Episode three starts off right after the rose ceremony of episode 2.  All the ladies that got a rose and the men who handed them out and just relaxing and mingling and Lauren is kind of being a wet blanket because she didn’t get a rose but because she’s Ashley’s sister, they’re a package and she gets to stay.  Ashley I is then focused on Lauren and the two of them are being their own clique and being miserable together and separated from the rest of the group.  “This is my personal hell” Lauren says as she begins to cry and says she wants to go home.

The next morning Lauren tells the guys she has someone that she’s so in love with…. she’s his “mistress”… but the guy isn’t married, but she can’t call him her boyfriend.  Clare says “who calls themselves a mistress?? Awkward!”  So now Lauren’s sobbing saying she shouldn’t even be on the show.  Lauren really wants Joshua from Kaitlyn’s season to show up.

Lo and Behold, the next person to show up is Joshua!!  Everyone is welcoming to Joshua except JJ.  JJ thinks he’s a rat.  Ashley takes Joshua aside and tries to sell him on the idea of taking out Lauren.  Joshua said he has some other women to get to know too before he decides who to take on his date.  Tenley is also aggressively seeking Joshua’s attention as well.  JJ isn’t feeling threatened though by Joshua talking to Tenley.  After talking with Tenley, Joshua asked Tenley out and she accepts!  They are pretty darn cute together already!

After Joshua picks Tenley, Lauren starts packing her bags and Ashley I is a basketcase.  She leaves to go be a mistress with her man back home.  No one seemed to care because no one really got to know her and she was a big downer.

Tenley and Joshua leave for the date and JJ is clearly jealous but tries to pretend that he’s still going to win Tenley over.  Then Joe from Kaitlyn’s season shows up!  Then he reads his date card… I swear he can hardly read it.  So he gets a pick of the girls to ask out.  Joe is just flaking out though and being super quiet and awkward.  Joe says to Clare, “what is this, your second time at Paradise?” she says yes.  He then says “that’s terrible” and totally disses her.  So then she gets up and walks away and cries in her bedroom while talking to the raccoons again.  Hilarious!

Joe then asks a small group if anyone would like to go horseback riding with him.  Juelia says “well I would like to go” and he says, “okay sweet.” Then there’s this awkwardness and no one can even tell if he actually asked Juelia out on the date or not.  It was so uncomfortable!!

Joshua and Tenley go out on their date which is a night out on the town.  The two talk about how Joshua majored in theater and Tenley is a professional dancer and worked for Disney as a princess for a number of years.  They have really good conversation and they seem very comfortable with each other.  So they get back and JJ says to her, “your night has just begun” and asks her to go for a walk and then he kisses her.  Well after JJ falls asleep, Joshua goes back to Tenley and they start kissing.

Next morning, Juelia and Joe get ready to go on their date and Jonathon is a bit jealous and nervous he might not get a rose.  Tenley is still on a high from the previous night’s date with Joshua.  But later, Joshua talks about doing Molly on more than one occasion. Everyone starts getting a little concerned about Tenley.  So Mikey T and Dan decide to tell Tenley what Joshua said about doing drugs, having sex, and not remembering what you did the next day.  The guys warn her this isn’t just a thing of his past, he’s currently still doing these things and finding it funny.  Tenley is upset because she was excited about the chemistry she felt with Joshua. She doesn’t want to waste any more time on a guy that isn’t right for her.

Joe and Juelia go on their date and go horseback riding.  Jonathon is disappointed sitting back at the resort waiting for Juelia to come back from her date with Joe.  On Joe and Juelia’s date they talk about her daughter, Ireland, and Joe says he’s looking forward to being a parent someday.  Joe says he admires her for taking this chance even though she has a daughter back home.  She says she hasn’t been feeling any romantic feelings yet (sorry Jonathon!) but now she’s feeling it for him already.

Tenley pulls Joshua aside and confronts him about the conversation he had with some of the people there.  He says he’s never been a big partier.  He says Molly is highly over rated, not his lifestyle, and he only did it that one time.  Tenley is a bit confused now because she’s kind of believing what he says.  So she decides to eat some mango and hang out with JJ a bit.

Juelia and Joe get back from their date and she’s so excited to tell everyone about it but Joe is so lowkey and just said it was “okay.”  Ashley I speculates to Dan that Mikey’s going home because Clare isn’t feeling it.  So Dan feels the need to warn Mikey that he might be going home.  Dan tells him that he’s being vocal about not being into him and Mikey just doesn’t believe it.  He doesn’t get it.  So Mikey pulls Tenley aside to ask her and she tells him that Clare is hoping to have some time with Jared.  Mikey says he shouldn’t have to try so hard and Tenley says “yeah, don’t try.”

That night, Juelia is still super happy from her date.  She asks Jonathon to sit down with her.  She tells Jonathon he’s super positive, and fun, but she just doesn’t know if they have any romantic chemistry together.  Jonathon is feeling bad he put all of his eggs into one basket.  Joe then says to the producer “she’s not that smart, is she?” Producer asks how the date was, “he said it was okay, but not the right girl.” Producer: “how was the kiss?” Joe: “Not good.” Producer: “Why did you let her kiss her?” Joe: “I want the rose.” Joe says he wants a rose from Juelia so that maybe next week Samantha from Chris’s season comes and he gives her the rose.  He was hoping that she would already be there when he arrived.

Next date card arrives and it’s for Jared.  He has to choose who to take on a date with him… is it going to be Clare or Ashley I?  Then he asks Clare if she would like to go and she accepts. So Ashley I is upset and Mikey is upset.  Ashley is just a mess.  Jared tries to smooth things over with Mikey.  Mikey’s not having it, he says it just doesn’t feel right.  Clare then tries to talk to Mikey, and he is really mad at her and an argument ensues. Clare ultimately gets fed up and leaves and says “then you’re not the right guy for me. Glad I made the right decision!”

The rest will be continued in Episode 4!!

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