On Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 17 we saw the return of “Zingbot”.  The zings were pretty tame compared to previous years, but there were a couple doozies at Austin and Liz’s expense.  Zingbot basically compared Austin to the smell of trash and had this question for Liz: “Liz, you’ve become such an important part of Austin’s life. Are you more excited to meet his mom, dad or girlfriend?”  Ouch!  Before this zing, many viewers, such as myself, had completely forgotten that Austin even had a girlfriend.  He has made no mention of it on the aired footage aside from his opening interview before entering the house in which he said: “I have my princess in the castle out there waiting for me to return from my crusade,”  *rolls eye*

So who is the girlfriend of this former WWE wrestler?  Her name is Jen and her sister Megan Palacios has had a lot to say about the relationship via Twitter.  Apparently Jen does not have a twitter account so Megan has been doing the defending.  First off, she posted pictures of Austin and Jen together.  They are from Jen’s facebook profile.  She apparently had her profile picture set to one of she and Austin before the showmance with Liz began and has since taken it down to just a picture of herself without him.  Here’s one of the pictures:

Austin and girlfriend

Secondly, she posted his awesome Christmas card to her family.  A topless picture of himself.  Because he’s just that cool.

Austin Christmas

But most importantly Megan posted a letter 3 days ago that Austin wrote to Jen before going on the show.  The letter has since been taken down from Twitter and what I could find was posted in pieces on Bustle:

I love you and I am sorry that it has taken me so long to begin to do the things that you have wanted in our relationship. My main motivation for sticking this big brother show out is to create the business connections necessary to have the money to enjoy an adventurous, travel filled relationship with you. The last few weeks with you have meant the world to me and I want nothing more than to continue these amazing adventures with you when I return. I understand though that you have a lot to think about while I am gone. I believe in my heart that we will make it through this together and be stronger because of it. But no matter what you decide when I am gone, just know that I will love you and support any decision you make.

I will try my best to win it [Big Brother 17], but I want you to know that I will do it with class and with your honor in my mind. I will not do anything to embarrass you or myself and I hope that you will realize this as time passes.

Meanwhile, the other day Austin asked Liz to be his girlfriend.  He reassures her that things are done with he and his girlfriend and Liz agrees to be his new girlfriend.  Hellllooooo…. if he had a girlfriend coming into the house he still has one because he has had no contact with the outside world!  True she’s probably so beyond over him and his yuckiness at this point, but it’s not like he’s had a conversation with her about it.  Liz should listen to her twin sister Julia and stay away from Austin.  He’s gross, he has a girlfriend, and has some real serious issues!

Liz and Austin


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  1. maria says:

    Drop that LOSER

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