Last week on The Bachelorette we saw Kaitlyn decide to bring Nick back and the episode ended with him about to enter the men’s hotel room to meet the guys.  Also, there weren’t any rose ceremonies so I’m expecting a rose ceremony early on with this new episode.

So we’re in New York and Nick enters the hotel room with the guys… and it is AWKWARD!!  The stare down begins.  The guys are all on one side of the room and Nick is sitting on an empty couch on the other side of the room.  The guys start bitterly interrogating Nick.  They are firing questions left and right questioning his intentions for coming on the show and if he’s just chasing fame.  Joshua takes issue with Nick calling Kaitlyn a “cool chick.”  “Is she a ‘cool chick’ or an ‘amazing woman’?!” he asks.  Joshua and Shawn seem the most irritated by the Nick situation.  Ben Z is feeling a bit insecure.

Cocktail party time…. this time it’s at CitiField.  They gather in a fantastic suite in the stadium and Kaitlyn is visibly nervous about Nick being in the room with all of the other guys.  JJ takes Kaitlyn out on the baseball field and carries her around to all the bases.  She was laughing and says that was exactly what she needed to loosen up a bit.


Shawn sits down with Kaitlyn and tells her that it’s hard for him to let his guard down.  Kaitlyn tries reassure him, but he is brutally honest and says that he thought she would be smarter than that.  She said, “do you trust me? Do you trust my decisions?” He sighs and says something along the lines of “I don’t know if what you’re saying.. if your actions match up.”

Rose ceremony: Ben H, Ben Z, Shawn, Tanner, Joe, Ian, JJ, Joshua, and…. dun dun dun!!  Nick.  The guys going home are Corey, Jonathon, and Ryan.  I’m not too sad about these guys that are going home, but a little bit Corey.  Although I do think he was a bit too vanilla for her.  She needs more flavor than that, but I liked him… for what it’s worth.

The gang has now moved on to the warmer climates of San Antonio, Texas!  They are staying at the St Anthony Hotel.  The first date card arrives: “Ben H: Let’s take our love one step at a time”.  She picks him up in an old fashioned Ford pickup truck.  Meanwhile the guys are trying to be cool with Nick, but it’s still awkward as all get out.  Doesn’t help that Nick is giving advice from a “veteran” so-to-speak, on how the Bachelorette works.  Yeah, this might not be a time to show how knowledgeable you are about how the show works, buddy.

Kaitlyn and Ben H pull up to a dance hall and they will be entering into a two-stepping contest.  There is an instructor teaching them the steps and Ben H is definitely not a natural!  But they look like they’re having fun.  The contest starts and they make it through the first round, but they’re out in the second round!  They’re so freaking cute together though!!  At this point, Ben H is the frontrunner for me.

THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 1105" - After the rose ceremony, the remaining men travel to San Antonio. Kaitlyn surprises one bachelor with a day of fun and fancy footwork. The couple spends the day with a professional dance coach, who teaches them the Texas two-step for a competition that night before a raucous audience and judges. Later, a cinematic sunset is the backdrop for the two to get closer. The man stuns Kaitlyn with a heartbreaking story about a past relationship gone wrong. Will that affect whether he gets a rose? - on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JUNE 15 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Felicia Graham) KAITLYN BRISTOWE, BEN H.

Next date card arrives!!  Justin, Jared, Ian, Chris, Tanner, Joe, JJ, Ben Z, Joshua, Nick, “I love a man in uniform”.  Shawn cannot contain himself, he is BEAMING!!  This means he gets the one-on-one date.

Kaitlyn and Ben H sit down for dinner and Ben struggles with opening up.  He explains that in his last relationship his ex said that he “lost the chase” even though he says his whole life centered around that relationship.  He finally tells Kaitlyn that he does like her a lot and he’s ready for a commitment and wants to see where things go with them.  She in turn, of course, gives him the date rose.  He told her that he feels lucky to be there with her.

Group date time! This is going to be good!  The group is in a Mexican restaurant and a Mariachi band comes out and a 12 year-old boy is serenading Kaitlyn with a love song.  He then tells the guys that they will be writing their own Mariachi songs and performing them out in the square in public.  Ian is super confident and Kaitlyn says in her interview that she would love to see his sense of humor, if he has one.  Ouch! Burn!  It’s showtime… the guys come out all decked out in Mariachi band uniforms.  Justin came out first and actually didn’t do too badly!!  JJ tried to show off by playing the guitar himself, but he totally screwed up.  Jared was completely funny with his.  Joe ended his song with a kiss which seemed to impress Kaitlyn.  Ian turns out to be all talk and completely bombed.  He choked and then he got really down hard on himself.  Joshua’s was just as terrible as the other ones.  Then Nick comes out and did something more grandiose and took her up on the balcony.  He was horrible but so completely funny.  Nick really picks up on how pissed off Joshua is that he’s around.  He comments that all of the guys have actually been pretty cool to his face, but he thinks Josh is going to explode.


Evening part of the group date… Joshua takes Kaitlyn aside first and tells her he has complete trust in her and tells her she can cut his hair any way she chooses.  So she starts cutting his hair and the clippers die in the middle of it and she completely butchers his hair.  The guys just DIE laughing at him when he comes back to the group.  One comments that it looks like his head went through the woodchipper.  Nick then takes full advantage of his time and begins his time by kissing Kaitlyn.  Nick comes back to the group after his time with Kaitlyn and Joshua then decides to confront him.  Josh tells Nick he doesn’t trust him.  Nick says he doesn’t need Josh to trust him.  Josh is just fuming though.  Josh then decides to go back to Kaitlyn again to tell her how he feels about Nick. Josh tells Kaitlyn that Nick just never stops talking about his last season.  Josh tells her that everyone doesn’t like him.  Kaitlyn says “so everyone is lying to my face? Why is no one saying this to me?”  Now Kaitlyn says she’s questioning everybody if no one is telling her that the guys are still hung up on the Nick issue.  Josh rejoins the guys and tells them he was in an interview, but they all know he was talking to Kaitlyn.  So Ben Z, especially, is bothered that Josh is now lying to them and he doesn’t get why.  So Kaitlyn walks in the room and asks the guys if everyone is being honest with her.  Then she calls Josh out about him saying that no one is being honest with her.  The guys don’t have Josh’s back because in reality Josh is the one that’s been the biggest ticking time bomb about this whole Nick ordeal.  I think the other guys have rolled with the punches and it’s not an ideal situation, but they’re making the most of it.  Meanwhile, Josh has just been so focused on Nick that he lost sight of everything else.  Ending that awkward confrontation, Kaitlyn then gave the date rose to Nick… ensuring he will be around for at least another week.

Time for Shawn’s date with Kaitlyn! They get to go kayaking… something Kaitlyn has never done before.  I had no idea San Antonio was so pretty!  Makes me want to visit there.  During their conversation, Shawn says he feels bad for Josh because he feels he was coming from a good place and he thinks that other guys do feel the same way he feels but are afraid to speak up.  At the evening portion of the date, Shawn explains he was in a really bad car accident and he was in the hospital for a couple months.  He then tells her that he’s falling in love with her.  She gives him the date rose and then they go out on a canoe and fireworks burst in sky.


Back at the house, Ian is throwing a pity party for himself because Kaitlyn isn’t giving him enough attention.  Cry me a river!  He thinks he’s a great catch…. good looking, smart, Princeton graduate, former model, defied death… and he just doesn’t find Kaitlyn interesting.  He said he’s never felt like he’s followed under the radar before.  What’s really going on is that he’s going to reject Kaitlyn before she has a chance to reject him first.  He wants her to hurt because he is hurting.  What a baby!!  This is clearly coming from a place of insecurity.

Cocktail party!  Kaitlyn has alone time with Jared and she tells him that she trusts him and he gives her comfort.  He tells her he’s really falling in love with her.  Then she has alone time with Joe and the other guys can see her kissing him.  Meanwhile, Ian is going on and on about how he’d make a great Bachelor and he’s so wonderful and his ex girlfriend is hotter than Kaitlyn, and he’s used to getting a lot of chicks and having a lot of sex.  Wow, could he be any less attractive than he is at this moment?!  He has never looked so ugly as he does now.  So he gets a chance to sit down with Kaitlyn and he says this isn’t a vacation for him, and then he had the audacity to say to her, “I came here thinking I would meet the girl who had her heart broken by Chris Soules, not the girl who wanted to get her field plowed by Chris. I feel you’re here to make out with a lot of dudes.  I see you as a surface level girl at this stage and I wonder if you’re really that shallow because I don’t see anything below that surface.”  TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!  ugh!


Lucky for me I watched this episode a week late and I get to watch the next episode tomorrow and not have to wait a week!!  Next week, er tomorrow, is the episode we have all been waiting for where she has sex with one of the guys…. just don’t know if it’s Shawn or Nick or maybe even someone else!!  Seriously though, I have mixed feelings on that, but it’s still fun to watch the romance either way.  Oh I’m such a sucker for this show!!

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