As seen in last night’s episode, Jared asked Clare out on a date which set Mikey and Ashley I off.  Mikey is very very bitter.  On their date, Jared and Clare go sailing.  The sailboat pulls up to a crane and it appears they will be going bungee jumping together.  Clare is very nervous but Jared seems cool as a cucumber and tries to calm her down.  He then gives her a kiss before they take their plunge.  They had a great time!

Meanwhile back at the resort Juelia is still all about Joe but Joe is not interested and the rest of the gang is picking up on it except for Juelia.  Then Clare comes back and tells the girls about her date and Ashley I can overhear everything and it’s just torture for her listening to the details.

New guy comes and it’s Michael from Des’s season.  I do not remember him at all!  He’s hoping to meet Tenley.  He has a date card and he immediately goes for Tenley. He asks her to go on the date and she agrees.  Now she has THREE guys pining after her.

Mikey takes Juelia aside to try to woo her and then try to kiss her and she declines.  Mikey is really bad at reading people!!

Michael and Tenley have dinner on their date and Michael tells her that she was always his Plan A and he doesn’t have a Plan B.  He admires how positive she is and she’s always smiling.

Back at the resort, Jared kind of lets Clare down and says she’s eight years older than him and that does play a factor.  I also think that there just isn’t a spark there.

Back on Tenley and Michael’s date, they’re really hitting it off and a GIGANTIC mariachi band comes out and plays for them.  The two dance and laugh and have a great time.

The cocktail party begins at the resort and Juelia says she knows who she’s giving her rose to and implies it’s Joe.  Joe just sits there.  Hardly a reaction at all out of him.  Ashley S says Juelia’s being played and it’s hard to watch.  Immediately Jonathon pulls Juelia aside and asks if she’s 100% on her decision. He then tells her that he doesn’t think Joe is there for her or the right reasons.  But Juelia thinks that Jonathon is just trying to get a rose and stay another week.  Then Mikey tells Juelia he was thinking the same thing.  So then Juelia pulls Joe aside to tell him what the other guys said.  Joe reassures her that they’re just trying to get her rose.  Then he kisses her to reassure her some more.  Meanwhile he’s saying in his interview he’ll just do whatever it takes to stay another week.

Mikey confronts Joe about politicking for a rose.  Joe says he does like her.  Then Joe goes up to Jonathon about throwing him under the bus.  Jonathon says he doesn’t want to go home and he’s just caught up in the game.  Joe tells Jonathon that he wants him to say it to Juelia that he just got caught up in the game and that he doesn’t feel that Joe isn’t there for the right reasons.  Jonathon says while crying that he’s so sorry and he has messed with his character and he never meant to jeopardize his friendship and Joe.  Then Jonathon goes in a bathroom and cries and Joe goes to comfort him.  They hug it out and are friends again.

Tenley has a hard decision to make between Joshua, JJ, and Michael.  Jared tells Ashley I that he wants to get to know better and then kisses her.  I did not see that happening!  It’s about time for the rose ceremony and Clare launches into this weird speech about being there to find love.  Jade calls her out at the rose ceremony and says she’s offended by her speech because she feels she is there for love as well as a number of other people.  Clare says “if the shoe fits, wear it!”  Ouch.  Clare’s just having a big pity party for herself.

Carly gives her rose to Kirk, Ashley S gives hers to Dan, Jade to Tanner, Tenley decides to give hers to Joshua…… then Clare walks off and says she needs a minute.  Everyone is not happy about the drama she’s bringing to this.  My guess is she’s going to give a rose to JJ.


What are your thoughts?

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