be a rose ceremony.

Chris Harrison then tells the guys they’re leaving the mansion and in the morning they’re going to New York City!  They won’t be returning the mansion in L.A. again. Woohoo!  I love the travel aspect of the show!

So NYC!  The guys have arrived and now so has the date card: Jonathon, Justin, Ben Z, Corey, Ryan, Tanner, JJ, and Shawn “Let’s keep our love fresh.”  Kaitlyn meets the guys at “Stage Forty8” and she then introduces the guys to Doug E Fresh!!!  Jonathon is excited!!  Shawn is a little scared because he has country music roots, not rap/hip hop.  Doug E. informs the guys that they’re going to do a rap battle in front of a live audience.  Doug E calls out the guys asking who they would like to battle.  Shawn says Justin, Corey vs JJ, Ben Z vs Tanner, Jonathon vs Ryan.  The guys get right to work on their raps and Doug gives them each pointers.

They’re about to go on stage and of course JJ admits he has never listened to rap, he listens to Broadway Show tunes.  The guys start performing and they’re all pretty terrible until Corey gets up there.  He was awesome and way smoother of a rapper than I ever thought he would be.  He had some good burns against JJ too!


After the performances were done, Kaitlyn was told Ashley from her season of Bachelor was watching on the side.  So she ran over to say hi to her and then she turns around and there’s NICK from Andi’s season!!  (dun dun dun!  So THIS is how Nick gets on this season!!)   She is so giddy in her interview explaining how they struck up a friendship over social media when he contacted her during her season and said he liked the way she carried herself.  I mean, she is completely freaking out right now that he is there.  Blushing, giddy, the whole nine yards.  There is no doubt there is chemistry there!  She pulls him aside and he then tells her, “the face that you could potentially get engaged… and I wouldn’t have met you… kind of…. bugged me.” He says he would totally regret it if he didn’t try.  She asks him if he’s staying and he says he doesn’t think it’s his call.  So she says she needs to think about it.  Nick V

She’s having a really hard time with this decision.  The cocktail party is about to begin and it’s still weighing heavily on Kaitlyn’s mind… the decision she needs to make.  Shawn asks her if she’s alright, she says no.  Then she explains the situation.  The mood completely changes and the guys are visibly pissed.  Shawn B doesn’t feel that Kaitlyn must be very confident in what she has with him if she’s willing to bring Nick into it.

She leaves the tension filled room (actually they’re on a boat) and walks down the dock to where Nick is waiting for her.  He immediately embraces her and they look very snugly considering they just met in person that day.  He then kisses her.  Ugh!! I don’t know if I should be rooting for him or against him.  I had conflicting feelings about him during Andi’s season too! Kaitlyn tells Nick she wants to sleep on it.

Back on the boat, Tanner is very vocal about being upset that it’s Nick… not just any guy, but specifically Nick.  Back at the hotel, there’s a knock on the door, date card #2: “Jared: Let’s reimagine the night we first met…” One on one date with Jared!  The poor guy deserves it!

Kaitlyn re-enters the boat and Justin stands up and tells her that if she wants to add Nick, what’s one more?  Basically if he (Justin) and Kaitlyn are meant to be then they will be.  If she needs to sort this out and get it out of the way first, then by all means.  Logically, Kaitlyn then gives the date rose to Justin.  The other guys are still pretty upset… especially Tanner and Shawn.

The guys arrive back from the group date and they fill the other guys in on Nick possibly coming on the show.  The guys who weren’t on the date are shocked.  In the morning, Kaitlyn calls Nick, she tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him on the phone and that it should be discussed in person at 3pm.  She says she just needs someone to talk to.  So she goes to get her hair done and it’s CRAZY ASHLEY S from last season!!  Seriously?!  Are we just having a full on Bachelor reunion here on this episode or what?!

Ashley informs her that it’s just lust and you have to have connection aside from that.  Of course that just confuses Kaitlyn all that much more.

She meets up with Nick on the street.  Kaitlyn tells him that she thinks she’ll regret it if she lets him go.  She needs to be selfish because this is about her life and finding a husband.  There is undeniable chemistry there.  He is pretty cute… but I do question his character.

Jared’s date… they meet at The “Met’.  Jared is in a tux and Kaitlyn is in a formal, beautiful dress.  Kaitlyn says she’s feeling having a hard time even concentrating on Jared and feeling romantic. Kaitlyn brings up the Nick situation and Jared says no matter what happens, it doesn’t change how he feels toward her and they’ll get through it.

Jared and Kaitlyn The Met

Date card #3: Ian, Chris, Joe, Joshua, and Ben H “Let’s Play”.  Ben H and Joshua are excited and says “it’s a date, let’s have a good time!”

On Jared’s date he reads her a poem he wrote for her and she just melts.  She then gives him the date rose.  They get a card on the date and it says the date’s not over yet, that there’s a limo waiting to take them to the next date and it takes them to a helicopter!  It circles the Statue of Liberty and buildings in NYC.

The next morning, Kaitlyn meets up with the guys in their hotel.  She explains that Nick is going to be moving in that night and it’s just something that she needs to explore and that he will be part of the rose ceremony.  The tension in the room is thick. She says under her breath that she does not like the energy in the room.  Ben H’s attitude seems the most positive and sincere.  He says they’re in NYC, they have a date, let’s just make it the best possible.  How is this guy still single?  He might just be my favorite.

Kaitlyn brings the guys to a Broadway theater.  On stage is Aladdin and Jasmine performing “A Whole New World.”  The guys are going to be put through a real Broadway audition.  They will need dance, sing, and perform.  The winning guy will perform live in front of the audience that night.  The guys go through the choreography and then sing on stage while the director judges them.  None of the guys can dance that well, but Chris and Ian definitely have the best singing voices.  The director then announces that Chris won and will get to appear on stage on Broadway and continue the date with Kaitlyn.  Joshua is having the hardest time with Chris winning.


Kaitlyn and Chris do their small part on stage (seriously, tiny tiny part) and she seems completely excited to be appearing on stage, but doesn’t seem as into Chris as he is into her.  He seems a little “too much”, almost smothering, and she looks like she’s being polite and excited about the moment, but not necessarily that Chris is with her in it.  After that, they go up this tall building and at the top is the New Years Eve ball.  It’s pretty cool.  She seems more into him at this point and maybe I misjudged the lack of chemistry between them.

At the guys’ hotel, Nick gets to the room and says, “what’s up guys?” and then the episode ends!!!  As my husband said, “I don’t think she understands how this show works.  You get rid of guys, not add them!”  We’re frustrated at the lack of rose ceremonies in this episode!  Ahhhh!  The clip for next week reveals a few people who survived the cut, but I want to see some guys go home!!

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