Starting with last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, things are finally starting to get really GOOD!  Karma came to bite Joe big time after he was exposed to be the player that he is, turns out Samantha was only playing him.  She left him as fast as she came in and it was glorious. Oh, and it was on his birthday of all things!!  Doesn’t say much for Sam’s character, but Joe had it coming.

So the following morning, Ashley I sits down with Joe because misery loves company.  Ashley I also got her heart broken the previous night when  Jared dumped her.  Joe begins talking and Ashley just goes from laughing to crying and Joe’s just like, “yeah I’m not a very emotional guy.”  Basically like.. “go away.”  She’s a mess, so I don’t blame him, but he’s pretty cold.  The other girls try cheering her up, but she’s just a hot mess.

Carly finds a date card and it’s for Mikey.  Naturally, he picks Juelia, and everyone is very happy for her.  The two are getting ready for their date in Guadalajara and Juelia appears to be glowing.  She’s just really happy she’s still there and she’s going to be going out with a guy that truly wants to get to know her.

The two board the same plane that Jade and Tanner were on last episode.  They’re already kissing on the plane!

Joe is still fuming about the Samantha situation and for taking the complete blame for it all while Sam acts like she was innocent in all of it.  He wants her to come clean about her part in it.  Joe is now getting his phone to show the text messages that Sam has sent him.  He decides to talk to her first to see what she has to say for herself.  Joe asks her if she’s here for Nick and she said she didn’t know…. she didn’t know, she just wanted to talk to people and see where things went.  Joe tells her that when people see the text that says “do anything you need to get a rose” it’s not going to make her look good.  She says, “I’m just really confused right now.”  What?  How can she be the confused one?!  She doesn’t own up to anything and tries to tell Joe that she had real feelings for him.  Yeah right.

Kirk decides to stop waiting around for a date card and go on a date themselves.  So surprised her and he got some fishing poles and decided to take her fishing.  He says “you know I like you if I take you fishing.”  They seem really happy together.  The sun is setting and it’s just a gorgeous scene.

Juelia and Mikey arrive at their date and it’s at a wrestling ring.  I would totally hate that if it were my date, but Juelia seems slightly interested.  Mikey, of course, is very into it.  After the wrestling event was done, Mikey and Juelia got to play around in the ring a bit and goof around.  The two appear to have a lot of fun together.  Okay, but then they get the overnight date card and Juelia asks if he’d be uncomfortable spending the night together.  He laughs and says “no because I’m a man.”  Nice dude.  She says “You should be a gentleman” but then gives him a look.  So then they go to the fantasy suite.  That was the weirdest exchange.

Back at the resort, Joe doesn’t want to give up on Samantha.  Not sure why he would want to be with a girl that treats him like that.  Ashley I suggests he just walks up to Sam like they’ve never talked before and completely introduce himself to her and tell her she’s the most beautiful girl on the beach.  Joe thinks it’s just cheesy enough to work.  So he says “Hi, I’m Joe.  Would you like a s’more?” and she says, “no thank you.” Joe: “So where you from, Sam?” and she doesn’t answer.  He asks again, and she doesn’t answer. Then she just gets up and walks away.  So now Joe feels like fool and is angry.  Then Justin from Kaitlyn’s season walks up!  Joe pulls him aside and tells him he doesn’t want him to take Samantha on a date.  He says he needs to be honest though and she immediately caught his eye.  Immediately Justin takes Sam aside and asks her out on a date.  Sam then accepts!  Joe’s going to blow a gasket.

Sam pulls Joe aside and says she wants to just start fresh.  Joe grovels and says “then start fresh with me!” And she’s just like, “yeah that’s not going to happen.”  She is just so cold!!  It’s amazing how much he’s getting played just as he played Juelia.

What are your thoughts?

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