So if you’re like me and dying to know what Big Brother 17 Juror gets to come back in the house and who won the HOH competition….. keep reading below!  If you don’t want to be spoiled and like watching it play out on Sunday’s episode, then why are you still reading?  Move along!

Quick recap of what happened on tonight’s live episode: Johnny Mac gave an awkward speech about keeping him around because he has good “gas management” skills and Steve gave an awesome speech about how he came in a socially awkward trombonist who loves his mom and he’s leaving a more confident socially awkward trombonist who made a lot of friends.  It was a really touching and eloquent speech.  But ultimately the house guests voted out Johnny Mac in an unanimous vote.

Then Julie Chen interviewed Johnny Mac where he revealed if he gets back in the house he’s coming after Meg because he wants to break up the James-Meg alliance.  He handed it to Austin and the twins for being so good and getting out so many people.

At the end of the show we got to see the beginning of the remaining house guests as well as the four jurors… Shelli, Jackie, Becky, and of course Johnny Mac… duke it out in the Head of Household / HOH competition.  The last standing juror would be going back into the house and could also potentially win HOH.  The house guests all had to stand on a small circular platform hanging from a rope as the contraption spun around in a circle.  Julia, Steve, and Meg all fell off before the live show ended.


The results I found on twitter by searching #BBAD (Big Brother After Dark) revealed that Johnny Mac was the last juror standing!!!  I am unbelievably happy he gets to return to the game.  Also ecstatic that Shelli did not come back into the game! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you’re rooting for) Vanessa won HOH.  There’s a bit of a conspiracy theory going around the Twitterverse that Vanessa cheated because she used the platform to prop her put up.  Meanwhile, James was under the impression that was not allowed so he did not do that.  You be the judge… did she cheat?

Vanessa butt on platform

Double Eviction next week!! Maybe they can FINALLY get Vanessa out of the house!

What are your thoughts?

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